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Motzei Shabbos session recap at Agudah convention 2012

  Following an uplifting shabbos the  Motzei Shabbos session was a melava malka setting the theme-Agudath Israel Centennial Banquet, which reflected on 100 years since the founding of Agudah in katowice, Poland.
The Evening Chairman was Mr. bentzion Fishoff a long time Agudah veteran activist.

Rav Avrohom Chaim Levin Rosh Yeshiva Telshe Chicago spoke about the many unknown acts of Kiddush shem shomayim and chesed, the dedication of previous gedolim and leaders of Agudath Yisrael. Who remembers? asked the RY all the achrayus of Mike tress or Moshe sherer, or Rav Itche Mier Levin. Who remembers the dedication of Rav Chaskel Besser  the thousands of details that Rav Boruch Borchadt put together, is it forgotten? NO! the Ribono Shel Olam knows, its recorded in his sefer it is inscribed in that great Sefer Zikaron. He concluded by saying that as Agudah turns 100 years old since the founding in Katowitc, youth doesn't appreciate old age, we need hischadshus and dedication we need young blood to get involved in Agudas israel of America.Let us be mechazek and devote ourselves to join the Agudah..ויעשו כולם אגודה אחת

 Chacahm Yosef Harari raful RY Ateret Torah, Brooklyn mentioned how the Agudah in Eretz Yisrael fought with the Govt to save Torah Values in EY. The struggle today is different than back than and we must listen and follow the gedolim. The recent  Internet Asifa at Citifield gave a Hisoirerus of which we can get Siyata Dishmaya, so too the Siyum hashas which through Agudah brought 90,000 Yidden together and the Shiurei Torah that they spread brings Siyata Dishmaya ashrei Chelkam.
 Noted Singer MBD was on hand to provide Zemiros for the Melava Malka.
 Rav Doniel Alter from yerushalayim a son of the Pnei Menachem the previous Gerer Rebbe spoke in Yiddish. He elaborated on the fact That Agudah is here to be Mamlich Kvod shomayim. By Bringing all stripes of klal Yisrael together as the gemara says נהרא נהרא ופשטיה.

A audio visual presentation was shown titled the heritage of katowice opening With rabbi chaim Dovid Zweibel standing at the line of scrimmage in an empty Metlife stadium stressing the importance of Agudah from its founding to today how it is as relevant today as it was than it went through the history of Agudah how it spread from Poland throughout Europe than to NY and now throughout the US in 26 states. It concluded with rabbi Zwiebel (walking toward the end zone ) proclaiming we must rise up and meet the challenge.
Harav Malkiel Kotler rosh Yeshiva of Bais Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, Delivered his remarks in English, he  referred to his Grandfather Rav Aaron Kotler who when he came to America he made sure there was Torah learned and Talmidei Chachomim who would have a hashkafa al pi torah. We entrust the gedolim who lead us no matter if we understand or not. We are one heart even though we are many faces.

Noted Attorney Nat Lewin or Nosson Levine  whose grandfather was the Reischer rav, Rav Aharon Levine, who was instrumental at the founding of agudah and spoke at the early Knessiah gedolah. Mr. Lewin captivated the audience by opening his remarks in Yiddish as he is not speaking at the supreme court, saying he usually only gets 30 minutes to argue a case in the supreme court when a red warning light goes off although he was only allotted 20 minutes he joked about no red lights here. He mentioned how he was a law clerk to Justice John Marshal Harlan II on the supreme court who he called a Mentch. When he told the judge that he was an orthodox Jew who observes shabbos, the judge was receptive and said its no problem at all, his co clerk can take over on shabbos. Interestingly Mr. lewin said back then each judge had 2 law Clerks and yet the supreme court decided 150 cases. Today each justice has 4 law clerks and the court only decides 75 cases. He elaborated on a case he argued regarding a chaplain who was.not allowed to wear a yarmulka in the air force. His litigation eventually bore fruits as congress passed a law allowing one to wear a yarmulka. A special camouflage yarmulka was manufactured at the time, in a humorous twist of events judge Brennen on the supreme court wore a yarmulka for a day which Mr. Lewin  jokingly remarked "the first supreme court judge to wear a yarmulka is a roman catholic. As expected he mentioned the Rubashkin case and he said we must not forget about Rav sholom Mordechai. שמור וזכור is Roshei teivos שלום מרדכי רובשקין.

Dayan, Rav Aaron Dovid Dunner from London, the last speaker of the evening joked about the late hour  saying he didn't intend to say bedtime stories and unlike the others he plans to keep his speach short. he noted they are closer to Shachris of sunday than the inspiration mentiond of chazak chazak by shachris on shabbos. Looking  at the 100 years we must know that true askanus requires Emes. Rav yaakov Roesnheim was emes. The word Politika said Rav Dunner is not a word you will find in Lashon hakodesh there is no Emes there. If we show the world and we don't bend our words we keep to toras emes  people wont start up with the Torah knowing we are true to the torah of which we follow.

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Video Agudath Israel of America 90th convention Thursday Session

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Thursday night session recap at Agudah convention 2012 in East Brunswick, NJ.

For Motzei Shabbos session recap click HERE
Video here

The national Agudah convention got underway. The theme for the  Thursday Night session at the 2012- 90th Agudath Israel covention was about, our responsabilities to one another in times of Challenge. Opening remarks were delivered by the covention Chairman Menachem Lubinsky and Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel. Following was the Novominsker Rebbe Rosh Agudas Yisroel who spoke about the importance of not just being frum but to act and Live in a Yiddisher way. We must live in a Yidddishe House the way we act, the way we learn that will help us being better in helping others and our children. We suffer from Blogges said the rebbe he mentioned the NYC govt's intrusion on Metzitza b'peh. We are living in Challenging times there is no way out but for us to rise to the challenge.
Harav Uren Reich Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva gedolah Woodlake Village in Lakewood reflected on the events of the  past year, The loss of Gedolim, The Matzav in Israel and most recently Hurricane Sandy. we are Hear to seak guidance and realize that hashem is talking to us said the Rosh yeshiva. We must make a Cheshbon Hanefesh and realize that hashem is talking to us as the posuk says Kol hashem Shover Arazim he is sending a message by nature, and we ask and reflect Ma zos? just as the Shevatim second guessed themselves by making a Cheshbon Hanefesh. We know hashem is talking to us and we must pick that up. Hurricane Sandy is a message that hashem is talking to us not through a person but vayeshaber hashem es arzai halevanon.
 The RY mentioned that while we live in a medinah shel chesed with freedom of religion who would believe that in NYC the Government would try and intrude on the Mitzva of Metzitza B'peh. This would have been unthinkable 20 years ago that in this free country they would  intrude on our religion. Now we see its a Milchama in the Mitzva of Milah. How is it possible that in this country it can happen? What have we done that Hashem would let a Gov"t encroach on the Mitzvah of Milah- Ma Zos??
In NYC there are those who engage in activities that are a danger to health but the Government will not get involved, Why ? because they have tremendous support and they are passionate about it. Lets make a Cheshbon Hanefesh on Kedushas Habris as the posuk says Ki Ailecha horagnu kol hayom. lets take this oppurtunity to be mechazek- Labris habet veal Tefen layeitzer.

Horav Yaakov Bender Rosh Yeshiva of yeshiva Darchei Torah in far Rockaway spoke about the devastation Huricane Sandy has brought on to the communities of the 5 towns, Sea-gate, Long Beach etc.. and How Agudath Yisrael Jumped in and took action. Its the Address we turn to. People hit on the Agudah its yeshivish, said the RY they are here for us they answer the call we have to jump in and do. When it comes to doing chesed we must jump in and not wait or make cheshbonos. That is what Agudah is all about Ahava and Achva. He mentioned even when you celebrate dont forget vegen yenem. We did alot in response to Hurricane Sandy-a tremendous amount buit did we do enough?? Just a few miles away from Seagate in Brooklyn were 300 Mishpachos lost their homes life goes on  with sushi parlors and other extravagants  we cant forget the pain of others and there is more we can do. Rav Bender spoke briefly about a topic close to his heart regarding Education that no Child should be refused and not accepted into a yeshiva by no fault of his own.
Harav Yitzchock Scheiner Rosh Yeshiva of Kamenitz in yerushalayim concluded the session with warm words and memories of his Rebbe Rav Shraga Feivel mendlowitz. We must safeguard our homes with Kedusha and varmkeit to ensure that our children wont leave their homes. Mdoos and Yiras shomayim cant be taught they must be caught. If we live in a way that infuses kedusha it will be infectious to our children.

Following the session there were late night sessions on Shiduchim and Technology attended by Rabbonim and panelists.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Listen Live To Phone Hookup Of Aguda Convention 2012

To listen live, call hookup number 212-444-1323 -#9
program will begin Motzei Shabbos at 8:30 pm

There will be a live stream video broadcast of the Agudah convention in several out of town cities such as Cleveland at the Hebrew academy.

the  agudah APP here

Speakers, Schedule for 90th Agudath Israel convention

The 90th national Agudah convention will take place December 27-30, 2012 Hilton East Brunswick NJ
                               "our responsibilities to one another in times of challenge"
Convention Chairman: Rabbi Menachem Lubinsky
                      Thursday Evening session  7:30 PM
Speakers- Rabbi Yaakov Perlow- Novominsker Rebbe and Rosh Agudas yisroel
                 Rabbi Yaakov Bender- Rosh Yeshiva yeshiva Darchei Torah
                 Rabbi Yitzchok Scheiner- Roshy Hayeshiva Kamenitz, Yerushalayim
                 Rabbi Uren Reich- Rosh Hayeshiva yeshiva of Woodlake , Lakewood, NJ

                  MOTZEI SHABBOS  program begins 8:30 PM
                                      Agudath Israel Centennial Banquet
Speakers- Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Levin- Rosh Yeshiva,Telshe yeshiva, chicago
                 Rabbi Yosef Harari Raful- Rosh hayeshiva, yeshiva Ateret Torah
                 Rabbi Doniel Alter- Rosh Kollel Ari Shebachabura, yerushalayim
                 Rabbi Aron Dovid Dunner- Dayan, Hisachdus hakehilos, London
                 Nathan Lewin, Esq-( Nosson Levine) Lewin & Lewin, LLP

Premiere presentation: AGUDAH 100: The heritage of Katowice

For Reservations and registration Email:

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You enjoyed the Siyum Hashas- now come to the Agudah Convention

Agudah Convention  2012 Registration form HERE for Convention program and Schedule click HERE

Directions to Agudah convention  Hilton East Brunswick Click HERE  address for GPS  3 Tower Center Boulevard , East Brunswick, NJ, 08816,

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Agudah convention 2012 program- discussing topics of communal and individual concern

The 90th  Agudah convention taking place next week Dec 27-30, 2012 at the Hilton in East Brunswick NJ. The program will feature many Roshei yeshiva Rabbonim and communal leaders who will address the pressing issues of the day. Among the topics discussed will be, Bris Milah under attack, Shidduchim- new strategies in the Shiduch realm, Internet assault on our minds and souls-representatives from TAG will be on hand, Ethical and halachic challenges at the work place, the Siyum hashas as a catalyst for further torah study, Embracing Emunah in a Madhouse of Kfirah (Bloggers).

 The Motzei Shabbos program will be different than usual as it will be a Banquet celebrating 100 years of Agudath Yisroel. $180 per couple included in convention fee. The public is invited to all sessions.
Click HERE for Convention updates.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Price of Kosher Chicken soars

"Its cheaper to eat meat these days" is what I heard from a chicken supplier. The Price of Kosher chicken in the east coast has been soaring recently and there is no end in sight for the prices to stabilize. Gone are the days where you pay $1.49 a pound. It has doubled and the average price of chicken per pound is close to $3. There are a few factors as to why the high costs as reported earlier, there was a shortage in production to to the closing of the Mehadrin Poultry plant which included Vineland chickens.

There is also a Kashrus issue with צומת הגידים inflammation of the tendon joint which has affected many chickens on the east cost. Many plants had to stop production for a few days since they couldn't get chickens without the צומת הגידים problem.

Meat prices are expected to go up as well due to high cost of animal feed. The pinch will be felt closer to pesach as the supply of  frozen meet prior to the high feed prices will run out. Its always expensive when making yom tov but one retailer said prices are going to soar.
The price increase will be felt across the US.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yom tefillah On Zos Chanukah for Metzitza B'peh

abbonim called a Yom Tefillah today due to the pending court case in New York City  this Tuesday December 18 2012 on Metzitza Bpeh. All are asked to say Tehillim Kapital 90-101.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yom tefillah for 5th day of Chanukah on ban of Metzitza b'peh

There will be a yom tefilah today the Fifth night of Chanukah erev Rosh chodesh, in many
Botei medrashim and Yeshivos in the tri state area and beyond due to the pending court ruling in New York regarding Metzitza B'peh. For now, the city law is on hold until a lower court judge can hear arguments about it next week.All are asked to say tehilim kapital 90-101.

 As was then during the Misyavnim where they made Gezeiros on Bris Milah we are facing these gezeiros again from the misyavnim of today. The fifth day of Chanukah will never fall out on shabbos which is why some have a minhag to give chanukah gelt on the 5th night. Additionaly since it does not fall out on shabbos it is considered according to seforim it is not as light as the other days of chanukah. therefore we have to be mashlim it with tefillah and beseech Hashem to help Klal Yisrael בימים ההם בזמן הזה.

There will be an additional Yom Tefilah on Sunday Zos Chanukah called by many Rabbanim.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sufganiyot, Chanuka Doughnunt's not what they used to be

Growing up, around the Chanuka menorah and the dreidel playing were those delicious Doughnuts or latkes frying in the kitchen waiting to be served hot to all those gathered around the table. The Doughnuts were fried and rich with oil as was the costume to eat oily foods on Chanuka. Recently this most important staple of the Chanuka festival   has been commercialized. The bakeries cant give them the oily taste that mom would put into it. Some don't put any oil in it at all. Its missing the yiddisher taam of a chanuka doughnut. 
As chanuka  begins we ask that they please bring back the original oily chanuka doughnut.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

For Chanukah, President Obama wishes Chag Sameach

Menorah on Loan to white house in 2009
Photo: To everyone celebrating Hanukkah, Chag Sameach.President and Mrs. Obama wished a Chag sameach to all those celebrating chanukah around the world. On His official Facebook page it shows a Picture from the 2009 White House Chanukah event. That menorah was on loan from the Jewish museum in Prague. The 2012 Chanukah event at the white house hosted by the president, has not been announced yet.
Click HERE for video of the 2009 White house menorah lighting.

Friday, December 7, 2012

When the first night of Chanukah falls out on Motzei Shabbos

This year 5773 or 2012 has the first night of Chanukah falling out on Motzei shabbos. One is allowed to set up the Menorah before shabbos so he can light it immediately after havdala according to most customs on Motzei shabbos. There is a discussion among the poskim if one is allowed to be mavdil with the Ner chanukah, we are not noheg to do that, and most have the Minhag to make havdalah first and then light the Ner chanukah. On shabbos Erev Chanukah one should be carefull  when eating shalosh seudos to have a kazayis before shkiah in order to avoid a halachic problem of saying al hanisim by bentching.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shabbos Chanukah , for large families a Hotel is the new inn.

A chanuka gelt menorah!
 For many families shabbos Chanukah means going away and spending shabbos with family and friends, getting together at bubby and zaidy's house. Some go away for an early midwinter vacation.  

  Boruch Hashem, many mishpachos can no longer pile in to bubby's house. There is just no room even for the immediate family. What many families are doing now, is going away to a hotel. A cheap reasonably priced hotel and spending shabbos there with the relatives. The meals are not catered at all, rather each family  brings a specific food and jobs are distributed among the siblings in making sure everything is brought such as a Sefer Torah, a Minyan, crock pot's, tableware and toys for the kids. What used to be a luxury has now  become a norm but not in an extravagant way.

Another advantage is, many families whose siblings are spread out throughout the tristate area or the Midwest will pick a central or midway point where they will stay for shabbos, minimizing the shlep that everyone will make.
If you know of a Hotel for Shabbos Chanukah  in the tristate area for this year 2012 please email us here. thank  you!

Its more than Shabbos Chanukah that we have this challenge. Ka"h with many families growing by leaps and bounds as children are getting married, and many einiklach are born, the simple shabbos sheva brachos or even a bar mitzva or any simcha is forcing people to come up with new ideas and ways how to include everyone when bubby's basement just has no room.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Frum papers to print shabbos Chanukah Edition this week too

While There is only one shabbos Chanukah this year, however the frum newspapers and magazines will be printing minor Chanukah editions this shabbos parshas Vayeshev. Since shabbos chanuka this year falls out on the 7th night it makes sense to put it out this week too.
Editors were at a Dilemma as to which week to publish the chanukah editions, since on Shabbos chanukah, many families will be together. The Advertisers demanded that they print it the first week, since they have huge Chanuka sales on many different items. Some papers will have a special Shabbos chanukah supplement next week too.

Agudah Convention update

  For Convention reservation and  registration form  click HERE
Convention dates Dec 27-30, 2012 at Hilton East Brunswick

Tonight December 4th 21 Kislev ותן טל ומטר לברכה

Klal yisrael  in Chutz laaretz will begin saying V'sein Tal Umatar Livracha Tonight by Maariv. 21 Kislev December 4th 2012.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Its Dinner time!

Besides for football, Sundays in the Winter Months  host fundraising dinners for Yeshivos and Mosdos. Please come and show your support to the following Yeshivos and Mosdos.

Tonight: Sunday December 2, 2012

Telshe yeshiva Chicago Annual Dinner Installation of Rav Yisroel Zev Rechnitz guest of honor Alumni Chairman

Yeshiva Toras Moshe (yerushalayim) 30th tribute Din