Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Few Musings from Vacation on blogsphere

Rabbo Avrohom Gordimer who is one of the selfless individuals defending the torah from the onslaught of bloggers and the like took a vacation from writing, below are 6 points he has gleaned since he stopped contributing. In A blog post here in 2013 Klal yisrael is nod trending online  we shared a similar take.

By Rav Avrohom Gordimer posted on Cross Currents
My “vacation” from writing articles about the issues and controversies of the day has been quite refreshing – and quite educational. I think that I have learned or reviewed more life lessons in the past five weeks than I have done in a while. Although I am still on break, I’d like to share a bit of what I have gleaned from my return to the outside of the Orthodox blogosphere. These are not new ideas, but they are ideas which become exponentially clearer and compelling upon taking a step back from the action:

1. Many issues are not as important as the blogosphere makes them out to be. In the real world of Orthodox Jewry, most people are focused on learning Torah, doing mitzvos, working and taking care of their families. Numerous issues that become of central interest online are of little or no importance to much of the hamon am, and these issues do not affect it in any substantial way. Furthermore, the bulk of the novel and attention-grabbing Torah notions floated in the blogosphere don’t make it to the beis medrash or to the discourse of serious talmidei chachamim – and, when they do on occasion make it to the shaarei ha-Torah and are given consideration, they are quite often dismissed by the Torah masters as unfounded or as of amateur quality.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

European Jews afraid to go to shul for Yomim Noraim

 Jpost- Seventy percent of European Jews will not go to synagogue on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur this year, according to a poll released Tuesday. The survey was conducted last week by the European Jewish Association (EJA) and the Rabbinical Center of Europe (RCE) among a representative sample of 700 capital cities and communities in the periphery throughout Europe - from Britain in the west to Ukraine in the east.  

Respondents --which numbered 78-- included rabbis as well as Jewish community leaders, both religious and secular. The margin of error was ±4.9%. The pollsters explained that while the number of respondents is far lower than the number of communities represented, each respondent speaks for multiple communities as within certain cities and areas, many communities share similar characteristics.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Advertising in Jewish Media Driving Kosher Sales, according to some experts

New York – (Koshertoday)Wednesday is an important day of the week in the kosher market in that it not only ushers in the three day shopping period for the upcoming Shabbat, but it is also the day when the growing cadre of Jewish publications are displayed in kosher grocery stores and newsstands. The experts say that media for kosher foods includes the weekly national newspapers (i.e. Hamodia, Yated Ne’eman and Jewish Press), national magazines (i.e. Binah, Mishpacha and Ami), and free local publications (i.e. Five Town Jewish Times and the Flatbush Jewish Journal). Other smaller publications are also in the mix but clearly the bulk of kosher advertising is in the three categories. Also part of the media pool these days are several major on-line sites like Yeshiva World, Vos Iz Neias, and Matzav.

Tempest in a Tallis

By Rabbi Avi Shafran in Hamodia,
The image was, to be sure, jarring: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump being draped in a tallis.

By an African-American pastor.

In a Detroit church.

To resounding applause.

Bishop Wayne Jackson of the Great Faith Ministries in Detroit effected the atifah while most of us were listening to the Krias HaTorah of Parashas Re’eh, after the candidate addressed the minister’s congregation in an attempt to garner votes from a segment of the population not naturally supportive of his candidacy.

“Let me just put this on you,” Pastor Jackson said, identifying the garment as a prayer shawl “straight from Israel,” and The Donald, although he did look a mite befuddled, didn’t resist.

The congregation was effusive in its praise of the spectacle. Some Jewish media, clergyfolk and armchair pundits, though, considerably less so.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New shul dedicated at Moscow Domodedovo international airport

Hamodia In a simple, yet impressive ceremony last week, a beautiful new shul was dedicated in Moscow’s international airport for the benefit of the many Jewish travelers arriving in Russia or just passing through.

Present at the shul’s dedication ceremony were the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, the Bareli family who sponsored the shul, and many others.

After affixing a mezuzah to the shul’s main doors, a special, mehudar sefer Torah was completed and placed into the beautiful aron kodesh while the participants sang and danced. It was a great kiddush Hashem amongst the many passengers who were in the airport during this time.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tragedy near Monsey, 1 yeshiva bachur killed in car crash R'L

JP-A 20 year-old yeshiva student standing outside his yeshiva with another student Wednesday night were struck by a off duty police officer from the Peekskill Police Department who was speeding down route 202 in his personal vehicle, one boy who is from Argentina was transposed to Good Samaritan Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries,the second boy originally from mexico was transported to Westchester Medical Center, and is in stable condition.

The crash happened at around 11:45 o’clock Wednesday night just outside Yeshivat Tiferet Torah, a group of students were standing in the parking lot of the yeshiva when the off duty police officer from the Peekskill Police department in Westchester  was traveling on route 202 in his Lexus, apparently on high speed struck a Honda accord car who attempted to make a left turn to the yeshivas parking lot, as he struck the Honda he struck the two boys who fall down and suffered serious injures.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Posting gedolim pictures with a title of Harav Hagaon, does not make your site kosher

The frum news sites have strayed very far and more and more people are keeping away and not clicking or visiting those sites. Lately the frum websites are posting Gedolim pictures with big screamin headlines Harav Hagaon this doin this etc.. . A poor attempt to portray themselves as kosher, yeshivish, frum and somewhat associated with these gedolim. in between these posts and photos of Gedolim and Admorim they willl post Lahon Hora, inappropriate videos an what not. Its a way to sandwich the shmutz. Its time to call them out for it and stop patronizing them. Just today at YWN they posted a disgusting video from the lowest of the low in Israeli society who attack keduhas yisrael and are koifer in the taryag Mitzvos. perhaps the editors are clueless, but thats not an excuse. There cant be two sets of rules one for print media and than another one online were the bar is as low as can be.

New Organization Formed to Manage Lakewood Busing for frum schools

LAKEWOOD -( Hamodia) One month after an innovative piece of legislation that massively re-structured how busing for Lakewood’s private school community is administered became law, a new consortium to manage transportation for the town’s 125 mosdos, known as the Lakewood Student Transportation Authority (LSTA), is at the head of this daunting task. At its helm is Avraham Kraweic, who is leading the freshly inaugurated organization amid a feverish effort to arrange busing for tens of thousands of students as schools begin this week.

The law has created a three-year pilot program that takes busing for all of Lakewood’s non-public school students away from the authority of the local Board of Education, and instead gives a cash amount to the consortium on a per-student basis. This has left LSTA with the charge of rebuilding the massive transportation apparatus. They are partnering with mosdos, askanim, the Board of Education and township officials in their efforts.

“It’s definitely a challenge, but we want to put in all of our efforts to set up a healthy system for the next three years and hopefully beyond that,” Mr. Kraweic told Hamodia. “We are partnering with anyone and everyone; there’s no way to transition a behemoth like this without help.”

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New York Times Column Smears Satmars as Ignorant Welfare Sponges  by Ira Stoll
The latest salvo in the New York Times’ one-sidedcampaign against traditional Jewish education comes in the form of a column by Ginia Bellafante that is one of the nastiest and most unfounded attacks on a Jewish group published by the Times in recent memory.
The Times columnist accuses Satmar Hasidim of being welfare sponges:
Politicians who might otherwise feel free to lecture black and Hispanic communities on the importance of grit, self-reliance and the sacred path of higher learning express remarkably little outrage over the habits of a group that essentially enshrines its own dependency on the system. According to a 2011 study by the UJA-Federation of New York, the Jewish philanthropic organization, just 11 percent of Hasidic men and 6 percent of Hasidic women in and around New York City hold bachelor’s degrees, while the poverty rate among Hasidic households stands at 43 percent, nearly twice the figure citywide.
A reliance on public assistance is remarkably common among the Hasidim, explained Lani Santo, the executive director of Footsteps, an organization begun in 2003 to help those who decide to leave the ultra-Orthodox world.
This is problematic on at least two levels.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Elul Zman 5776 begins in the Yeshiva world

Bein hazmanim comes to a close, and Elul Zman begins  in the yeshiva world. Yeshiva Ner Yisrael of Baltimore will began the new zman on Sunday night at Maariv. Lakewood yeshiva BMG began the new zman a day earlier on Motzei Shabbos, the first day of Rosh chodesh Elul. There are some yeshivos (Telz) who started the Zman already.  B"H there are new yeshivos opening to accomodate the growth and need for more yeshivos. Many new shtelles were created as well, adding new shiurim or replacing positions previously held by other maggidei shiur who moved to other yeshivos.

Rebel Rabbis- profiling Niturei Karta

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ceremony Held on First Anniversary of Miracle of Creskill plane crash

Hamodia NEW YORK - A ceremony was held Sunday to commemorate the upcoming first anniversary of what has become known as the Miracle of Creskill, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary pilot Yaakov Yosef “Jack” Rosenberg’s heroic landing of a plane in a field in Creskill, New Jersey.
Photo: Hamodia courtesy of Rosenberg family

On September 3, 2015, Rosenberg and an observer, Erik Pearson, were on a routine Coast Guard patrol along the Hudson River when their engine failed. The plane began going down near Reagan Field, a large ballfield in Creskill, that was full of children playing. In what has been hailed as heroic airmanship, Rosenberg was able to guide the plane away from the children, and crash-land at the far edge of the field. He and Pearson suffered serious injuries, but miraculously, no one on the ground was hurt.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The death of the frum news websites and blogs

The frum  news Blogs and websites have become a bigger joke than they already are. Anonymous editors giving their two cents on things they have absolutely no understanding about. There is no substantive articles or any tochen anymore. The news you see is the latest viral videos making its round on social media. The competition with social media and with other websites has forced the blogs to sink even lower in getting more hits. Yeshiva world news is yeshiva in name only it does not represent the yeshiva world at large or its hashkafos. It has become a chasiddish bashing site with shocking headlines looking to get more hits. The comments are full of hate and lashon hora on any hashkafos that are foreign to the anonymous editors. VIN is a has been site that most ehrlich people stay away from. Matzav the better of the bunch has become a frum TV station posting silly videos and the latest hock on wattsapp. Every post is a video. Only simchas and Simcha spot have joined in with mudding the news waters with inappropriate pictures and content. As always these anonymous sites should not and can not be taken seriously. However its about time there should be a online  voice of Torah true hashkafos with Rabbonim publicly supporting it. The way it is now, yiddishkeit is misrepresented by amateurs, bloggers, and haters of Torah.

Found!! safe and sound: Two bochurim missing from Camp Stolin missing in Bear mountain state park in NY

9:30 am Updated: The boys were found safe and sound after spending the night in the forest. They are doing well in good health. B''H
Earlier report:
Please daven for Moshe Tzvi Ben Esther and Yosef Yitzchok Ben Rina, the 2 bochrim missing in Bear Mountain Park.
 From NBC News: Two teenagers from Brooklyn hiking with a summer camp group in the 5,025-acre Bear Mountain Park on the west side of the Hudson River in Rockland County were reported missing Thursday, according to police and published reports.
The boys broke away from the group to take a shortcut down the mountain during a trip with about two dozen other hikers from Stoliner Camp in Highland, but never reconnected, according to Volunteers from the boys' Brooklyn community turned out in force to search for them Thursday night, the website reported, but State Police held them at bay until daylight for safety reasons. Authorities canvassed the area overnight, and the search was continuing Friday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

BD"H Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis A''H


With deep pain and anguish we are saddened to report the petirah moments ago of Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis a”h founder of HINENI and pioneer in the world of Kiruv.  With the Rebbetzin’s petirah K’lal Yisroel has suffered an irreplaceable loss. The Rebbetzin was a trailblazer, for over a half century, crisscrossing the globe with her message of loving-kindness and hope.  She was a teacher of Torah to millions of Jews from every walk of life. She spent her life showing the beauty of Yiddishkeit to Jews across the globe bringing countless neshomos back to their roots.

Mishpacha magazine ad has pictures of women, oversight or new trend?

Social media and bloggers were busy pointing out an ad in last weeks Mishpacha magazine. The Jewish Mothers of  Laniado Hospital Cook-Off ad on page 33 of the Family First section had pictures of ladies faces.  it's against their policy, and most ppl imagine it was an oversight, and expect to see a notice in next week's edition apologizing for the error. In the same issue they had a tribue article to Rebbetzin Shoshana Schechter A'H but printed no photo of her, only a picture of her husband the Rosh yeshiva shlita.

Isadore (Itchy) and Helen Adelson, z”l, Among 6 Dead in Tragic LI Crash

Hamodia- Six people were killed — including two members of the Westhampton Beach kehillah and a former aide to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — and five others injured in a multi-car crash on the Long Island Expressway Sunday morning.
Funeral Services Announced for Helen and Isidore Adelson, Who Died After Tragic LIE Crash
According to Suffolk County Police, at approximately 9:35 a.m., Carmelo Pinales, 26, was driving a Subaru Outback eastbound on the LIE, when it seems that he lost control of the car. The vehicle “crossed over the grassy median, went airborne and struck two vehicles, a BMW and a Honda, that were travelling westbound near Exit 68,” according to the police statement.

Carmelo Pinales and his sister Patricia Pinales, 27, were pronounced dead at the scene. Carmelo’s 10-year-old son Christopher was brought to Stony Brook University Hospital in a police helicopter but later died of his wounds. Two others in the vehicle sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Chaveirim, A flat tire isn’t a problem if there are other Jews around.

Yisroel Besser Mishpacha magazine
Sunday night, Motzaei Visiting Day, on Route 17 East.

We were exhausted, yet happily so. It had been an enjoyable day, nachas-filled, baruch Hashem, but draining — financially, for sure (when did they start suggesting a tip for camp drivers and lice-checkers?). We’d schlepped flats of water bottles up steep hills and waited in pizza shop lines that looked like those pictures you see of border checkpoints in a third-world country.

If we leave by five o’clock, we’ll beat the traffic back, we said at four. At five, we said we’d leave by six and it would be fine. At nine thirty (what kind of parents drop off their children early on Visiting Day?) we finally left. (An idea. Maybe fathers — those who consider “you saw him/her two weeks ago and camp ends in a week and a half” a legitimate claim and who value clear highways — can end Visiting Day at four, while mothers, intent on squeezing every last moment out of the day, can stay until it’s dark and do a carpool back to the city?)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

BD'E Rav Yaakov Zelinger Z''TL

Matzav- It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Rav Yaakov Zelinger zt”l, founder and rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Toras Emes Kamenitz. He was in his 60s.
הגאון רבי יעקב יצחק זלינגר זצ
Rav Zelinger was a noted marbitz Torah, who led his outstanding yeshiva for decades, first in Boro Park, on 56th Street between 16th and 17th Avenues, and then after it moved to Flatbush to its current building at the corner of Avenue N and East 19th Street.

For years, Rav Zelinger resided on Locust Hollow Drive in Monsey, NY, where he was among the founders of Cong. Bais Eliyahu, which is named after his son, Eliyahu z”l, who was a talmid of Yeshiva Ohl Torah when he passed away in a tragic car accident on Purim in Monsey. Rav Zelinger later moved to Brooklyn, NY.