Wednesday, April 22, 2015

School in Israel where Sassoon boys learned holds Shloshim event

The event was held at the Shira Chadasha school in Ramat Shlomo section of Yerushalayim.
Photo and Video HERE
Moshe a'h Yehoshua a'h dovid a'h  Sassoon

Harav Yosef Moshe Meisels, z”l Veitzener Rav of Williamsburg

 Hamodia- Klal Yisrael lost one of its last precious links to the Gedolim of previous generations with the passing of Harav Yosef Moshe Meisels, zt”l, the Veitzener Rav of Williamsburg. He was the son of Harav Tzvi Hirsh Meisels, zt”l, the Veitzener Rav of Chicago and a scion of the Chassidic dynasties of Uhel and Sanz.

The niftar was renowned for his impeccable middos, calm nature, and chessed. At the same time, Rav  Meisels was a man of tremendous spiritual strength and tenacity who was steadfast in his loyalty not only to Torah and mitzvos, but to the most minute practice of his holy antecedents through the challenges of the Holocaust and then of post-war Eretz Yisrael and America.

He was born in 1926 in the Galician town of Neimark, where his father served as Rav before assuming his position in Veitzen in Hungary. He studied mainly under the tutelage of his grandfather, Harav Dovid Dov Meisels, Hy”d, the author of the sefer Binyan Dovid.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

VIDEO: Shloshim and hakomas Matzaiva for Sassoon children A''H

Photo: Rav Chaim Kanievsky learning at the ocean front

Got a question in halacha? forget asking a Rav, now you know who to ask

1. I a married to someone whose get was performed on Rosh Chodesh, and not on the 30th which is Rosh Chodesh minRabonon, but on 1st of month which is Rosh Chodesh min haToroh:- Was this get invalid and is our current marriage hence not good?

2. Is the kosher switch really permissible for shabbos?

3. I am dating a girl whose parents became Frum along as the daughters became frum. The home was always kosher but they became shabbat observant and Shomer Mitzvahs. Would she be less likely to fry out?

The above questions  are a sampling  of what is posted to the esteemed members of the YWN CR. The anonymous members respond with their vast Torah knowledge.
 Is this where great Halachic discourse is answered and discussed? does this replace asking your local rabbi or Posek? what a convenience!

Photos, Video at hespedim for Sassoon children in EY

The hespedim took place in the Sanhedria neighborhood of Yerushalayim
Rav Yitzchok Ezrachi

Monday, April 20, 2015

BD''H Rav Aaron Lichtenstein Z'L

Leading religious-Zionist figure Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein has passed away Monday morning, aged 81.  Rabbi Lichtenstein was one of the religious-Zionist world's most recognizable faces, and considered one of the world's leading halakhic authorities. He also received the illustrious Israel Prize in Torah Literature. His Levaya will start on Tuesday at 10 a.m., and is to leave from Har Etzion Yeshiva in Alon Shvut in Judea's Gush Etzion on its way to Har Hamenuchot in Jerusalem where the rabbi will be buried. Born in Paris on May 1933, shortly after the Nazi conquest of France in 1940 his family fled to the US, where he would eventually study under two of the Jewish world's leading rabbis: Rabbi Yitzhak Hutner and Rabbi Yoseph Soloveitchik.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Shloshim events for Sassoon Children will take place in US and Eretz Yisrael

Monday will mark the Shloshim for the 7 Sassoon children a'h. There will be a  Kinus Sunday night in Keter Torah avenue L and east 23rd in Flatbush @ 615 & Monday by day in Israel. Tuesday there will be a special kinus for ladies in Har Nof at neveh yerushalayim hall, Rabbi Gavriel Sassoon will speak.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Are the frum news websites really an alternative?

The frum websites should be the same alternative the frum newspapers are to the secular press. Never has there been a  frum newspaper whose editor is anonymous, many also have a rabbinical board as well. The websites that deliver news to the frum Torah community seem to have a different set of rules. The editors are all anonymous, none of them have any public rabbinic board taking responsibility for the content. Even those who claim to have a Rabbi it is not a mainstream rav accepted by the readership of that particular blog or website.
Unlike the print media, its a wild west with these frum websites. they post whatever they want articles that would never print in any of the frum papers. They seem trusting with yeshivish and yiddish sounding names and call themselves the voice of Torah Jewry and the yeshiva or heimish oilam but much of the content is far from what the yeshivish chasidish and Torah community would want to see. People trust these sites to filter the shmutz and bad hashkafos instead they sneak in articles of Lashon Hora and hashkafos that are   foreign to the intended audience. It appears there are  two sets of rules one for the print media and one for online.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Shlissel Challah, the Key to making it, the reasons behind it.

There is a minhag to bake shlissel challah (shlissel means key in Yiddish) for the Shabbos after Pesach. Shlisel challos are best known as a segula for parnasa,Some bake the challah with an actual key inside,

THIS SHABBOS: Special Krias Hatorah of Tzria/Metzora For Those Returning To Eretz Yisroel

BJL As is well known, this Shabbos will be Yom Tov in Chutz La'aretz, but in Eretz Yisroel it will be Shabbos Parshas Shemini, Isru Chag. Individuals returning to Eretz Yisroel after Pesach are confronted with the obvious problem - when can they hear the krias haTorah for Parshas Shemini?

On the first Shabbos they are back in Eretz Yisroel, the krias haTorah is already Tazria and Metzora. While there is much discussion amongst the poskim as to what if anything needs to be done to rectify the problem, one solution offered is to hear the entire Parshas Shemini at Mincha on the last day of Pesach. The regular laining on Achron Shel Pesach afternoon in chutz la'aretz is Parshas Shemini until Sheni. In this special minyan, for the third aliyah, instead of stopping at sheni, the baal koreh continues and reads the entire parshas Shemini (making that aliya 81 psukim).

 If you live in Baltimore ,This Shabbos, Erev Rosh Chodesh, April 18, Shabbos Parshas Shemini, at 5:45 pm, there will be a special Mincha Minyan at Khal Ahavas Yisroel Tzemach Tzedek for those going back to Eretz Yisroel on or after Rosh Chodesh (who will miss hearing Tazria and Metzora). The entire Tazria-Metzora will be lained (shlishi will be 149 psukim). All are welcomed to attend.

Yidden in Chutz La'aretz and Eretz Yisroel will read different parshios every Shabbos until the 27th of Iyar, May 16th, when, in Eretz Yisroel, Bechukosai alone will be lained and in Chutz La'aretz both Behar and Bechukosai will be lained allowing those in Chutz La'aretz to "catch up" with Eretz Yisroel.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Alert Frum woman on plane saves passengers from a possible serious mid air malfunction

from 22-year-old Mussie Weinfeld most likely saved the lives of a plane full of people when she suspected a malfunction with the aircraft just moments before takeoff. Despite being mocked and ridiculed, her insistence led to the plane being grounded after a serious malfunction was discovered.

Mussie Weinfeld, 22, a member of the Crown Heights community, was scheduled to return from a trip to Israel, where she spent the holiday of Passover.
Her father, Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld, related the story to

“My daughter was scheduled to return to New York on Motzai Shabbos from Israel with a stopover in Moscow on Russian airline TransAero. She boarded her flight at Ben Gurion Airport and was seated at the window.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Video: Another potential red Heifer? this one in upstate NY

There is a potential Para Aduma near Lakewood NJ HERE  now There may be one at Oorah's camp The Zone in upstate Stamford, New York.

Why did Matzav not post about the JCW org event in Los angeles has been posting many articles and press releases about events by the JCW organization in various Jewish communities. A MO org, who are advocates for victims of abuse. Their practices have been questionable and not within the hashkafa of the Yeshiva world and Torah community.  There was an event in LA, where a scathing public indictment of the ‘Halachic Advisory Board, four Choshuvah and well respected  Rabbonim were publicly shamed to the cheers and clapping of the audience. Why wont matzav post that speech?? are they not supporting this organization? what are they embarrassed about? There are frum organizations dealing with abuse within the frum Torah community why is pandering to the left.
 The Rabbanim have issued a statement clarifying their position following the public chilul hashem in which they were shamed.

Hagaon Harav Yehudah Aryeh Treger, zt”l

Hamodia- It was with great sadness that the Torah world and particularly the community of Antwerp learne
Rav Yehuda Treger Zt"l
d of the petirah of Hagaon Harav Yehudah Aryeh Treger, zt”l, Rosh Yeshivah of Yeshivas Eitz Chaim and son-in-law of  Hagaon Harav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, zt”l. He was 81 and passed away after a protracted
Harav Treger personified a talmid chacham whose whole life-source was drawn from his study and teaching of Torah. His knowledge spanned all areas of Tanach, Midrash, Shas and Poskim.

Talmidim recalled the great clarity and depth of his masterful shiurim. The Rosh Yeshivah built several generations of bnei Torah through a combination of instruction in derech halimud, sage advice and the example he set of what it means to live a life of dedication to Torah.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Who is the anonymous author that wrote the "op ed" which continues to make a "massive Chilul Hashem"

 The Op ed (Editorial see here)  that  lives up to its title, continues to make a massive chilul Hashem. It was not signed by any particular person only by Yeshiva World News editor whom is an anonymous person. It appears that the editorial was written by a Charedi Rabbi as some comments are alluding to know who it is. Also the style of writing is indicative to previous articles written by this "Rabbi". Why wont he sign his name if its really him? Why is there no video or letter from Rav Chaim Kanievsky as done with other shailos asking if that was the correct thing to do. To publicize episodes that the writer decided on his own is a chilul Hashem. To spread lies and lashon Hora on klal yisrael on a public forum that continues to add fuel to the fire of the haters of Torah and klal yisrael. why hide behind a stone ?
Who took upon themselves such an achrayus??????
man up and sign your name!

Is Lakewood closer to accepting the Halachic prenup?

 In an interview with the Jewish press  April 1st (its not a April fools joke )Lakewood yeshiva President Rabbi Aaron Kotler was asked about Beth Medrash Govoha's involvement with prenuptial agreements, read his answer:
 Does BMG get involved in marriage issues like prenuptial agreements?
The roshei yeshiva have repeatedly expressed their immense pain at seeing destructive costly court battles among families. They wish for the beis din system to be strengthened, and for clear resolution, if not a form of shalom, in a timely fashion.
BMG does not have or plan to have a beis din, so it has no direct role in this issue. Yet there are highly regarded dayanim and batei din in Lakewood, including leading halachic experts such as Rabbis Feivel Cohen, Yaakov Forchheimer, Simcha Bunim Cohen, and Shmuel Meir Katz, among others. I am personally aware of their interest in finding solutions, including exploring the halachic and social ramifications of a tenaim or prenup.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thousands attened Levaya of haGaon Rav Chaim Greinamn Z"TL

 Rav Chaim Greineman Zt'l  Photo taken Erev shvii shel Pesach this year day before he was niftar.
Thousands in Bnei Brak attended  the Levaya of Harav Chaim Greineman Zt'l. Rav Chaim Shaul Greineman was a nephew of the Chazon Ish through his sister Tzivya, He was niftar Friday morning on Shvi’i shel Pesach at the age of 89 years old. Rav Dov Landau the R''Y of Slobodka  Yeshiva said of rav Chaim, that the Sefer Torah of our dor has passed away. He was one of the biggest talmidim of the Chazon Ish and kept the Shittos and mesorah of the Chazon Ish with great Kannaus, said rav Lando. Rav Greinemann was renowned for his Talmudic genius and his wide-ranging yedios in Torah. His seforim, Chiddushim U’biurim, are studied by bnei Torah cross the globe who benefit from his peirush and chiddushim on masechtos of Shas. His expertise in p’sak was often tapped into by those seeking halachic guidance. Rav Greinemann was a primary source of the p’sakim of his illustrious uncle, the Chazon Ish. His brotherRav Meir Greineman said at the Levaya how exactly six years ago on Isru Chag Pesach  his brother asked Hashem for yesurim so he should go to straight to Gan eden. The next day he fell and suffered tremendous yesurim since then thus knowing that his prayer was answered.

Using a public forum after the fact to lecture and bash frum Jews

The YWN blog posted a "editorial" on Chol Hamoed Pesach that has over 150 comments and counting, many dripping with hate, sinas chinom, lashon hora, motzie shem ra and rechilus on segments of klal yisrael. Reading the  article would make you think you landed on the front page of an anti frum anti charedi blog or website.
 First off, this hate filled Lashon Hora post has no signature attached to it nor is there a name of a Rav who approved of its content and posting. Had any other non Jewish website or blog posted it you would have been met with screaming  condemnations and calls of anti semitisim but so far, silence!

Secondly, is publicizing these few episodes to the masses really going to fix the problems the writer seemed soo concerned about?. Had it really bothered someone, the right approach should have been to speak to Rabbonim Admorim and Roshei yeshivos a few months before Pesach, address these concerns with them and if they felt in necessary they would reach out to their followers with guidance concerning these major chilul hashem issues described by the editor. To instead defame klal yisrael and let the hate filled comments go on like that during yom tov and yemei hasefira is shameful and a massive Chilul Hashem.
  Ed Day mentioned in the Yeshiva world article deleted a Facebook posting full with anti Semitic comments,  YWN should have that post  removed as well.