Friday, May 27, 2016

Chap a shvim

JP The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation backtracked on Thursday after announcing they would get rid of a four-hour window called “Women’s Swim,” which has specifically accommodated Orthodox Jewish women.

Numerous complaints were lodged at the Metropolitan Pool and Recreation Center in Williamsburg for the “separate swimming hours” program, saying they were discriminatory, the New York Post reported.

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind criticized the decision to close the separate swimming program.

Lakewood yeshiva ‘Disappointed’ Court Cancelled $10M State Grant

Hamodia LAKEWOOD - America’s premier yeshivah reacted with disappointment to a state court’s ruling Thursday that a $10.6 million grant by New Jersey was unconstitutional.

Rabbi Moshe Gleiberman, vice president of Lakewood’s Beis Medrash Govoha, said in a statement that the appellate court’s decision discriminated against religious schools. He said that most of the 6,800 students at the yeshivah go into non-clergy professions.

“BMG’s positive economic impact is widely recognized, with our graduates entering diverse fields, including business, education, finance, law, technology, social work, and more,” Rabbi Glieberman said. “BMG graduates have a solid record in establishing and expanding businesses that create jobs and contribute to New Jersey’s economy.”

Thursday, May 26, 2016

oy vey iz MIR

Lag Baomer fire in MIr ?
A fire broke out in the main building of the Mir yeshiva in Yerushalayim it was quickly extinguished.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Watch Miron Live stream Lag Baomer 2016- 5776

           Watch live Miron 2016 HERE or HERE
Scroll video to 3:00:10
Hadlaka in Meron  live Lag baomer 2016 watch live video broadcast hookup שידור חי מירון תשע''ו

Kosher Producers Positive on New FDA Regulations

Hamodia- Kosher food manufacturers overwhelmingly welcomed the FDA’s new guidelines for nutritional labels, saying they would give consumers more valuable information to make healthier choices.
“We think anything providing more transparency to consumers is a good thing,” said David Sugarman, CEO of Manischewitz. “The idea of the changes is to accurately present to buyers what they will be eating and it is being done in a way that will make a level playing field for everyone.”
Jacob Glauber, director of product development and marketing for Dairy Delight, said the clarity resulting from the new guidelines will answer many questions consumers now direct to companies.
“We will have a lot less headaches,” he said. “How many calories are from this ingredient, how much fructose is in it? Now a lot of those questions will be answered right on the label.”

Monday, May 23, 2016

Pesach Sheini Tisch in Kretchnif

 The Kretchenif-Sighet Rebbe, shlita, eats matzah at the Pesach Sheini tisch, Sunday night, in his beis medrash in Yerushalayim. The Krechenif minhag is to enact an entire Seder night during the tisch. (Yaakov Lederman/Flash90) Hamodia.

King David Hotel Orders Jewish Band To Remove Yarmulkas and Tzitzis

A7 One of Jerusalem's top hotels barred a band from wearing yarmulkes and tzitzit, i.e. Jewish religious garb, out of fear of offending its Arab workers. The King David hotel invited the Inbalim band to play for its workers, Army Radio reports - the vast majority of whom are Arab. As such, the band adapted its repertoire to suit its audience, including many songs from Umm Kulthum and Farid al-Atrash. But half an hour before the show, the producers banned the band from wearing their yarmulkes, "because it will hurt the feelings of our Arab workers."

Did federal prosecutors railroad Rubashkin?

When it comes to criminal prosecutions, the end never justifies the means.

Prosecutors who take shortcuts in winning convictions or lengthy sentences are not only violating the rights of the accused, they’re also undermining our entire system of justice.

That’s worth remembering when considering the ongoing legal battle over the 27-year prison sentence handed down to Sholom Rubashkin, the former head of Postiville’s Agriprocessors slaughterhouse.

In 2009, Rubashkin was convicted of bank fraud and money laundering. On its face, the lengthy prison sentence seems entirely justified. Rubashkin not only hired hundreds of illegal immigrants, he helped provide them with phony identification documents. He also defrauded his lenders, in part by laundering money through other businesses he controlled.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Watch Live: Telshe Yeshiva 74th Annual Dinner

Sefira Video: Haircuts in Halacha

Minhagim of Pesach Sheini this Sunday 14 Iyar 5776 May 22nd 2016

Some have a minhag to eat Matza on Pesach Sheini  it is brought down in the siddur of the Yaavetz (Rav Yaakov Emden) that it was revealed to him from the heavens that the kedusha of pesach and matzah lasts until pesach sheni because when they went out from Egypt they ate the matzos that they came out with until the 15 of iyar.
Some dont say tachnun.
Nitai Gavriel (Pesach Vol 3 Chapter 57) brings several Pesach Sheni customs. Among them:
To increase in Simcha (source: the Chida)
To read the parsha of Pesach Sheni and learn its Halachos (source: The Shalo).
To read the Parsha of the Nesi'im (source: The Shalo).
To visit the grave of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNeis in Teveria

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Our sensitivities dulled nothing is private

Oh did you see the cute couple look at his kallah .. this has unfortunately become a normal standard in our circles. The couple who dont publicize their picture are the exception not the norm. Websites publicizing private pictures for the world to see. Social media has now taken over the internet. The content of videos and jokes passed around daily has dulled our sensitivities and lowered the tznius bar. Frum websites showing pictures of newly engaged chasanim and kallas has become a norm. Naive trusting Frum girls dont realize the churban of  sharing a private picture or video on Whatsapp. I no time someone else gets their hands on it and it is passed around for the world to see on various whatsapp groups.
The battle over TV was won years ago, now the TV has returned but in a more sophisticated and sneaky way. A new recent phenomenon is taking place  which until now has never been an accepted behavior by the frum torah yeshiva world and especially by the Chasidish crowds.

Dor Yesharim letter in response to mention in rap video

Dor Yesharim the organization that tests frum Jewish couples, with genetic screening for compatibility  before marriage issued a letter in response a mention in a rap video thats gone viral by frum girls.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Has Sefira gone out the window?

One of the things we refrain from doing during the days of  Sefira is listening to music. Poskim discuss if the Issur is pertaining to live music as opposed to pre recorded but in general the minhag is not to listen to recordings as well. Its a bit disturbing that frum news and entertainment websites keep on posting you-tube videos with music playing not just as a background soundtrack but full songs. More so, a news item featuring a video of a trip to kevarim during yemei hasefira showed members playing lively instruments as if it were during the year. Some people have private minhagim and hanhagos however why the need to publicize it and show a total disregard to halacha and minhag yisrael?

Prosecutors, judges decry Rubashkin "witch hunt"

The American legal system is often held to be among the best in the world, but it is not when someone is the victim of conduct that is neither just nor legal. A case in point is Sholom Rubashkin, the former vice president of Agriprocessors, America’s largest kosher meat-packing plant, based in Postville.
Reb Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin

There is new evidence of egregious prosecutorial misconduct that led to Rubashkin’s 27-year prison sentence for financial fraud, as documented in a recent merits brief filed by his lawyers in March. An unprecedented letter, recently sent to Kevin Techau, U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Iowa, signed by 107 former high level Department of Justice officials, FBI directors, federal judges and prestigious law professors attests to the extraordinary prosecutorial misconduct which exacted the most possible punitive sentence for Rubashkin. Several former attorneys general, including John Ashcroft and even Michael

US House passes bill protecting circumcision, ritual slaughter

(JTA) — A bill unanimously approved by the US House of Representatives would extend religious protections to advocates of circumcision and ritual slaughter as well as atheists, addressing what its sponsors describe as an increase in religious persecution in recent years.
The bill, passed Monday, would broaden the definition of “violations of religious freedom” in the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 to include the persecution of advocates of male circumcision or ritual animal slaughter. Atheists would become a new protected class.

Thousands Mourn at Levayos for Reb Chaim Parnes, z”l, and Reb Yitzchok Rosenberg, z”l

NEW YORK -Hamodia-
Still reeling from the tragic drowning deaths of two of its prominent community members, the Satmar kehillah and many from the broader Jewish community gathered to bid a tearful farewell to Reb Chaim Parnes, z”l, and Reb Yitzchok Rosenberg, z”l.
The levayah of Reb Chaim Parnes, known as the Stropkover Rav, was held on Wednesday morning at the central beis medrash of Kiryas Joel and was attended by a large crowd of mourners. Given that the ordeal of arranging for the niftar’s release and transportation had caused significant delays, hespeidim were kept to a minimum to allow for the kevurah to take place as quickly as possible.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Levaya of Satmar members Reb Chaim Parnes, z”l, and Reb Yitzchok Rosenberg, z”l will be tomorrow morning in Williamsburg and Monroe

The Bodies of  Reb Chaim Parnes, z”l, and Reb Yitzchok Rosenberg, z”l will be flown from Miami Florida  and arrive to New York at 5:00 am. The Levaya for Reb Yitzchok Rosenberg Z''L is expected to take place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn 9:45 am in front of the Satmar Bais Medrash on 13 Hooper St. Later, his levayah will continue to Kiryas Joel.  were  thousands are expected. The Levaya for Reb Chaim Parnes, z”l, will take place in Monroe, NY in front of the main Satmar Bais Medrash Kiryas Joel, 12 Garfield Rd..
Both niftarim will be buried in the Satmar cemetery in Kiryas Joel.

Tragic Drownings in Miami Beach

BROOKLYN - Shock and sadness struck the Satmar community as news spread of an accident that claimed the lives of two of its prominent members, Reb Chaim Parnes, z”l, and Reb Yitzchok Rosenberg, z”l. The two were at a Miami-area beach when they were pulled into the water by a riptide and drowned. Their loss has sent shockwaves of distress through their kehillah, as well as Jewish communities at large.

“Every single one of us is heartbroken by what happened,” said Rabbi Shalom Lazer Frankel, treasurer of the Satmar kehillah under the leadership of the Rebbe Harav Aharon Teitelbaum, shlita. “To lose two pillars of the community in one day is very hard to bear.”

Video of Jews Dancing at Casablanca Airport Goes viral

Morocoworldnews Rabat – In a scene that speaks volumes of Morocco’s openness, tolerance, cross-cultural understanding and peace in face of difference, a group of Jews arrive at Casablanca Mohammed VI airport singing and dancing their ritualistic Talmudic dance as an expression of their gratitude for Morocco.

The scene, which can rarely happen across the Middle East and North Africa except in Morocco, features a group of Jews at the airport’s checkpoint dancing and singing in very apparent joy, some wearing Moroccan traditional clothes but many others wearing their full Jewish attire such as the kippah, the black hat and suit, etc. What was remarkably interesting on the faces of Morocco’s guests is the sense of security and comfort they expressed through dancing and through their smiling faces while being checked. Morocco has admitted its cultural diversity including its Jewish influence in the 2011 constitution.