Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Why are they silent, where are the child abuse activists ?

Why are the bloggers silent?? why are they not worried about the safety of the children. A bus driver in Monsey working for the  East Ramapo school district  private school route taking kids home from Cheder Chabad of Monsey,  was arrested for allegedly ditching students a mile from their designated stop. He was charged with a misdemeanor and suspended from his job. Floyd James was charged with child endangerment. Freed without bail, he is due in Ramapo Town Court on Oct. 7, police said Monday.

VIN which reported the story only less then 10 comments posted, FM didn't post it yet. Even more shocking is Rabbi Horowitz who is at the forefront of protecting children did not tweet or mention this story at all. Not only that but VIN reports this is not an isolated case. A similar incident happened in 2012 at Yeshiva Darchei Noam ( Where R' Yakov Horowitz is dean)  and officials did nothing about it initially. 
 The answer is simple the bus driver here is not a frum Jew. He is not a charedi its a non news story. So what if children were dehydrated and had to walk in high temperatures to their home. It dosent serve their agenda.  Had the driver been a yid  the haters would have come out  in droves. Even if he would have been arrested they would blame the frum for not obeying laws you would hear about the need to educate the frum bus drivers etc..Boy would the comments come pouring in. Its obvious, that charedi bashing is  their agenda masked and disguised as advocates for child abuse.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

NYT, profiles the power of the frum Chasidish Jewish Vote

New York Times- For generations, American Jews, and particularly Jewish New Yorkers, have largely been identified as ardent liberals.
Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe formed a substantial core of early 20th-century progressives and socialists. More recently, 70 percent of Jews voted for President Obama in 2012, about the same as Hispanics, and were exceeded in their enthusiasm mainly by African-Americans. But that liberal image is poised to change. A 2012 demographic study by UJA-Federation of New York found that 60 percent of Jewish children in the New York City area — the Jewish center of the United States — live in Orthodox homes, which suggests that in a generation a majority of the city’s one million Jews may be classified as Orthodox. A sizable percentage of those children happen to be Hasidim, the group that has fueled Orthodox growth with its astonishing fecundity. (Seven or eight children per family is common and one Hasidic woman, Yitta Schwartz, had about 2,000 living descendants when she died in 2010.) read more HERE

Photos- President Obama motorcade erev shabbos visit to frum neighborhood in Baltimore

This past erev shabbos president Obama attended a fundraiser at the home of Howard Tzvi Friedman in Baltimore. According to this report  close to 200 Frum yiddin who live nearby or on the motorcade
 Obama in Baltimore photo by Israel Orange

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hamodia newspaper redesigned

Always improving Hamodia has redesigned its weekly newspaper edition.  From Hamodia.com

The changes you are about to experience were implemented after fielding research to determine what we could do to make the Hamodia experience an even better one for our loyal readers.  Part of the process involved listening to both the compliments — and the criticism — of our regular readers, first and foremost, as well as to occasional readers, and even non-readers.
Among the key elements we chose to focus on were:
  • A more compact paper, with fewer, more organized sections
  • Additional photos and visuals throughout a full-color paper
  • Expanded Inyan on higher quality paper with Kinyan content integrated
  • Redesigned Binyan to make following the news entertaining while edifying
We took your feedback seriously! To that end, you will find the news, columns and features

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The pitfalls of a "historic meeting"

A few months a go some frum bloggers were patting themselves on their backs, in a self congratulatory way for a historic meeting a groundbreaking meeting, known as the Monsey summit . Its purpose was to identify problems within the frum orthodox Jewish community spend an experimental, intimate evening of discussion together. Each speaker identified a problem in the community, its negative consequences, and proposed improvements and solutions.

Eleven people were at the meeting  five "prominent" members from the orthodox community and five "prominent" members of the formerly Orthodox Jewish community. The Orthodox members were from the non-Modern Orthodox, non-chasidic, non-Lakewood communities. Those who attended were, (in alphabetical order only dont know who the five and five are)
 Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein,  Ms. Avital Chizhik. Rabbi Ron Eisenman. Rabbi Aaron Fink, Eli Fink, Ms. Adina Kadden, Mr. Ushy Katz, Rabbi Avi Shafran, Ms. Frieda Vizel, Ms. Leah Vincent, Anonymous, Rabbi Yakov Hororwitz,was unable to attend simply because of a conflict.

What went  on at the meeting is a state secret (here is a report from one of the OTD who attended.) only those who attended are privileged to that. What we do know is that a great chilul hashem has come out of this meeting. Torah misinai, Frum Yidden are now being questioned of their practice and emunah bahashem. The orthodox members who were there, listened to those that are no longer frum, explain the reasons why they left the fold.

Instead of standing up to the criticism of the orthodox frum community, they took what was said and  are now writing articles attacking yiddishkeit. These articles, have generated debates which openly question ikrei haemunah.  Frum Yidden are now portrayed as orthoprax , Harry the middle of the road blogger has opened the floodgates of koifrim and apikorsim to spew their hate against Torah Misinai R''L. The nation of maaminim bnei maaminim has now become non believers r''l. Another wrote Articles on staying frum that appear to be based on a warped view of the few he met that abandoned yiddishkeit.

Torah is Vibrant today, klal yisrael is strong. There are thousands of children learning, thousands of yidden serving hashem with emunah, doing mitzvos and maasim tovim.  Its time to end all this madness, time for the skeptics to move away, time for these rabbis to get offline, to stop tweeting, and facebooking.  Let us daven that hashem bring all his children back to him and we can all say in unison hashem echad ushmo echad

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

President Obama will taste some טועמיה this Erev Shabbos in Baltimore

After ditching his first chance of eating chulent , President Barack Obama will have a second crack at tasting a bowl of hot cholent or stew, this erev shabbos at a fundraiser in Baltimore. President Obama is scheduled to attend a fundraiser for the Democratic senatorial campaign committee on Friday afternoon at the home of noted askan  past chair of AIPAC, Mr. Howard Tzvi Friedman. The event is called for 4:00 pm. With shabbos just a few hours later, there should be a pot of cholent simmering nearby for the president to taste, along with a piece potato kugel of course.

Agudath Israel -exercize your right to vote this primary election Tuesday September 9th

Monday, September 8, 2014

Another website joins the charedi bashing band wagon

For a while this site labeled itself as "a journal of thought and reflections, from an array of Orthodox Jewish writers". On their about us page they write:
 Like most journals in blog format, editorial control is extremely loose, and writers are free to disagree and debate. Through reading Cross-Currents, we hope that you will become aware of diverse views representing a traditional Jewish perspective. Any impressions you may have had of the Orthodox as being monolithic or humorless should rapidly be dispelled; we’ll see about the other stereotypes as we go. By hearing about Orthodoxy from the Orthodox, it is our hope that you will — if not a member of our community — develop a more balanced and nuanced perspective than that which you find in the general and Jewish media.
However recently there's been many articles, that portray charedim and frum Jews in negative light. Articles poking fun at the Torah world, articles questioning and making fun of the kollel system. Articles calling for achdus -only to blame the frum Torah community for the ones not working on achdus, by sticking to their core beliefs.

The articles, as they say in yiddish iz a halbeh Tzurreh. The comments in the comment section,

Gedolei yisrael in Tzaar- Petirah of Rebbetzin Chana Shteinman A''H

Rebbetzin chana shteinman A''H,61, was nifteres earlier today following an illness she was the
Nichum availim R' Shteinman  at home of Rav Chaim kanievsky
daughter of Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita and married to Rav Shraga Son of Rav Aaron Leib Shteinman shlita. The Levaya took place in Bnei Brak.  Her husband is the Rosh Yeshiva of kehilos Yaakov. She took great care of her father in law all her years, preparing his food for him and cleaning the house. Many times she was appointed to ask shailos to her father, Rav shteinman reffered to her as an אשה כשרה.  Shiva will be at the home of Rav Chaim kanievsky.

Harav Naftali Landau Zt''l Chuster Dayan

 Hamodia : On Sunday, 12 Elul, Klal Yisrael lost one of the last of the pre-war Hungarian Rabbanim with the passing of Harav Naftali Landau, zt”l, at age 97.  Known as the Chuster Dayan, Harav Landau was a trusted posek for the most intricate Choshen Mishpat cases for over 65 years.

Harav Landau was born in 1917 in the Hungarian town of Legenmihay, where his father, Harav Binyomin Zev, was Rav.  Learning mostly under his father, young Naftali absorbed the Hungarian method of study and halachic teshuvos.
All his life, he clung to the practices and traditions he had been brought up with. To compromise on the minutest detail of a minhag or practice was unthinkable. This dedication to the ways of his ancestors was at the core of who he was and what he inculcated into his children.
He married the daughter of Harav Yaakov Friedman, zt”l, Dayan in Chust. A short while later he joined the town’s beis din, beginning his long career in Choshen Mishpat — adjudicating business halachah.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

ELUL! hundreds of listeners scream E-L-U-L live on the air as they get ready for the yomim noraim

Hear 500 listeners yell the word ELUL, live on the kol chai radio in Israel, as they get ready for the yomim noraim with אלול. This feeling of fear overflows into the preparatory month of Elul. Rav Yisrael Salanter describes it thus: "Every man is seized with terror at the holy, summoning voice of Elul.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Statement of Agudath Israel of America on the Lakewood School district

The new school year has started in Lakewood, New Jersey and more than 30,000 nonpublic school students came to school and discovered that there were no nurses on premises to deal with their

basic medical needs, no textbooks to help them learn, no remedial classes for those who require some extra help – despite the fact that by law, and by longstanding precedent, nonpublic school children in New Jersey are entitled to receive and have in fact received textbooks, remedial education and nursing services.  It was especially disheartening to learn that nonpublic school students are being deprived of these services and benefits while their counterparts in the public schools are continuing to receive them.  This selective withholding of benefits and services is unprecedented and unacceptable.  

Satmar Rebbe speaks about ALS ice bucket challenge and Niggun Hastara

We could not verify or authenticate the speech attributed to the Satmar Rebbe. There is no audio of it. The source is an internet post which could be a good piece of satire, therefore unless proven otherwise, we are pulling the speech. We in no point meant to besmirch or make fun of the Satmar Rebbe shlita we ask him mechilla in the event that there was a zilzul talmidei chachomim and kavod shomayim.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Look who ordered the sefer ויואל משה of the Satmar Rebbe mashal from QATAR

 A man in Qatar, by the name of Mashal  ordered a copy of  vayoel Moshe- ויואל משה‎  the sefer written by Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, previous Satmar Rebbe  in 1961. The order was placed online at Z. Berman Jewish Bookstore. Rav Yochy Berman of Z. berman books in an interview to Kol mevaser news line said that the credit card was declined and they tracked the IP address to Qatar. The man emailed them about his order to which they are checking into why the credit card was declined. This book is considered one of utmost importance by Satmar Chasidim  who follow the Satmar doctrine regarding Zionism. 

ואפילו בהסתרה- the words for Niggun Hastureh English translation

 דער אויבשרטער זאגט אונז קינדערלך
"ואנכי אסתר אסתיר פני ביום ההוא" אבער דער רבי זאגט
ואפילו בהסתרה שבתוך הסתרה בוודאי גם שם נמצא השם יתברך
גם מאחורי הדברים הקשים העוברים עליך אני עומד

Words taken from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov Ztl in Likutei Maharan. ליקוטי מוהר”ן ח”א תורה נ”ו
English translation-

 "Hashem says to his children I will conceal myself on that day but the Rebbe Rav Nachman says that even in the Hidden concealment Hashem yisborach is definitely present there, even during the hard times your experiencing Im here standing before you. 

Why did they not search and find Aaron Sofer Z'L right away

The pundits and Monday morning quarterbacks are out there. A cell phone would have saved his life they say. Why was he wearing his hat and jacket dont these charedi yeshiva guys know the proper dress for a hike. Blame the yeshivos for not letting bochurim have cell phones. On and on the commentors got it down pat. Guess what, experienced hikers get lost too. Cell phone batteries run out and there isn't always reception. Do we know what realy happened in this case?

Why dont they blame themselves for not searching the entire area right away? why did it take so long to decide on the specific area where he was found . They should have done a walk through of the entire forest immediately. why did it take 6 days for these professional organizations to find the Niftar.

 A freak story like this has no answers its a cheshbon from shomayim, and it is worse to use it to attack and besmirch the yeshivos and charedim. The circumstances here dont call for any of this second guessing. In the hesped for Aaron Z'L the Rosh yeshiva Rav Tzvi Kaplan spoke how the Bochur went like a yeshiva man with his hat and jacket. Its a shame when a tragedy is used to further an agenda of hate to the Torah world masked behind saftey.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Photos-Thousands attend Levaya for Ha'B'achur Aaron Sofer Z"L, Family asks men and women take on something Erev shabbos

Reb Moshe Tzvi Sofer at the Lavaya of his son Aaron Z'L
Thousands attended the levaya and gave kavod acharon to HaBachur Aaron Sofer Z"L from Lakewood, who was niftar tragically in yerushalayim after dehydrating in Yaar  yerushalyim. His Rosh yeshiva Rav Tzvi Kaplan was maspid as was his father Reb Moshe Sofer, Rav Tuvia Weiss Gaavad Eidah hacharedis of Yerushalyim and other family members. The maspidim spoke about his hasmadah in learning, his chashivus to the sidrei hayeshiva, his dikduk hamitzvos, kibbud av V'em and his being a true ben Torah. His Rosh Yeshiva said that Aaron was chosen to be the meyased of the yeshiva in Olam Ha'emes. The R'Y said  over from his father in law Rav Michel Feinstein z'tl that in the next world there wont be just one big yeshiva but many yeshivos. After founding his yeshiva 17 years ago he thought he would be the first one to establish it in olam haba, but Aaron was chosen first. He will be coming to olam haba with 20 full years of Torah. Even on his last trip of which he did not return, he took along a sefer to learn from and went like a true yeshiva man with his hat and jacket. The Rosh Yeshiva also referenced to Aaron not having a cell phone. Kevurah took place in Beit Shemesh near his grandfathers kever.
Hamodia article has more on the hespedim.

MOOD - the response to the scare tactics and dire statistics about the shidduch crisis

There are dire statistics when it comes to the shidduch crisis- recently there was an article claiming that 85% of girls over age of 25 will not get married. Other stats saying 10% of girls will never marry. They paint a very bleak picture for singles in shidduchim along with their parents who have it hard enough, these stats only make it worse.

 Enter MOOD, Mothers Of Older Daughters not a solution to the shidduch crisis but a movement to be constructive and positive while waiting for a shidduch. One can lose hope reading all the articles every week about the shidduch crisis, its very depressing and causes panic and fear. Its counter productive since it makes girls even more desperate. Every mother has to believe that her daughter will i'yh get married. It can be depressing to be in the MOOD why not break the MOOD and do constructive things

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Boruch dayan Ha'emes- Body of Aaron Sofer Z''L found in Jerusalem forest near Ein kerem, cause- dehydration, not terror related.

Area were body was found
After searching for almost a week -The body of American yeshiva Bochur from Lakewood  Aaron Sofer was found in the Forest near Ein Kerem in yerushalayim. Members of ichud hatzalah who participated in the search came across some personal belongings, among them a hat and jacket that belonged to Aaron Sofer. His body was found nearby. There were no signs of any physical harm which leads investigators to believe he lost his way, and died of dehydration or might have fallen off a cliff. At this point it does not seem to be terror related. Aaron, who turned 23 this week, was learning by  Rav Tzvi Kaplan’s Yeshiva  in Yerushalayim.
 יהי זכרו ברוך‬‎ may the family be comforted and hear no more tzaar.

Atzeres tefilla in Lakewood draw a few thousands who davened for missing bochur Aaron Sofer Z''L - Rav Sorotzkin spoke about fate of second bochur

The Ateres Reva hall in Lakewood was packed and traffic was tied up as thousands made their way to the atzeres tefilla. The atzeres was called for by Lakewood Roshei yeshiva and Agudas yisrael, to daven to hashem for a safe return of Aaron Sofer an American yeshiva Bachur from Lakewood who went missing in Erez Yisrael. Rav Yitzchock Sorotzkin shlita Rosh Yeshiva Telz and Lakewood Mesivta delivered divrei chizuk and hisoirerus. The Rosh yeshiva said stressed that the olam have in mind other bachur who was also on the hike.  We should also Daven for Akiva ben Rochel Rikkel, who was hiking with Aron Sofer, and being heavily interrogated by Israeli police. He was the last person to see Aaron sofer. The fact the a bachur from Lakewood is missing as in a tzara in Eretz yisrael means hashem is sending us a message. He wants us to come closer to him to said Rav Sorotzkin. hashem wants to take us out of golus and the only way is for us to realize that he is the only power in the world. Not the politicians and generals but ein od milvado. We must come to that realization. we should each take upon ourselves to come to this realization hu eloykaynu ein od, and that should be for a zechus  and bring the geula shleima.