Monday, October 20, 2014

Was the ban on VIN lifted?

Agudah convention ad

What seemed a bit shocking and surprising was an advertisement with a purple graphic background. Its a ad banner on VIN for the upcoming 2014 Agudah convention. It was not long ago that Rabbonim came out with a ban on VIN website. Not only that, but that website wrote an op-ed piece to the Novominsker Rebbe who heads the Agudah. How can the Agudah advertise on a site that gives a platform to the haters of Torah, full of lashon hora, bizuy talmidei chachomim, making fun of kol davar shebikduah.
   Also surprising is, Agudah, who is the from the only national frum organization that has yet to have an official website, have launched a website for the upcoming Agudath Israel of America national convention.
Either VIN changed for the better or the Agudah is taking a new step.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Erev succos is for men what Erev Pesach is for women

Talk about Erev Pesach the pressure of getting ready for the Seder, making sure there is no chometz, turning over the kitchen, cooking the zeroa, making charoses etc. Men usually have easy chores when it comes to Erev Pesach its the Nashim tzidkaniyos that are the ones knocked out when we sit by the seder.
Its on Erev Sukkos that the men get to feel a bit what it is for the women on Erev Pesach. Talk about the stress of getting the sukkah up, making sure its sturdy, adding 2 new panels, last minute runs to the local hardware store- a screw and bolt here, a light fixture, oops need to run back for an adapter since its 3 prongs, Setting the shabbos clock, putting up the decorations. Then its back to the store for another 6x4 mat for the schach and a fold-able cot for the son in law who sleeps in the sukkah.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

What the real Shabbos APP should be

Shabbos App -shut the phone on shabbos
Much controversy on what was thought to be satire and a hoax is actually no joke at all. It’s very real. A group of mostly "shomer shabbos" jews  want to observe Shabbos and use their smartphones. They are in the process of inventing the  Shabbos APP. The developers claim to have researched halachic reasoning and opinions on the subject. They claim that this APP takes care of all halachic isurim that apply to using a smart phone on shabbos. No point yet to debate or even give any credence to these leitzanim.

What they should work on is a  real Shabbos APP. One that will lock the phone completely on Shabbos. From  Shkia to Tzais hakochavim. Similar to the new shabbos switch they invented.
Written bli shum chashash of chilul shabbos.

Daf Yomi- to celebrate siyum on Seder Moed, begin Maseches Yevamos

Those learning Daf Yomi will be finishing maseches Chagiga and seder Moed and starting the complicated masechta of Yevamos. Following the twelfth Siyum Hashas many joined in to learn the daily daf of gemara. Its two years in and they are on to seder nashim. Hatzlach to all the lomdei hadaf may they continue their daily hasmada in Torah. Many communities will be hosting siyumim in honor of concluding seder Moed.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halachos when Yom Kippur falls out on Shabbos, 5775

This year Yom Kippur 5774 falls out on Shabbos there are some halachos pertaining to this day.

1.  We say Avinu Malkeinu by Shachris on Erev Yom Kippur that comes out on Friday since we dont say it on Yom Kippur

2. One should have in mind to be Yoitze kiddush Hayom of shabbos by the bracha of mekadesh hashabos after vayechulu. or during Shmonah Esrei.

3. We do not say Avinu malkeinu According to Ashkenazi customs since we dont ask for personal requests on Shabbos. However by Neeilah we do say it.

4. We dont say the yud gimmel middos by krias hatorah. (various minhagim on this)

5. If one must eat- Children, or someone sick, according to most poskim we do not recite kiddush before eating.

A reverse shidduch crisis for older boys, a possible solution as well

Would cross cultural shidduchim be an answer to the shidduch crisis setting up Chasidim with Litvaks ?
Shidduch meeting
A very unique conference held in Yerushalayim this week, fifty shadchanim from the chasidish  community gathered in order to consult about the the shidduch crisis for older single boys.
In light of the personal request of some of the greatest Israeli admorim Shlita they appointed Rabbi Chaim Shmerler  who founded an organization "GEFEN" to establish an orderly system to handle and solve the problem.
In the next few weeks they will anonunce solutions in fixing and helping these older bochurim known in yiddish as "elterer bochurim" find their bashert.

A special time- When yom kippur falls out on Shabbos of the Shmittah year-

The Talmud states, "If only Israel would keep two [consecutive] Shabbosim, they would be immediately redeemed"
.(Shabbat 118b) The book Noam Megadim (parashat Emor), from Rabbi Eliezer Ish Horowitz, a disciple of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk, offers a compelling interpretation of the passage in the Talmud; that the two Shabbats refer to two Shabbats which comes together. That can only be when Yom Kippur falls out on Shabbos. Therefore the possibility for immediate redemption of our people is at hand. We only need to observe them, putting ourselves into the service of the day with a full heart and keep from becoming distracted.
Actually the possibility for speedy redemption is inherent in every Yom Kippur. The holy Zohar (parashat Noach) states that even if the people in only one synagogue did complete teshuva on Yom Kippur, then all of the Jewish People would be immediately redeemed! This is all the more so on this special year, when the two ultimate Shabbats come together at the same time. Indeed a special opportunity!!

Its easy to attack a frum newspaper when all you do is pull your online post

 A Torah website attacked a Frum Publication for an ad that was inadvertently placed in the paper. The paper apologized. What is more upsetting is that a torah website went on a blistering attack against the FJJ. While many  times its own articles and news posts are pulled due to lashon hora rechilos pritzus and others. Its easy to attack the print media when as a website all you do is pull the post. Some times there are mistakes. A few years ago a newspaper affiliated some what with the Torah website printed an ad that made light of the Luchos on Har Sinai. It was a bad error that slipped through. People were outraged, these things happen and we have to give the benefit of the doubt.
Yet the print media have editors with names who take responsibility as apposed to a no name website that posts anything just for Hock and ratings.

FJJ apologizes for Kapparos Advertisement

The Flatbush Jewish Journal  apologized for an ad it ran in last weeks issue which said "for Kapparos use money not chickens". The ad was asking people not to use chickens for Kaporos. In an editorial they wrote "the FJJ should not have accepted that ad and certainly dosent endorse any of its contents or message". The minhag yisrael of kaporos has been accepted and practices by klal yisrael for millenia. To strengthen their sincere apology, the FJJ presented  a series of letters from upset readers about the AD.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

" אל חטא" Viduy al chet for the internet age

Inspired by the internet Asifa? did you follow up, if not here is the Viduy. For Frum Bloggers too!

Internet Viduy Al chet

Monday, September 29, 2014

Harav Moshe Pivovoz zt''l - "Ehr is gevehn fun di shtile vos haltn oif di velt"

Hamodia - On the morning of Shabbos Shuvah5775, Harav Moshe Pivevoz, zt”l, a beloved talmid chacham, rebbi to many people in the community, and a Gaon in middos tovos, passed away suddenly at the age of 96 — after spending Rosh Hashanah immersed in tefillah at his beloved Tzemach Tzedek shul on the Lower East Side.
 Rav Pivovoz-Hamodia

On Sunday afternoon the crowd at the levayah poured out from Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim onto East Broadway to give kavod achachron to a man, small in physical frame, yet larger than life in his Torah and yir’ah — who shunned the smallest measure of kavod his entire life. True to his character, Reb Moshe forbade hespeidim, and any words that his children said were strictly with the purpose of internalizing the lessons of his life.
Reb Moshe, a fixture on the Lower East Side, was born in the town of Plotnitze, and spent his childhood in Pinsk, near Karlin, then in Poland. He and his family were close to the Rebbe Harav Avraham Elimelech of Karlin, and continued their relationship with the Stoliner Rebbes on these shores.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Halachos laws and minhagim for Erev Rosh Hashana 5775

Laws for Erev Rosh Hashana- erev shmitta 5775

1. This year since erev shabbos is on second day of RH remember to make an Eruv Tavshilin on Wednesday Erev yom tov. One may not cook on Thursday for shabbos but only on Friday.

2. Some have a Minhag to write a PRUZBUL on erev shmitta most dont do it until the end of the shmitta year. download it HERE

3. Following selichos we say hataras nedorim on erev Rosh Hashana

4. Some have a minhag to purchase a new knife on Erev Rosh hashana as a segulah for parnassah.

5. The minhag is for men to fast on erev Rosh Hashana up to chatzos.

6. Some go to visit kivrei tzadikim on erev Rosh Hashana

7. Minhag is to go to the mikva on erev yom tov.

8. The beracha on candle lighting for Rosh Hashana is lihadlik ner shol yom tov, without mention of    Yom Hazikaron

9. We do not blow the shofar after shachris on Erev Rosh Hashana.

For general halachos of Rosh hashana, regarding the simanim, shofar, davening etc.. click HERE

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Segulah for Parnassah- purchase a new Knife on Erev Rosh Hashana

                                                החותך חיים לכל חי
Though this is not a common custom, It is brought down in Seforim to sharpen the knives on erev Rosh Hashana and to buy a new knife as a segulah for Parnassah, There is a discussion among poskim if one may buy a sharp knife it as a gift.
One of the reasons given  is that hashem  in charge of everything, yet He does have a whole slew of ministering angels who carry out His orders."Chatach," (חתך), which means "cut," is the name of the angel in charge of livelihood. Consider that the final letters of the Hebrew words, פותח את ידך, "You open up Your hand"  spell "chatach." Additionally, the word that follows in the verse, "u'masbe'a" – "and satisfy [the desire of every living being]" has the numerical value of 428 – the same value as the word "chatach."

Friday, September 19, 2014

Too many Schnorr letters? priorities in giving Tzedaka

Its the time before Rosh hashana and yom kippur when many Mosdos, Yeshivos and organizations ask for donations as klal yisrael is in a giving mode of tzedaka during aseres yemai Teshuva. As in previous years,
we are bombarded by Tzedaka letters known as schnorr letters. Many of us have an Image of our father going through his pile of letters writing checks to each one putting the stamps on and mailing it out. Back then there were not that many letters as we are receiving today on a daily basis. Ezras Torah, Diskin orphanage, Telz yeshiva to name a few.  Today the organizations have gotten sophisticated by soliciting Tzedaka, yet the good old envelope stills finds its way into our mail box.

If one can afford to give to all that would be wonderful, however not everyone is capable of that. Secondly, many of us have no affiliation or know anything about the Organization soliciting. They buy mailing lists and someone in Brooklyn can receive a letter for a local tzedaka in Los Angeles. 
Whom am I to give?

According to Halacha there are priorities in who to give tzedaka to first. Please discuss this with your Local Rabbi as there are differences of opinions. 
.Category 1: Captives, prisoners and matters of life and death- pikuach nefesh
Category 2: Very close relatives
Category 3: Needy Torah scholars, support for dissemination of Torah learning, and other poor persons
Category 4: Communal needs
Category 5: To finance the cost of mitzvot

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Do we write a pruzbul at the begining of the shmitta year?

The minhag is to write a pruzbul at the end of the shmitta year. Is there a point to make a Pruzbul at the beginning of the Shmita year?

 In principle the lender can write a pruzbul (פרוזבול‎)  and give over his loans to Bais Din at any time he wills, even years before the beginning of the shmitta year. However the pruzbul will only have an effect on loans made before this pruzbul was signed. Poiskim disagree as to when shmittas k'safim or the cancellation of debts instructed by the Torah takes effect. Most maintain that it is only at the end of the shmita year and it is then that the pruzbul should be signed. (Rambam – H. Shmitta 7, Shulchan Aruch C.M. 67: 30, Chinuch 477 et. al.) The Chasam Sofer (C.M. 50) testified that so was his and mentor's minhag. Shaarei Tzedek (21: 9) writes that this was and still is the Yerushalmi tradition and it is the most accepted custom worldwide.

However, the Rosh (Gittin 4: 10) and Tur (C.M. 67) and others maintain that the prohibition to collect loans takes effect already at the beginning of the shmitta year, therefore the pruzbul would have to be written before the end of the sixth year. Nitey Gavriel (Shmitta p. 16 ) quotes Minchas Yitzchok mentioning that the Chasidim of Lubavitch following the opinion of the Shulcham Aruch Horav and the contemporary Rebbe that one should make two puzbulin, one at the end of the sixth year and another one at the end of the shmitta year.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why are they silent, where are the child abuse activists ?

Why are the bloggers silent?? why are they not worried about the safety of the children. A bus driver in Monsey working for the  East Ramapo school district  private school route taking kids home from Cheder Chabad of Monsey,  was arrested for allegedly ditching students a mile from their designated stop. He was charged with a misdemeanor and suspended from his job. Floyd James was charged with child endangerment. Freed without bail, he is due in Ramapo Town Court on Oct. 7, police said Monday.

VIN which reported the story only less then 10 comments posted, FM didn't post it yet. Even more shocking is Rabbi Horowitz who is at the forefront of protecting children did not tweet or mention this story at all. Not only that but VIN reports this is not an isolated case. A similar incident happened in 2012 at Yeshiva Darchei Noam ( Where R' Yakov Horowitz is dean)  and officials did nothing about it initially. 
 The answer is simple the bus driver here is not a frum Jew. He is not a charedi its a non news story. So what if children were dehydrated and had to walk in high temperatures to their home. It dosent serve their agenda.  Had the driver been a yid  the haters would have come out  in droves. Even if he would have been arrested they would blame the frum for not obeying laws you would hear about the need to educate the frum bus drivers etc..Boy would the comments come pouring in. Its obvious, that charedi bashing is  their agenda masked and disguised as advocates for child abuse.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

NYT, profiles the power of the frum Chasidish Jewish Vote

New York Times- For generations, American Jews, and particularly Jewish New Yorkers, have largely been identified as ardent liberals.
Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe formed a substantial core of early 20th-century progressives and socialists. More recently, 70 percent of Jews voted for President Obama in 2012, about the same as Hispanics, and were exceeded in their enthusiasm mainly by African-Americans. But that liberal image is poised to change. A 2012 demographic study by UJA-Federation of New York found that 60 percent of Jewish children in the New York City area — the Jewish center of the United States — live in Orthodox homes, which suggests that in a generation a majority of the city’s one million Jews may be classified as Orthodox. A sizable percentage of those children happen to be Hasidim, the group that has fueled Orthodox growth with its astonishing fecundity. (Seven or eight children per family is common and one Hasidic woman, Yitta Schwartz, had about 2,000 living descendants when she died in 2010.) read more HERE

Photos- President Obama motorcade erev shabbos visit to frum neighborhood in Baltimore

This past erev shabbos president Obama attended a fundraiser at the home of Howard Tzvi Friedman in Baltimore. According to this report  close to 200 Frum yiddin who live nearby or on the motorcade
 Obama in Baltimore photo by Israel Orange