Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pictures inside the Attic of the Altneu shul in Prague where the Golem is said to be buried

The Golem 
Altneu shul Attic in Prague under construction
An Israeli film crew recently went to the altneu shul in Prague and filmed the attic where the Golem is said to be buried.  The attic which is going under renovations now is partialy open and they took some pictures. apparently they did not find anything. According to legend, the body of the Golem of Pague  still lies in the synagogue's attic of the altneushul. When the attic was renovated in 1883, no evidence of the Golem was found. Some versions of the tale state that the Golem was stolen from the genizah and entombed in a graveyard in Prague's Žižkov district The attic is not open to the general public. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson (the last Rebbe of Lubavitch) wrote that his father-in-law, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schneersohn, told him that he saw the remains of the Golem in the attic of Alt-Neu Shul. Rabbi Chaim Noach Levin also wrote in his notes on Megillas Yuchsin  that he heard directly from Rabbi Yosef Shaul Halevi, the head of the Rabbinical court of Lemberg, that when he wanted to go see the remains of the Golem, the sexton of the Alt-Neu Shul said that Rabbi Yechezkel Landau had advised against going up to the attic after he himself had gone up. photos below.

Door to the attic where the Golem is said to be buried

Inside the attic of the altneu shul

Inside the attic of the altneushul

More of the attic above the shul in prague No Golem there!


  1. I hope you are joking. The legend of the Maharal's golem is completely fictitious, concocted long after the Maharal's time. Of course they didn't find the golem in the attic. There was no golem.

  2. I see even nowadays there are many Golems. They typically use names like "mergatroid" or Harry and the like.

    Though many of them are self constructed and cannot lay blame on anyone else for their golemness.

  3. I believe that RMMS wrote that his FIL RYYS told him that, but not that the latter actually saw it.

    In general, the latter was a unique source of an enormous amount of fantastic stories of extremely dubious veracity. It's unclear whether he imagined them or made them up.

  4. IF the golem does not want to be seen, it will not be seen. It is only for the eyes of great tzadiqim, & great rashaim.