Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"What can Brown do for you" UPS driver makes a shidduch in crown heights.

Terry the UPS driver and shadchan standing between choson and Kallah
Mazel Tov to Tomim Zevi Goldin, 25, (Crown Heights) and Chana Simon, 21, (Crown Heights) on their engagement.
Talk about adding shadchanim to help alleviate the shidduch crisis, "Terry Spiers" a UPS driver in Crown heights had an idea and acted as shadchan/matchmaker between the bride and the groom. According to Israeli website Charedim10 . The driver while making his daily deliveries around Crown heights got to know his customers well. One day he had an idea of matching up this boy and girl he knew. He gave each one the info about the other and within a few weeks they were engaged! The L'chaim took place and the shadchan was there to join in the simcha. Read more HERE and in the NY Daily News HERE.

You never know who will be the shliach and "deliver" the goods.  wedding will take place IYH June 2


  1. Mazal Tov How much was the shadchunus was it COD

  2. Funny! did the Kallah come with a tracking number?

    1. Did it happen "overnight"? Or Guaranteed Two Day? Or just plain old ground?

  3. Luckily he was home if not the driver might of deliver her to some neighbour

  4. Thank g-d the boy was home if not the driver would of deliver her to some neighbour

  5. Did they make the driver put on tfilin before hearing the shidduch?

  6. Can it be returned? If not working out

  7. The Kallah got a first class male :)