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Video: More on the viral Peom by a frum teen

Video: Over 100 matzeivos Toppled at Historic Jewish Adas Jeshurun Cemetery in Philadelphia

Three years since the Siyum Hashas and start of 13th machzor of Daf Yomi at Metlife stadium.

This Shabbos, Shabbos  Nachamu, 15 Av 5775 August 1,2015 will  mark the Third year anniversary 
Rabbi Yissochor Frand at the siyum hashas
since the 12th Siyum Hashas of Daf  Hayomi at Metlife stadium.It was exactly three years ago in 2012 were many celebrated the Siyum and 3 years since many have joined the machzor for the first time. Its hard to believe that 3 years flew by, but for those learning the Daf, they are about to complete seder moed finishing masechtos Brachos, Shabbos, Eruvin, Pesachim, Shekalim, Yoma, Succah, Beitzah, Rosh Hashanah, Taanis, Megilah, Moed Katan, Chagiga, Yevamos, Kesuvos, Nedarim. The words of Rabbi Frand echo in our ears "Whats beyond your reach is within your grasp". Hopefully all those who started Brachos are still going strong. We can still join in the cycle. Here is the full video for those who want to relive the siyum experience. To see photos and video of the 2012 Siyum Hashas click HERE.

Video: Abie Rottenberg at Camp Hasc- Who am I?

Shidduchim, segulos tefilos, websites, general information, Lists of Shadchanim and places to go.

Tu B'Av 5775- In response to the so called shidduch crisis we present general shidduch information that can be helpful for both parents and singles currently in the parsha. While most of the yeshiviah world and torah community deal with the parsha the old fashion way with a shadchan and a telephone, there are resources available online that can save time and make the process easier.  Many new  indirect shidduch websites have been developed and geared especially for the yeshiva community with backing of Rabbonim.

Shidduch shadchan site
Shidduch website   
Shidduch dating website
General shidduch info
List of shidduch age boys
References for boys- rebbeim in yeshivo
List of shadchanim 
Places to go on shidduch dates

Segulos and Tefillos for Shidduchim

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Boat with frum passengers near Seagate capsizes b''h all rescued

Tehillim for 14 year old camper who was pulled from pool R"L

Parksville, NY – A fourteen-year-old camper at the Hebrew Academy for Special Children, the renowned Camp HASC, is in serious condition after being extricated from a pool at the camp on Parksville Road in Parksville, NY, following an apparent drowning.

Catskills Hatzolah responded and ordered the patient airlifted. All are asked to daven for Menachem Zev ben Raizel Shulamis, who was flown to Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY, shortly after being pulled from the water at about 3:15 p.m. today.

Gedolei Poskim in Eretz Yisrael Declare Some Tefillin Straps Pasul

BORO PARK Hamodia - A recent discovery has revealed that many retzuos — leather straps used for tefillin — currently on the market are pasul and cannot be used to fulfill the mitzvah of tefillin. The unfortunate discovery has affected sofrim and producers of tefillin throughout the world, as well as thousands of Jews who have purchased them in recent years.

“It’s a real scandal,” Rabbi Dovid Leib Greenfield, founder and director of the Boro Park-based Vaad Mishmeres Stam, told Hamodia. “Many experts in the field suspected this problem for some time, but now that it has been proven and brought out in the open, we can work on correcting it.”

According to halachah l’Moshe miSinai, laws that were told to Moshe Rabbeinu at Har Sinai, tefillin straps must be black. The accepted way of producing this result is to paint and sponge a type of dye directly onto the animal hide from which the strap is made.

Agudath Israel of America Welcomes Pollard release announcement

With much joy and gratitude to Hashem, Agudath Israel of America warmly welcomes the announcement that Jonathan Pollard will be released on parole November 21, 2015. Agudath Israel has advocated over the course of decades for Mr. Pollard’s release, both on legal and humanitarian grounds. His freedom is long overdue. We understand that Mr. Pollard wishes to move to Israel and establish residence there. We respectfully call upon President Obama to take whatever executive actions may be necessary to allow for this to happen.
May Yehonasan ben Malka’s health improve, and may he live and thrive for many productive years to come.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

City To Probe 39 Brooklyn Yeshivas

 Did they not hear the news of the Satmar guy who was bought out by Microsoft. This is not about education but an attack on yeshivos and Torah. The haters of Torah will not last.

 Jewish week- City officials have confirmed they will investigate a complaint alleging that dozens of Brooklyn yeshivas are violating state law by giving their students a sub-par education in English, math and other secular subjects.
Fifty-two yeshiva parents, graduates and former teachers signed a letter, sent on Monday to education officials, alleging that there are 39 yeshivas where boys over the age of 13 get no secular education at all. Boys aged 7 through 13 get an average of only 90 minutes of English and math instruction per day, and none at all on Fridays. Other secular subjects, such as science and history are not taught, the letter says.

Chassidus inspires Brooklyn Girl's Viral ‘Worst Day Ever’ Poem

 A Brooklyn girl’s poem is taking over the Internet. cbsny
Chanie Gorkin, a 17-year-old about to enter the 12th grade at the Lubavitch high school Beth Rivkah, originally wrote the poem entitled “Worst Day Ever?” for an assignment at school.
“I don’t think there is such a thing as the worst day ever,” Gorkin told 1010 WINS in an exclusive interview Monday. “I wanted to show how your day is really based on how you look at things.”

Monday, July 27, 2015

MK Litzman: Medical marijuana to be distributed at Israeli pharmacies

Medical marijuana to be distributed at Israeli pharmacies
Deputy health minister announces changes to medical cannabis industry that will allow more doctors to prescribe marijuana as medicine.

Israel took a major leap on Monday when Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman announced that more doctors will be able to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients, and that it will be made available at pharmacies, pending a Supreme Court decision on the issue.

Camp Aguda Midwest spray painted with hate graffiti

The following is a letter sent from the camp to the parents of the campers:

Dear Parents,
This morning in Camp Agudah Midwest, it was discovered that swastikas were painted on exterior areas of camp last night. The safety of our campers is our number one priority, and we want to let you know that your children are B”H safe.

Upon discovering the graffiti, camp management was immediately in touch with the police. Officers were dispatched to camp to investigate and met with our camp leadership. The graffiti was cleaned and there are currently no markings in camp.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Tisha B'Av Torah connection Live program

Video: preview of Tisha B'av 5775 Chofetz Chaim Heritage event

US to Release Jonathan Pollard

ציון הלא תשאלי לשלום אסיריך

WSJ The Obama administration is preparing to release convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, according to U.S. officials, some of whom hope the move will smooth relations with Israel in the wake of the Iran nuclear deal.
Such a move would end a decades long fight over Mr. Pollard, who was arrested on charges of spying for Israel in 1985 and later sentenced to life in prison. The case has long been a source of tension between the U.S. and Israel, which has argued that a life sentence for spying on behalf of a close U.S. partner is too harsh. For decades, Israel has sought Mr. Pollard’s early release only to be rejected by the U.S.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Do these ads help solve the shidduch crisis?

Video: NJ Governor & Presidential Candidate Chris Christie at Kotler Shivah in Lakewood

Sign at Ikea Israel

Well meaning, but they dont know the halachos of Tisha B'av that falls on shabbos.

Halachos of Tisha B'av 5775 on Shabbos and Erev Shabbos Chazon, Motzei Tisha Ba'v Havdalah.


This year 5775 Tisha Bav is a Nidcha since it falls out on Shabbos. The fast will be on Sunday.

 Erev Shabbos Chazon one may Cut their Nails for Shabbos since it is not shavua shechal bo.

One may polish their shoes only with liquid polish.

Showering is a machlokes if you are allowed kol gufo the minhag is to be meikel but to use warm water.

Children may eat meat before Shabbos up to 2 hours before the zman according to Igros Moshe, others hold they may start even from Chatzos.

If one makes an early Shabbos on Erev Shabbos Chazon he may eat Meat after the Plag.

  Laws of  Tisha B'av that falls on Shabbos 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Photo: New Jersey Gov. Christie being Menachem Avel the Kotler Family in Lakewood

Shame on YW for posting more LH

 No need to read Failed Mashiach YW will give u the news. Once again a news report of wrong doing by a frum person, well this time its a Prominent  Rosh Yeshiva from Moddin illit so all the more exciting. Since this news is about the yeshiva world its sure deserves to be posted along with the comments on YWN. No need to go to the hateful charedi bashing sites anymore if its frum and charedi we report it.

Askanim: No Davening at Ramapo Rest Stop

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 | ה' אב תשע"ה
RAMAPO (Hamodia Staff) - Askanim have requested that the public refrain from forming minyanim in the Ramapo Service Area on the way back from the Catskill region Sunday evenings.
“The area is between car and truck lanes and it is very dangerous,” said Rabbi Berish Freilich, a liaison to the police department. “The area is private property, we have no permission to use it and it causes a chillul Hashem. Please either daven before you leave the country or in Monsey which is only a few miles after the rest area.”

The issue was brought to Rabbi Freilich’s attention by the highway authorities who have requested strongly that community askanim do their utmost to let the public know not to daven in the area.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Yeshivas Luzern in Switzerland to close its doors

Update: Elul 5775 The Yeshiva has reopened with a small group of 16 Bochurim.
Reports in Israeli media- Sad news in the Yeshiva world after 60 years the Famous Luzern yeshiva one of the most respected yeshivos in Western Europe will be closing up after falling hard financially and accumulating large debt over one million swiss francs. The Yeshiva bais Yitzchock of Lucern was founded by Rav Moshe  Soleveichick zt'l and than taken over in 1964 by Rav Koppelman zt'l.  The Yeshiva blossomed under Rav Koepelman for 50 years. Since His petirah 4 years ago the yeshiva struggled financially and dsepite a few attempts to keep it going they had no choice now. The mashgiach called a meeting of the bochurim and informed them of the sad news. Ironicaly the Mir yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael began construction yesterday to widen its main entrance. Torah continues on.

Shiva at Mishpachas Kotler for Rebbetzin Rishel Kotler z"l

 From Misaskim 

Mir Yeshiva in Yerushalayim widening the famous main entrance.

 Expanding the front door and main entrance at the Mir yeshiva in yerushalayim. The yeshiva was always known for its open door policy 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Media abuzz about Microsoft purchase of startup owned by Satmar Chosid

The media is abuzz with the acquisition of a startup company by Microsoft. The company is owned by a Satmar Chosid  who sold it to MIcrosoft for $39 million. Why is this news? Is a Satmar Chosid not allowed to have a startup company. Are we expecting less from a Satmar Chosid? Is his mazel different because hes Satmar? or perhaps its all about the $$$$$.
You know how when you need a cable technician, they tell you he’ll be there between 9-12? What if they could tell you he’ll be there between 9 and 9:30? Wouldn’t that make you happier?

Gedolim poll

For the first time ever, supposedly, a survey was conducted to determine the most popular leaders in the Haredi community. According to Israeli website Bechadrei, the survey checked who is the Haredi leader that most people in the Haredi community follow his rulings. Not surprisingly, Rav Shteinman came out on top pulling in 33% support and adherence. Second place was taken by an additional 33%  saying their "admor", so the hassidic rebbes all together would take second place. Third place was taken by Rav Shalom Cohen with 7.6%. The remainder was split among Rav Shmuel Auerbach, Rav Weiss of the Eida, Rav Mazuz, and "other" taking the bulk of the remainder. I am surprised that Rav Cohen only pulled in 7.6%. Considering that he is the maran of Shas and its followers, that seems like an awfully low number.  What bothered me about this survey is its existence. While interesting, it makes it seem like the rav you follow is part of a popularity contest.  And like all surveys, the results are likely skewed to the tune of whomever it was that commissioned it for whatever purpose he had in mind...

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rebbetzin Rischel Kotler a''h

Hamodia By Mordechai Wincorn

Sunday, July 19, 2015 | ג' אב תשע"ה
 into mourning by news of the petirah of Rebbetzin Rischel Kotler, a”h, widow of Harav Shneur Kotler, zt”l, who passed away Friday night in her home at age 92. For more than half a century, Rebbetzin Rischel,
מסע הלוויה בהיכל הישיבה.
as she was known, occupied her unique role as the matriarch of what would become the nation’s largest mekom Torah. From her humble but regal home on Fifth Street, she not only raised a legendary family of marbitzei Torah, but was a Rebbetzin to the entire community of bnei Torah and was regarded by many as “the mother of the yeshivah.”

“She was the mother of our family and all the families of the bnei hayeshivah; she was the heart of those families,” said Hagaon Harav Aryeh Malkiel Kotler, shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Beth Medrash Govoha and son of the nifteres, in his hesped. “Through all of her journeys and exiles she remained unchanged, holding on to her emunah peshutah and to her mesorah.”

Man with knife removed from Monsey bus on way to Brooklyn

 A man who had taken out a knife on a bus travelling south on the Garden State Parkway was taken into custody by State Police Friday afternoon, according to authorities.

The man was taken off the bus, which was parked on a shoulder in Saddle Brook, at about 4:10 p.m., State Trooper Alina Spies said. She said she had no further information about the incident. Police did not identify the man or say whether he had been charged with any criminal offense.

The bus is owned by Monsey Tours in Rockland County, N.Y. and was on its way to Brooklyn as part of a regularly scheduled service, said Israel Lunger, whose family owns the bus company. He said the driver called him to say a man had a knife and that he told the driver to pull over and call authorities.

Levaya of Rebbetzin Kotler A'H today live phone hook up

 Levaya will take place at the Lakewood yeshiva from 9:45 am -12:45 pm
To listen to the levayah online click HERE ,via teleconference, call 712.432.4200. Those calling from Eretz Yisroel should dial 054.847.7683.  In Lakewood, NJ, the levaya will be broadcast live on 107.9 FM radio.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Upon consultation with its rabbinic leadership, Agudath Israel of America issued the following statement regarding the agreement announced on July 14 concerning Iran’s nuclear program, and calling for both political and spiritual advocacy:

Deep concerns have been expressed by many knowledgeable groups and individuals regarding the agreement announced on July 14 concerning Iran’s nuclear program.  These concerns raise serious questions whether the agreement is in the best interests of the United States and its allies.

The nation that has the greatest stake in this matter is Israel, which is the declared target of Iranian genocidal ambitions.  It is noteworthy, therefore, that not only the prime minister of Israel and its ruling coalition, but the entire spectrum of political ideologies in Israel, have spoken out about the mortal danger they believe the agreement poses to Israel, and are urging its rejection by the United States Congress.

BD"H Petira of Rebetzin Rishel Kotler A"H

BJL It is with great sadness that we report that passing of Rebbetzin Rishel Kotler, a”h. Rebbetzin Kotler passed away Friday night at her home on Fifth Street in Lakewood, NJ. She was in her low nineties. The Rebbetzin was the wife of Rav Shneur Kotler zt”l, rosh yeshiva of Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ.  She was a daughter of Rav Aryeh Malkiel Friedman zt”l. In 1940, the Rebbetzin became engaged to Rav Shneur, and the two were able to escape Europe and get to Eretz Yisroel that same year. Her father-in-law, Rav Aharon Kotler, escaped to Japan and from there to America in 1941.  Throughout the war years, the Rebbetzin and Rav Shneur lived in Eretz Yisroel, where Rav Shneur studied at Yeshiva Eitz Chaim led by his grandfather, Rav Isser Zalman Meltzer.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Orthodox Jews are only the first to mobilize against the awful Iran deal

From the Washingtonpost
The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (the largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella group) and the Rabbinical Council of America (the largest national rabbinic membership group) put out a statement today telling their memberships that they are “gravely concerned about the deal announced yesterday between the U.S. and its five negotiating partners and the Iranian regime.” The statement continues:

Report: Jonathan Pollard to be released on Parole after 30 years

Jonathan Pollard
Rumors swirling that Jonathan Pollard may be released this year.
Read Algemeiner report here 
 TLS reported (webcache page) Jonathan Pollard , alleged Israeli spy will be released on parole from a US prison after serving a 30 year sentence.  Source in the US senate according to the report claim he will be released this November. One wonders if this has anything to do with the Iran deal to sweeten it for Israel and quiet the opposition.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Halachos for erev Shabbos in the nine days

 Erev Shabbos in the NIne days (or Chazon) one may cut their Nails for Shabbos since it is not shavua shechal bo.
One may polish their shoes only with liquid polish according to most poskim.
One may brush a hat on erev shabbos since it is not considered washing clothes.
Showering is a machlokes if you are allowed kol gufo, the minhag is to be meikel but to use warm water.
Tasting food that is fleishigs, some poskim- Mekor Chayim 551:9  writes "A woman who needs to taste the Shabbos foods while cooking may do so on Friday afternoon after midday" others hold you can taste but not swallow and must spit it out. (Shmiras Shabbos Khilchasa 42:61 on Erev Shabbos during the Nine Days, you may also taste the food. However, one should try not to swallow food containing meat ingredients)
Children may eat meat before Shabbos up to 2 hours before the zman according to Rav Moshe Feinstein in Igros Moshe, others (Eliyahu Rabba) hold they may start even from Chatzos.
Chatzos, Midday  this year is 1:02 pm on August 1, 2014

If one makes an early Shabbos on Erev Shabbos  he may eat Meat after the Plag this year at 6:51pm.

Video: Torah and Tefillah at the Woodbourne shul

Baltimore Community Atzeres Tefilla due to dangers posed by the agreement with Iran

Baltimore Community Atzeres Tefilla v'Hissorrerus - A Call For Prayer and Action - Declared for This Sunday By Vaad HaRabbanim A message from the Vaad Harabbanim of Baltimore:

Baltimore, MD - July 15, 2015 - To Our Fellow  Members of the Baltimore  Jewish Community

Due to the dangers posed by the agreement with Iran regarding  their Nuclear Program

The Vaad Harabbanim of Baltimore  has unanimously decided to  convene an

עצרת תפלה והתעורררות

A Call For Prayer and Action  THIS SUNDAY, July 19 at 10:30 AM at

Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion Congregation

Let us come together to raise our voices in prayer and to take action .

Rabbi Yaakov Hopfer, President, on behalf of the Vaad Harabbanim of Baltimore

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Will Aguda issue statement on Iran deal


It will be up to the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah to decide on weather to issue a statement on the Iran deal. The OU and RCA both issued a statement and plan on mobilizing shuls across America to lobby congress and ask for a better deal. Its always a tough question when you have a sitting president do you undermine his agenda? what about the potential dangers to the Jews in Eretz Yisrael? for this we have gedolim who we rely on they guide us and and direct us.

AIPAC Statement on Proposed Iran Nuclear Agreement

Image result for aipac logoAIPAC has consistently supported diplomatic efforts to end Iran’s nuclear weapons program, and we appreciate the commitment and dedication of President Obama and his administration throughout these negotiations. Unfortunately, this proposed agreement fails to halt Iran’s nuclear quest. Instead, it would facilitate rather than prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and would further entrench and empower the leading state sponsor of terror.

Statement by OU and RCA on Iran deal

In the wake of announcements by the government of the United States, its five negotiating partners and the Iranian regime of a deal with regard to Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the following statement was issued jointly by the leaderships of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America and the Rabbinical Council of America (respectively, the largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization and the largest national rabbinic membership organization nationwide):

The leaders of the Orthodox Union and Rabbinical Council of America are gravely concerned about the deal announced yesterday between the U.S. and its five negotiating partners and the Iranian regime.

A Message to the OU Community about the Iran Nuclear Deal

OU AdvocacyThe leadership of the Orthodox Union is gravely concerned about the nuclear deal with Iran announced today, which concludes years of negotiations between the United States and its Western allies and Iran. The OU worked closely with our allies in Congress and the mainstream pro-Israel community to identify five requirements that a good deal with Iran must include. Based on initial reports, the deal outlined today appears to skirt these necessary elements and is wholly insufficient.

The OU is formulating its detailed response to the deal and we will issue a statement shortly. In the coming weeks, as Congress reviews the deal, you will receive a series of communications from us—including actions you can take—to respond to this deal.

3rd Yartzheit of Rav Elyashiv ztl marked, Rav Chaim kanievsky visits Chevron for first time

Today is the yartzheit of Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv ZT"L. His son in law Rav Chaim kanievsky came to Yerushalayim to daven at his kever inhar hamenuchos. Following the saying of keil molei Rav Chaim went to the old city to the roof of yeshiva Aish haTorah over looking the kosel and makom hamikdosh where he tore Kriah. After a brief stop in Kever Rachel, Rav Chaim asked to go to chevron and daven at the Meoras hamachpeila for the first time in his life.
Rav Chaim Kanievsky at the Meoras hamachpeila

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Video: Raise a red Heifer in Israel

Update on frum couple injured in accident on Rt 17

Misha and Esther Rapaport, the mother and father of 4, who were seriously injured when they were struck by a car on Route 17M shortly before midnight Sunday.
Misha’s brother, Max Rapaport, reported on Facebook that both his brother and sister-in-law are now in stable condition, though they have several broken bones.
 “As far as they can tell now, there isn’t internal bleeding, or trauma to the brain. They are both sedated now awaiting surgery on their legs,” he added. The 4 children that were in the car were also injured but they are in stable condition.
Please daven for Moshe ben Miriam Rus and
Esther Mindel bas Gittel

The "EiruvRav" Celebrating the Internal Jewish Fifth Column
Not the cleanest choice of words but the point is understood.
Using the traditional Jewish term for internal backstabbers, we celebrate Jewish traitors that bring the innate deficiencies of Jewish identity to the forefront; the more vociferous and vicious the better. All true Jew-watchers should join in celebration of these heroes of bigotry.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Frum family injured in serious accident on Rt 17

Uodate: HERE
CATSKILLS: A Serious accident took place last night on RT 17 exit 124, as travelers made their way back from the Catskills. It involved an ambulance and a minivan with 2 parents and 4 children. First responders requested 3 choppers to transport the severely injured patients. Please be mispalel and  daven for Ester Mindel Bas Gitel Miriam and for Moshe Ben Miriam Rus both in serious condition for a refuah shleima.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Agudath Israel Commends Governor’s Veto of Anti-Annexation Bills Targeting Kiryas Joel

Agudath Israel of America applauded the news of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s veto of two legislative bills designed to prevent the Village of Kiryas Joel from annexing certain land of the Town of Monroe.

Existing New York State law provides a detailed mechanism through which land may be annexed by a neighboring jurisdiction. Upon the petition of landowners in the Town of Monroe who seek to have their land annexed by the neighboring Village of Kiryas Joel, that mechanism has been activated, and the relevant parties have followed the statutory process for considering the petition.

However, in a transparent effort to block the Kiryas Joel annexation effort, the state legislature passed two separate laws in June that would have added layers of additional hurdles to the annexation process and would have made it all-but-impossible for the Kiryas Joel annexation to succeed. While the bills were neutral on their faces, not mentioning Kiryas Joel by name, it was clear to all that their sole purpose was to block the growth of the Chasidic community of Kiryas Joel.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Structure fire destroys bunkhouse at camp Silverlake no injuries reported B'H A massive blaze destroyed a bunkhouse at Camp Silver Lake on Greenfield Road in Woodridge, NY, this afternoon, shortly after the Shabbos seudah.

The fire – said to have started from an electrical box – consumed the Deluxe bunkhouse, located between the Chatkeh and the Sette buildings in the camp, which is operated by Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

The fire started at 2 p.m. and was put out thanks to the efforts of the Woodridge and Monticello fire departments. Flames returned at about 7 p.m. from the electrical box located under the structure.

At least one bochur was in the building at the time the fire erupted. No one was injured.

“24 campers who slept in that building have been displaced,” an assistant chef at the camp told

Ami magazine reports on fight for Agunos

Ami Magazine featured the fight for Agunos as its cover story. In the editorial Rabbi Frankfuter writes he did so on instruction of the Munkatch Rebbe from Boro Park. The Rebbe is known for his involvement in Pidyon shvoyim.

 While the Judge in the Rabbi Mendel Epstein case has not issued a sentence, the Rebbe felt that publicizing the fight for agunos will give a better understanding of what was going on and hopefully  have a good effect. 

Ami interviewed controversial Rabbi Jeremy Stern from the ORA organization, many on the right do not agree with its hashkafa and tactics.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Record online issues apology but YW never apoligized for Pesach op ed article

 The issued an apology regarding a published letter to the editor
Wednesday, we published on a letter to the editor titled "Hasidic community growth detrimental," which included inflammatory speech.
The letter was not fully edited when it was published; after realizing its presence on, we removed the letter.
We apologize for publishing the letter.
On Chol Hamoed Pesach of this year an Op Ed critical of frum yidden was posted.There was never an apology? Where was the outrage from all those that were so outraged by the record online article? are there two sets of rules?

The 113th yahrtzeit of Harav Yaakov Joseph, zt”l this shabbos

 The 113th yahrtzeit of Harav Yaakov Joseph, zt”l, Rav Hakollel of New York City, will be marked this Shabbos. Hundreds are expected to visit his kever at Union Field Cemetery in the Ridgewood section of Queens on Erev Shabbos and Sunday.
To have a kvitel placed click HERE  
Harav Joseph, a talmid of the Netziv, zt”l, at Yeshivas Volozhin, and of Harav Yisrael Salanter, zt”l, who had served as Dayan in Vilna, arrived in New York in 5648/1888 to become the first Chief Rabbi of New York.

Hamodia: Harav Moshe Feigelstock, zt”l, Rosh Yeshivah of Tiferes Elimelech

The olam haTorah suffered an irreparable loss Wednesday with the sudden passing of Harav Moshe Feigelstock, zt”l, Rosh Yeshivah of Boro Park’s Yeshivah Tiferes Elimelech and the man who single handedly — though behind the scenes — established the foundations of chinuch habanim on American shores. He was approximately 94.

A person of diminutive figure, with piercing blue eyes and an inscrutable face, Rabbi Feigelstock, as he was known to three generations of talmidim, was a giant in chinuch. What Harav Aharon Kotler and Harav Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz did for bachurim, Rabbi Feigelstock did as the father of the unique American chinuch method.

BDE: Mrs. Miriam Elias, AH, Wife Of Rav Joseph Elias, Zt'l, Renowned Mechaneches

BJL t is with great sadness that we report the passing of Mrs. Miriam Elias a”h. She was 88.

[She was a sister of Rabbi Moshe Eiseman of Baltimore, MD]

Mrs. Elias was the devoted wife of Rav Joseph Elias zt”l, renowned mechanech, noted author, and one of the most distinguished pioneering mechanchim on the American scene of the last century. submit a shidduch idea

Have you always had a Shidduch idea in mind, but didnt know how to Redt it? is for you. Here is how it works: You submit your Shidduch idea on the site, (anonymously if you want) and a Shadchan that you choose takes care of the rest. click HERE

Young Boro Park Father Gives Kidney to CH Mother of 5

On Tuesday, July 7th, Sharon Sabbagh, a Crown Heights mother of five who suffered from kidney failure and was close to going on dialysis, was given a second chance at life thanks to a kind stranger – a young Munkacher Chosid from Boro Park with a child of his own.

Sharon’s children all volunteered to donate a kidney for her, but none of them were deemed a proper match fit for the procedure.

The young man, Chaim Elazar, was inspired to donate a kidney after his brother did so four years ago. The kidney transfer was facilitated by Renewal, an organization that works to find organ donors for patients in need. “Chaim Elazar’s enthusiasm for this mitzvah was enviable,” Menachem Friedman of Renewal told

Wrong Turn Leads to Bar Mitzvah

A truck driver who took a different route home found a lost pair of heirloom Tefillin...and a Chabad family who gave him a grand Bar Mitzvah.
Azriela Jaffe - Mishpacha Magazine

Rabbi Sholem Fishbane, kashrus administrator for the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC), and the executive director of the Association of Kosher Organizations (AKO), travels the world as one of the busiest executives in the kosher business today.

There really is no “slow time” in his packed schedule, but two weeks before Pesach this year, when, as an administrator of the CRC, he was responsible for the kashrus of one of the biggest Pesach hotel programs in the world, KMR, he was scarcely sleeping.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

BDH Rav Moshe Feigelstock ZT"L

Click HERE for article in Hamodia
The Yeshiva world was plunged into mourning with the sudden petirah of Harav Moshe Feigelstock  Rosh Yeshiva Tiferes Elimelech of Brooklyn. The levaya will take place at the yeshiva 56th street between 16th and 17th Avenue in Borough park at 4:00 pm. Kevura at Woodbridge cemetery viener chelka. His younger brother is Rav Yitzchok Feigelstock Rosh Yeshiva of mesivta Of Long Beach. More HERE

VIDEO: A Peek inside Americas oldest Shul

The Touro Synogogue

Just in time for the inauguration of El Al's new flight route from Tel Aviv to Boston, Arutz Sheva paid a visit to nearby Newport, Rhode Island to take in the impressive structure of Touro Synagogue, which is famous for being the oldest synagogue in America.

The synagogue's rabbi, Rabbi Marc Mandel, noted that the construction on the historical building was completed way back in 1763; in 1946 the synagogue was designated a National Historic Site.

Touro Synagogue's Jewish community, which was fleeing persecution in Europe, was famously visited in 1790 by America's first president, George Washington.

Search for attackers in hate crimes against frum orthodox jews in Williamsburg

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What is Frum News

There are websites and blogs that report the news to the frum orthodox Jewish community, they call themselves frum news websites. In an attempt to get more hits and lure traffic some of these sites have added content under the banner of frum news. Sadly it aint News and it aint Frum. Its pure entertainment and some of these postings are questionable lacking tznius and dont belong on a frum website. The point of the frum sites is to filter out the shmutz of the  secular media and cover the news that pertains to the Frum Jewish community. Posting entertaining  clips of the latest viral videos has nothing to do with frum or news. Is there a heter for this content? why is TV assur but watching non stop entertaining youtube videos appropriate for the frum news websites?

Lawsuit against the minhag of kaporos

Times of Israel / Flash90
Animal rights group is suing several rabbis, synagogues and New York City to halt a Yom Kippur ritual in which chickens are slaughtered.

The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporas filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court against the kapparot ritual, which is practiced by haredi Orthodox Jews in the city, New York media reported Monday.
Kapparot involves swinging a live chicken over one’s head three times and reciting a prayer to cast sins to the bird. The chicken is then slaughtered and donated to the poor. In recent years, money has replaced the chicken in the rite for many Jewish groups.

The lawsuit calls the practice “barbaric” and accuses the police and health departments of assisting the ritual by blocking off streets and sidewalks, and not enforcing city and state laws that regulate health and animal cruelty issues, the New York Daily News reported.

“Dead chickens, half dead chickens, chicken blood, chicken feathers, chicken urine, chicken feces, other toxins and garbage…consume the public streets,” the group says in its lawsuit. “There is no oversight and no remedy for toxic contaminant-filled debris or clean up…(the rituals) constitute a substantial public health risk that could have catastrophic and epidemic consequences.”

BDE The Seret Viznitz Rebbe, Harav Eliezer Hager ZT'L

Seret Viznitz Rebbe ZT"L
The Seret Viznitz Rebbe, 91 years old, suddenly collapsed and was niftar this evening in Chaifa. The Rebbe  led his community and the Seret Viznitz Chasidus for over 50 years. He was from the older chasidic rebbes today. The Levaya will take place tomorrow since the oldest son who is to succeed his father is currently on chutz laaretz making his way back for the levaya. From Hamodia
Klal Yisrael was grieved and plunged into sudden mourning upon hearing of the petirah of the Seret-Vizhnitzer Rebbe, Harav Eliezer Hager, zy”a, on Tuesday night. He was 90 years old.

The Rebbe had a severe heart attack in the evening in his home in Ramat Vizhnitz in Haifa, and his condition rapidly deteriorated. Thousands of Chassidim were urged to daven for the Rebbe’s recovery but, unfortunately, it was not to be. Just a short time later, the news emerged that the Rebbe had returned his soul to its Maker.

The Rebbe was born on Motzoei Yom Kippur 5685/1924, in the home of his grandfather, the Ahavas Yisrael of Vizhnitz, who lived at the time in a building belonging to philanthropist Reb Herman Schwartz in Grosswardein.

The Rebbe’s father, Harav Baruch Hager, the Mekor Baruch, zy”a, served as the Rav of the village of Polyan-Riskova, in the Marmarosh region of Romania. He had come with the Rebbe’s mother, Rebbetzin Tzirel, a”h, to spend the days of Selichos with his father in Grosswardein, the capital of Transylvania.

When the grandfather saw the new baby, he turned to his daughter-in-law, the child’s mother, and said to those present:

Paintball attacks in Williamsburg viewed as hate crime

The NYPD is offering a $2,500 reward for any information that will lead to the arrest of the individual/s behind the paintball assaults.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Video Replay of Flatbush event on 17 Tamuz

Hear from Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi Gavriel Sassoon and Rabbi Noach Orlowek.

Bluzhever Rebbe Harav Tzvi yehuda Spira zt''l

Bluzhever rebbe zt'l
Hamodia- Klal Yisrael and the Boro Park community, in particular, mourn the petirah of the Bluzhever Rebbe, Harav Tzvi Yehudah Spira, zt”l.

The Rebbe walked in the footsteps of his illustrious father, Harav Yisrael Spira, zt”l, the previous Rebbe of Bluzhev, and other tzaddikim of previous generations, with his sincere ahavas Yisrael and limitless ability to sympathize with other Jews and do whatever he could to help  them. He strongly eschewed honor and conducted himself with great dedication to the middah of emes.

He was born in 1936 in Berlin. His father, Reb Yisrael Avraham Kushitzki, Hy”d, was a highly respected Radomsker Chassid, who was tragically killed in the Holocaust. Shortly after the war, young Tzvi Yehudah’s  mother, Rebbetzin Bronya, a”h, married the Bluzhever Rebbe, who raised young Tzvi Yehudah and, ybc”l, his younger brother,

Video: Interview with Reb Gavriel Sassoon

Thursday, July 2, 2015

VIDEO: Para Adumah "Red Heifer" near Lakewood becomes Pasul after giving birth to a calf

Many were hopeful the Para Aduma near Lakewood HERE would be a Kosher Para Aduma but it turns out it became pasul after giving birth to a baby calf Wednesday morning.


Yated Ne'eman finds innovative way to save money for mosdos with mazel tov ad

When a  Supporter and Tomech tzedaka of many worthy causes  makes a simcha the yeshivos and mosdos ,would put in full page or even double page mazal tov ads for the simcha in the newspapers. A nice gesture and kavod for a gvir who supports Torah and chesed. However the pressure on mosdos to put in these ads, costs money too. Recently a well know baal tzedaka of many yeshivos and tzedaka organizations made a simcha, the Yated came up with a great way to make it affordable for the organizations while at the same time giving proper kavod and honor to the supporters of Torah. There is only one ad in the centerfold were all yeshivos and mosdos put their logos or small mazel tov messages. Hopefully this will make it easier for the organizations to show their hakoras hatov without spending too much money.

Video: Message from Rav Shmuel kaminetzky for husbands thatare away during summer vacation

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Threat of Mixed Gender Busing In Lakewood Funding Standoff

In a statement that shocked Lakewood residents, state monitor, Michael Azzera announced the cessation of several district provided busing services including guaranteed separate buses for boys and girls. The move came in response to the rejection of several terms offered by the state by leaders of the town’s mosdos which they said would be detrimental to their operation.

“The district will not provide courtesy busing to either public or non-public schools,” said Azzera at a school board meeting held Tuesday night. “We must do everything in our authority to save enough money to do mandatory busing.”

Gedolim in Eretz Yisrael Issue Kol Korei Regarding Cellular and Computer Technology

Hamodia The Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of Agudas Yisrael  in Eretz Yisrael convened in Yerushalayim Tuesday evening and issued a clear list of directives regarding the protection of frum homes from modern technology. This includes cellular phones, computers and the internet, which pose a spiritual risk to those who use it.
Other issues addressed at the meeting included taking a firm stance on the preservation of Shabbos and the campaign against Shabbos desecration in Ashdod. The Gedolim reached clear, binding decisions in order to protect Klal Yisrael from these dangers. At the end of the meeting, the Moetzes published a Krias Kodesh, as well as a detailed list of rules.

Video: Interview with Bostoner Rebbe in Boston

Teleconference Summer shiurim from Agudah Torah projects

Husbands in divorce battles fight back

Sadly the divorce process in the frum communities has been tarnished by feminist rabbis and botei din that dont give a fair shot to the husband. Sometimes its the other way around were money influence and other factors play in. Recently husbands who were at the receiving end of  these unfair rulings where the case was not approached in a fair and just manner decided to take action. They confronted a rav in middle of his shiur asking tough questions on particular cases where there was no proper shmoa bein acheichem. They are asking to level the playing field and not let psak halacha be determined by feminist leaning Rabbis or other interests.