Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mishpacha = MEDIA ‘ocricy; A bridge too far

Guest post By Dovid Burton
Insanity is the inability to sort things out. When a popular weekly magazine blurs the differences between people with purposeful intent, that is inequity in real time. Mishpacha seems deserving of this dubious distinction. A storyline on its front cover {Family First Feb 4. } reads, adviceline- My rav made serious mistakes. I’m having trouble trusting a rav again.
Torah accords the rabbinate the highest accolades, witness the “yukum purkon” prayer, before mussaf on Shabbos.
 They are the manhigim- the mentors and stewards of Am Yisrael, and answer to a higher  source. Who has the right to insinuate that the reputation of Chachmei  Yisrael may be tarnished because of someone’s shortfall?
Must teenage girls read this torrid stuff for oneg shabbos ?
 The giyus- army law is the handiwork of Naftali Bennet- Jewish home party; yet at the height of the brouhaha,  Mishpacha put the onus on Yair Lapid instead. To this day the former is a fixture in this periodical as a legitimate player in the memshala.
 Bennet writes off the directive of Gedolei  Yisrael Rav Shteinman and Rav Chaim Kanievsky. He is walking down the same path as another man did 2000 years ago. According to an uncensored version of Talmud Gittin {57a}  that individual, gung ho and recalcitrant, is now “dung ho” in the afterlife,
for being “Malig al divrei Chachomim”.
 Then again, Bennet follows the mantra of the Smith Brothers cough drops lookalike, “we`ll confine the rabbis to their barracks.  { Im Tirzu Ain Zu Agudah}
If you interview  Minister of Defense Moshe Yaalon,  you’re in the driver’s seat. As a Torah oriented publication, if you discuss Israel’s security obviously the  Creator has something to do with this. Why didn’t the questions you posed mention the Ribono Shel Olam even once? Where is the shem shomayim shagur befiv?
In one issue your  title read Israel’s  advanced drones- A tiny nation ahead of the pack. From the Chumash’s point of view, military prowess seems over the top.
 MIshpacha makes it appear that it straddles 2 worlds,  the Olam Hayeshivos and beyond.  It attempts to portray Yeshivaleit as similar in style and substance to the other segment of its readership. Actually, a Ben Torah’s ideology is to this group what Micky Mantle is to Shakespeare. And just  as Israel eliminates terrorists {called chisul in Ivrit} this weekly is “mechasel” from its news reports and special features any vestige of a Ben Torah’s worldview.
They’ll do a piece on rediscovering Rav Boruch ber Leibowitz’s  kever, and how great this Torah luminary’s hasmodoh was, but  to the extent that  the Kamenitzer Rosh Hayeshiva’s legacy offends Naftali Bennet  and the people who voted him in, he’s not Rav Boruch Ber anymore. In the context of a timeless Manhig, he is now persona non grata. Their take of this loadstar of the Jewish people is now reduced to what a morah would teach in kindergarten to 3 year olds. Klal yisrael deserves better than that.

An episode took place in Israel weeks ago; it underscores the Mishpacha mindset.
A frum man of Sefardic origin traveled to a middle eastern country for business, than stopped off in Israel.  At the airport, the customs official noticed that the individual was born in Syria. At Ben Gurion that’s hitting the jackpot. –You are now under scrutiny to make sure you are who you say you are.
 They gave him a “Farher” and even asked him the sedra of the week.

Israelis are an interesting bunch. Would that they realize that instead of exploiting the weekly portion as a means to know they’re secure- if only they would embrace the Torah’s weekly ethos and incorporate it into their personality , they’d have security itself via the Boreh Olam.   Tzur yeladcha teshi ,vatishkach kel Mecholilecha (Devorim 32)


  1. This post is near incomprehensible. Can you please edit so we can understand what the author is trying to convey?

  2. Agree with The Bald Guy.

    In addition, the post itself blurs the distinction between mocking the words of Chazal (which the Gemara in Gittin is referring to) and merely failing to heed their words, which is what Bennett is guilty of (at worst - he may have other rabbonim who he relies on, for all I know).

    In general, all this over-the-top rhetoric is damaging in many ways, and if Mishpacha is avoiding getting caught up in it more power to them.

    1. What is this that I hear? Umeh Kol Hatzon hazeh Beoznoi, obviously you didn't read this weeks haftorah. Shmuel gave Shaul a prophetic directive to destroy the live stock of Amalek. When Shaul did not heed hashems words, the Novi rebuked him Yaan Muastah es devar Hashem, in your eyesyou found almighty's command to be repulsive. There you go.

  3. Articles such as these are a pathetic. Being posted here re-enforces that this blog never properly articulates intelligent arguments. It just yells, "HEY, SOMETHING IN PRINT OR ONLINE HAS BEEN PUBLISHED THAT WE DISAGREE WITH".Everone reading has an opinion. The kuntz is to articulate responses.

  4. Finally someone setting the record straight. enough of the charedi apologists and the left leaning publications portraying themselves as right wing. The thousands of Bnei Torah in the US dont agree with these shittos. To them there is a clear distinction between black and white. The attempt at confusing the hashkafos in a facade of reaching out across the aisle wont fool the yeshiva world.

  5. awful writing. not worthy of putting out for the public.

  6. A supermarket in Lakewood purposely does not sell this magazine.

  7. Is this classed as intelligent writing? Seriously, what's with the "Either you're 101% with us or you're a horrible person who hates God and Torah?"

  8. Mishpacha has been left-of-center in Orthodoxy since day one.