Monday, April 14, 2014

Segulah for Erev Pesach to recite letter from Rav Shamshon Astropoly

The following mystic and great segulah was written by Mekubal Rabenu Shimshon Magid of Austropoli, zt'l HY'D. Any person that reads this, especially Erev Pesach, is promised to be saved the entire year from stumbling, unusual death, tragedy, no person will rule over him, his enemies will perish, and will succeed in all business endeavors till the Redemption will arrive. 

Click HERE to download  איגרת רבי שמשון מאוסטרופולי

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pesach guide 2014/5774 list of products, medicines and more.

Links to various Pesach guides from leading Kashrus agencies pertaining to kosher for Pesach products, Medicines, Halachos and laws of Pesach. for Passver 2014

For Star-K Pesach Directory 2014 HERE

Mechiras Chometz  sell your Chometz online HERE and HERE

CRC Chicago Rabbinical Council Passover 2014 Medicine guide HERE

Instructional Passover videos how to kasher kitchen, HERE

Rabbi Scheinberg Famous guide to EASY Pesach cleaning HERE

 OU kosher pre pesach webcast   Video/ 2014 5774 HERE 2013 HERE Audio HERE

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The making of a new Gadol

There is a new Gadol in town. Actually hes been around for a while but no one heard of him before. He kept pretty quiet and out of the lime lite over the years. He might have published a sefer or  issued a halachik psak to individuals where the outcome only mattered for themselves. It appears this Gadol has now emerged out in the open, he is quoted by everyone, yet he has a great advantage others don't have- that's because hes anonymous.

He is only referred to as an " אדם גדול הרוצה בעילום שמו " a Gadol that wishes to remain anonymous. He is   protected from any challenges and can not be approached to explain his position on any topic or area. By simply quoting his name, it gives backing to any position or ruling people arm themselves with. There is no way for anyone to defend themselves

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Despite challenges, frum print media still strong.

The large atzeres tefillah that took place in lower Manhattan a few weeks ago was not advertised at all in the frum newspapers. It was an event put together within a few short days after the weekend papers went to print. Organizers relied heavily on the online media to spread the word. They even set up a website with updates and news of the Atzeres Tefillah. Frum websites and blogs, even news phone lines such as Yiddish news line kol mevaser, were in full gear advertising the event, bringing the masses to wall street.

It was the power of the internet, social media that got the message out. This brings into question how relevant is the frum print media, the newspapers, magazines and free weeklies. In the secular media many papers stopped printing and are only online. There is definitely a challenge from the online websites whose news cycle changes on the hour as opposed to reading up stale news that's a week old.

Its Dinner time!

Besides for football, Sundays in the Winter Months  host fundraising dinners for Yeshivos and Mosdos. Please come and show your support to the following Yeshivos and Mosdos.
 wondering where? when?   what time is the dinner?  see below.

Parnassah expo 2014 an insiders account

This was posted in the Forums on Dans deal HERE. scroll down for video.
I just want to say I am somewhat involved in the background of the Parnassah Expo.
Its interesting to see how people view it on the front. Not sure why there is so much negativity out there!
Parnassah Expo 2014
Is improvement needed in certain areas? Absolutely. That is true for any business or organization that exists out there. Each venture is a learning experience. And being that I've been involved, I've watched it improve based on learning experiences over the past three years.

It was created as a platform with potential for people to tap into. Its up to each person and business to take advantage of that or not. People that walk in and expect a $10 million check to fall into their hands as they take danishes and paperclip holders from booths, may actually have that happen.... but not likely.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Siyum on Maseches Succah of Daf Yomi- live broadcast

 Siyum on Maseches Succah Llive broadcast shiur by Rav Hillel David shlita Rav Khal Yeshiva Shaarei Torah, Brooklyn NY. Sponsored by the Daf Yomi commission of Agudath Israel of America. The program will be broadcast live from Congregation Zichron Eliezer in Cincinnati, OH on Monday, March 31, 2014 / 29 Adar II, 5774 at 8:30 PM EDT.                
Daf Yomi siyum on Maseches Succah

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Atzeres on Water street- Pictures, video recap

Large crowd of Orthodox Jews at Prayer rally in Lower manhattan,  photo AFP
     Hamodia newspaper  recap and report on Atzeres  HERE
     A view from the Ezras Noshim a women's account on the Atzeres Tefillah                                
 Videos below
                  For photo gallery and pictures  of atzeres protest click                                     HERE         HERE and HERE

Oficial Statement issued with conclusion of Atzeres Tefillah rally in manhattan

 Atzeres Photos HERE
The statement was read at the conclusion of the atzeres by Rabi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel Of Agudath Israel of America.
                                     Official statement at Prayer Rally in Lower Manhattan
 Klal Yisroel has no treasure greater than the Holy‎ Torah, no calling greater than the study of Torah, no asset more precious than those who devote themselves to learning and growing in Torah.

B’siyata diShmaya, we have been privileged ‎in recent years to witness the flourishing of Torah study across the globe, and especially in Eretz Yisroel. In the aftermath of the destruction of European Jewry seventy years ago, when so many predicted the demise of Torah-true Judaism, we take pride and solace in this open manifestation of the Yad Hashem.

Fools, blinded by hate and pure Sinas chinom.

Once again some frum bloggers have proven how silly, naive and foolish they are. A Israeli news website Kikar shabat posted a video clip of the mass atzeres that took place last week in Yerushalayim. The video was played to a song of the singer shlomo Cohen with the words אנו משכימים. It showed a contrast of the Atzeres, showing yeshiva bochurim and charedim as yoshvei beis hamedrash and depicting Yair Lapid and Israeli Soldiers as Yoshvei Kranos. It has since been removed from you-tube for copyright by the singer.

Naturally this "official atzeres clip" drew outrage from the haters on blogsphere. It is exactly what they thrive off. A Charedi video clip making fun of the IDF etc. It must be that this clip was produced by many charedim and approved by leading Rabbonim!
These Bloggers who are quick to find any fault and blame the charedim for it, were quick to the trigger without doing the basic homework or due diligence. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Map, bus, transportation, driving info to the Atzeres Tefilla in Lower Manahttan

There will be Buses going from many communities-
 Monsey- Park n ride on Rt 59- $10 round trip in advance $12 at the bus
Lakewood- Forest Avenue between 7th and 10th street $30 round trip- tickets sold in all botei midrashim of  Bais Medrash Govoha
BOAT from lakewood to asifa
There will also be a boat to the atzeres email
From Lakewood take the Staten Island ferry to the atzeres. The ferry is free it runs every half an hour it takes 25 minutes to Manhattan Parking is $8 or free in nearby lots and local streets. Ferry is at 1 Bay street, Staten Island, NY St George terminal HERE Exit 12 off the Staten Island expressway.
PATH train to World trade center is closed! on weekends
Or  Park in NJ and take Path train from Hoboken or Jersey city to 33rd.

BOAT from lakewood to asifa
There will also be a boat to the atzeres email
 or take the Staten Island ferry to the atzeres.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Novominsker Rebbe- Remarks ahead of mass atzeres tefilla - We are gathering to take away this Gezeira, Atzeres schedule

AUDIO of teleconference  HERE
The Novominsker Rebbe  on a teleconference ahead of the mass Asifa/atzeres this Sunday in New York, explained the purpose and meaning of the gathering.
Novominsker Rebbe
The secular society is bent upon imposing on the charedi society a change to its very nature which is the study and practice of Torah. In all the years it  was accepted by many Governments this was our way of life.B"H and over the years the Torah community in EY has grown tremendously. We believe that Torah study in the yeshivos and botei midrashos are our koach against our enemies. Unfortunately in the last few years a serious attempt has arisen from the secular left to attack and undermine the continued health of the charedi society and passing  laws that hurt us. Passing a law that will criminalize those who do not agree to be conscripted into the army this is the last episode in a series of continuous sanctions that have been imposed on the charedi society. Now one of the subsidies they have enjoyed is being taken away from them and families can not continue to manage.

Even before its passing never before has Jewish nature criminalized limud haTorah even Paroh in Mitzrayim wasn't mishabed or forced shevet Levi .
 we all consider this to be a terrible gezeirah we are gathering to Hashem to take away this gezeirah.
We want to be awakened by the tehillim and tachnunim that torah should continue ad bias hagoel.

Rabbi  Chaim Dovid Zwiebel of agudath Israel- followed the Rebbes remarks stating the gathering and prayer rally- it should be marbe kavod shomayim not the opposite.

 Rabbi Shlomo Gertzulin - briefed the audience about the logistics of the Atzeres gathering.
The Atzeres will begin at 2 pm and run for 90 minutes until approx 3:30-4:00 pm.
There will be no speeches or speakers, Just davening tachnunim, Tehillim and Mincha.
Atzeres schedule 
 Mincha, Tehillim kapitalach  130, 20, 13, 42, 51, 79, 80, 84, 86, 90, 121 & 122, Avinu Malkeinu, Selichos, Pizmon - Yisroel Nosha Bashem & Kabolas ol  Malchus Shomayim.

The area will  run from Broad street all the way south to the Brookly Bridge.
Separate areas for men and Women. Men will be at the southern part starting from Bowling green, women should take trains to Fulton center.

NYPD will provide security along with sadranim who will easily be identified wearing orange vests. There will be extensive street closures around lower Manhattan. In order to keep the decorum we are asking people not to bring signs. peopel are asked to bring along Tehillim and siddurim.

Getting to the Atzeres we urge everyone to use mass transit, the MTA will add major trains for the return trip.
For those who must drive, theyshould either come through the Brooklyn battery tunnel and park at the nearby Battery parking garage.
All lanes and tubes of the tunnel will be open forthe event.
 Those coming from outlying areas should park in Staten Island and take the ferry its a free ride to the Atzeres, or at the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn bridge.

All buses from Monsey, Lakewood, Blatimore, Philly, or other areas must approach the Area from the west side of Manhattan there will be extensive parking areas for busses it will facilitate the traffic.
WE urge attendees not to get off the buses until the buses park so pople know where their buses are.

In light of the fact that it will be hard to navigate through lower Manhattan we ask of the elderly and disabled to use their own discretion and make arrangements.

for more info call 212-797-9000 ext 267
or on the web