Monday, June 30, 2014

Statement from Geolei Eretz Yisrael on the murder of the 3 yeshiva boys H''yd

Rav Chaim kanievsky when told of the discovery of the 3 bodies said the 3 boys had a great zechus that thousands of Jews were mechazek and strengthened themselves with mitzvos because of them. The Tefillos that were said on behalf of the missing boys at the time did not go in vain it will be as a zechus and a merit for their Neshama.

Rav Aaron Leib Shteinman expressed grief and shock he said in yiddish A shrekliche zach he reiterated that the tefillos did not go in vain they will help for other things as well.. The rav said it was a nechama that the boys were brought to kevurah, and that klal yisral was brougt to a high level of chizuk as a result. The Rav called to be mechazek in Torah and not waste any time.

Statement from President Obama on Murder of 3 Israeli teens.

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Boys return to Hashem- Klal yisrael mourns and weeps on the murder of 3 yeshiva boys- kedoshim הי''ד

בחייהם ובמותם לא נפרדו 
The horrific tragic news coming out of Eretz Yisrael has united klal yisrael in weeping together for the terrible loss of the 3 kedoshim. The 3 yeshiva Bochurim Naftali Frenkel 16 H''yd, Gilad Shaar, 16, H''yd and Eyal Yifrach, 19, H''yd  were murdered R'L by arab terrorists y''ms. Their bodies were discovered by students from kfar Etzyon who joined the IDF in the search. The bodies were hidden in an open field near the village of Halhul north of Chevron. Yeshiva boys who were brutally murdered על קדוש השם. Police sources say they were apparently shot in the car immediately following the kidnapping when a call was made to police. All of klal yisrael davened and said tehillim for almost 3 weeks in hopes of having the boys returned home safely to their parents. We davened and cried out to hashem to bring back our boys. Hashem had other plans 'נסתרים דרכי ה . These kedoshim had the zechus to unite klal yisrael and bring yidden together with an unprecedented show of achdus. The tefillos said will not go unanswered, we must continue to daven during this עת צרה. Rav Chaim kanievsky  said the tefillos are a zechus for their neshamos. May hashem bring comfort to their families, friends and all of klal yisrael that took this tragedy so personal. Let us continue to unite and learn Mishnayos לעילוי נשמתם.  Baruch dayan haemes. Hashem yinkom damam.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Photos- Sunday in the Catskill mountains week # 1

                                     Pictures around the Catskills as summer 2014 kicks off- camp video below                                    
Bear sightings at Pardes bungalow in Monticello
Mincha at the Woodbourne shul

Friday, June 27, 2014

Parah Aduma - a red heifer born in the USA- video below

Red Heifer - parah Adumah
Next weeks ,Parsha, Chukas, discusses the laws of parah adumah, the Temple institute has announced the recent birth of a פרה אדומה somewhere in the United States. The owners of the red heifer contacted the Temple Institute to share the news and receive instructions concerning the proper halachic care of the red heifer.

Parshas chukas and the world cup

At least three sleep-deprived Chinese football fans have died after burning the midnight oil to watch World Cup matches, according to reports in the Chinese media. The 11-hour gap between China and host nation Brazil means millions of Chinese football lovers have been forced to sacrifice their beds in order to keep up with the South American goal fest. Some have paid the ultimate price, Xinhua, China’s official news agency, reported on Tuesday. 
It says in the parsha   זאת התורה אדם כי ימות באהל , this is the Torah of one who dies in a tent, from which Chazal learn that the Torah only remains with someone who kills himself over it; it’s acquired by one who works really hard to acquire it.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer season begins travelers head upstate to bungalow colonies, camps- list of resources and links for the kosher traveler

The official migration to the Catskills has begun. After a long winter and than some, families are heading up to the mountains for vacation and kids are going to camp for the summer of a lifetime. Below is some links for traffic, kosher food, davening areas as you snake your way up to the Catskills.
Rt 17 Liberty, NY
MAPS: click HERE to download the Catskill Hatzolah map of the mountains
For traffic updates go to  on Twitter:
Alternate Routes: 
Kol Mevaser's Infoline: 212-444-1100, option #7.

Airing our dirty laundry to the world

The trend continues, someone locked in a bitter divorce battle runs to the secular media publicizing our ills in hopes of getting what they want from their spouse. What used to be a no no has now become acceptable and the norm. The recipe is simple hire a PR person, open a Facebook page start a social media campaign create a hash-tag and your good to go.

Of course withholding a get is a terrible thing, but do we know both sides of the story? Is the secular media the right place to fight this battle. Cant we keep it in house. The chilul hashem that comes out of all these stories does nobody any good.

There was a high profile divorce case a few months ago that made international headlines. The world media made a mockery of the Torah. Unfortunately that outcome weather attributed to the media campaign or not is now powering others to go with the same tactic.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What would the Berdichiver Rav say..

The Berdichiver Rav would say..
Dont believe every time there's a story about a frum Jew in the paper

Dont publicize the wrong doing of your fellow yid

Dont rejoice when someone else is in trouble

Dont bashmutz klal yisrael to the masses to promote your career

Stop using sexual abuse advocacy as a platform to hide behind and attack others on issues you don't agree with

Stop with the constant sinas chinom and divisiveness of your fellow Jew

Stop pandering and cozying up to the haters of Torah in order to score points from the left

Stick up for those who are under attack in Eretz yisrael dont side with Yair Lapid

Stop using social media as a tool to spread machlokes and accuse the innocent

Stop using the Berdichiver Rav when it only fits your agenda.

Stop bashing the kollel youngeleit and the yeshiva world system

Thats what Rav Levi Yitzchock of Berdichev would say probably...

Monday, June 23, 2014

#Justdaven the only Hashtag as a response to an Eis Tzora and bring back our boys

Klal yisrael is united, pouring out our hearts to hashem to bring the 3 kidnapped boys back home and reunite them with their families. Tehillim is said daily in every shul all across the world for their behalf. Large prayer rallies and atzeres tefillos have taken place in many frum communities. Yiddishe mammehs are adding to their tear soaked tehillims crying for a good outcome.

Others have also turned to social media, Twitter, in particular to bring awareness to the plight of the 3 missing yeshiva students. A hash tag #BringBackOurBoys, a takeoff of the twitter campaign for the kidnapped Nigerian girls #bringbackourgirls. This campaign is well intentioned and well meaning. People now have another venue to air their pain and frustration or show support.

 However this campaign has taken on a life of its own, with bumper stickers, photo submissions and what not. It has now become that only those who display the hashtag or bumper sticker are the ones that really care about the boys. Those who dont, well they are labeled anti Zionist, among other names and therefore it is as if they are not supporting and feeling or doing anything for the safe return of the abducted yeshiva bochurim.

Is davening quietly not enough? Does every action we do have to be broadcast? does everyone have to walk around with a sticker on their head. If its strictly a awareness issue

Friday, June 20, 2014

Rav Shteinman- Come early to shul this erev Shabbos and learn Torah as a zechus for safe return of 3 Kidnapped teens

Monsey Tehillim gathering for 3 yeshiva boys
 Klal yisrael the world over continues to daven and gather together for the safe return of the 3 Yeshiva Bochurim kidnapped last week. many shuls will be makabel shabbos an hour earlier this week. Rav Aaron Leib Shteinman issued a call to come early to shul this erev Shabbos and set time for Torah learning specifically this week on Erev Shabbos. Fridays in the summer are long days and there should be ample time to come early to shul and have a seder limud haTorah.  he called on women to also get ready early and say Tehillim during this time.The Rav also called on those organizations and individuals that are involved in kiruv rechokim to awaken and bring awareness about shmiras shabbos to the rechokim.  Rav Shteinman said of the families of the abducted teens, this will be a great chizuk as a zechus for their children,

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Goral Hagra perormed by Rav BInyomin Elyashiv for 3 missing bochurim- result indicates they are alive near chevron.

A Goral hagra (Lottery of the Vilna Gaon) was performed on behalf of  the 3 kidnapped Yeshiva boys. Friends of the family of missing teen Naftali Frankel pressured and insisted Rav Binyomin Elyashiv son of Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv zt"l  to determine whether the three kidnapped teens are still alive and where they are being held. The Rav said he had no choice and performed the lottery according to the mesorah he received from his grandfather Rav Aryeh Levin. The Pasuk that came up was from Shoftim that talks about Shimshon being taken to Lechi by the philistines, where he was tied up with ropes and freed himself.
"הוא בא עד לחי ופלשתים הריעו לקראתו ותצלח עליו רוח ה''".פסוק בנביא שופטים, פרק ט"ו, פסוק י"ד
The Rav said that according to the pasuk, shimshon freed himself from his captors near Lechi which seforim say refers to the Chevron area. Lets hope they are alive and  we should daven that they will return home alive safe and sound, said the Rav.

The Churban of the internet

The internet has a lot of good and a lot of of bad. Awareness campaigns recently brought to attention how to navigate the complex and dangerous world wide web.
 As frum Jews the destruction and churban of the internet goes far beyond the potential for shmutz and lashon hora. The internet has brought out a so called new leadership in klal yisrael. People who just a few years ago you wouldn't listen to their opinion have now become the go to guys to give their deah on many important topics affecting the klal.

Up until today our leaders and Rabbis are people that have real leadership positions people that are respected and have followers. Rabbonim of kehillos, community leaders that were appointed by the public who they represent. There were always those who had their own opinion and deah zugers,but they were limited to the friends who sit nearby in shul, or to the mikva buddies.

Unfortunately these new "leaders' and spokespersons have taken advantage of the internet to promote themselves and build a virtual following that only empowered themselves even more. Some did it with Twitter followers,

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A special simcha for Toldos Avrohom Yitzchock Rebbe six and a half years after Mumbai terror attack.

Rav Leibish Teitelbaum Hy'd
Toldos Avrohom Yitzchock Rebbe
As klal yisrael awaits the fate of the 3 kidnapped bochurim hoping for a safe return, the toldos Avrohom Yitzchock Rebbe Rav Shmuel Yaakov Kohn, traveled to America for a special simcha taking place tonight. The grandson of the Rebbe is getting married he is the oldest son of the Rebbe's son in law Rav Aryeh Leibish Teitelbaum H''YD son of the Volover Rav shlita, who was killed in the Mumbai terror attack at the chabad house in India.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Tehillim Locations across the US tonight in Frum communities for 3 abducted Yeshiva bochurim

                          אייל בן איריס תשורה -יעקב נפתלי בן דבורה -גלעד מיכאל בן בת גלים
 Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah -Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim -Eyal ben Iris Teshurah

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Moetzes Gedolei hatorah of America call for yom tefillah today Monday 18 Sivan 5774

The Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of Agudas yisrael of America is calling on Klal yisroel to daven and gather in the botei knesiyos and botei medrash  Today Monday 18 Sivan (June 16) and pour our hearts out between Mincha and maariv, yeshivos should do so after second seder, for our brothers in sakanah specifically the 3 Yeshiva boys who were abducted. That they should feel no harm and hashem should take us out of this tzorah. All are asked to say the following Kapitlach tehillim, 13,20,22,35,43,44,69,77,79,83,90,102,107, and then repeat pasuk by pasuk of kapitlach 121,130,142.

Klal yisrael unites in Tefillah for safe return of 3 abducted yeshiva Boys

Davening at Mammeh Rochel
Across the world klal yisrael is davening for the safe return and well being of the 3 kidnapped yeshiva bochurim who were abducted by Arab terrorists. A mass rally took place this evening at the Kosel attended by 25,000 people. In the US, in Lakewood yeshiva Beth Medrash Govoha there were signs calling on the Bnei hayeshiva to say Tehillim and  learn as a zechus for the boys. In Satmar  they said tehillim, for the Rebbe its personal as One of the boys, Naftoli Frenkel is related to the Rebbe. Belz chasidus who are in the midst of sheva brachos for the rebbes granddaughter gathered 2 hours prior to the simcha and said tehillim ספר רביעי on instructions from the Rebbe. Rav Shteinman at a bris this morning led the recital of Tehillim. Yidden gathered at Kever rochel too. Agudah had a Tehilim gathering in Flatbush at Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin.

 Broadcast of Atzeres tefillah tonight at the Kosel

Help the determined dozen

Sholom Mcjunnkin Ami Magazine

Ami Magazine interviewed Sholom Mcjunken Chattanooga,Tennessee from about his family's recent conversion to Judaism. The story inspired many as it took place Erev shavuos. You can still help this family of Twelve and show them the love of joining the am hanivchar by participating in the wedding shower for their recent wedding.
Video of wedding HERE
Click HERE to participate in the mitzvah of ואהבתם את הגר

Friday, June 13, 2014

American Gedolim echo call of gedolei EY to say tehillim after Maariv for safe return of abducted Yeshiva boys. Women-asked to daven extra at licht benching.

Yiddishe trerin
Join online Tehillim HERE
  יעקב נפתלי בן רחל דבורה. גלעד מיכאל בן בת גלים. אייל בן איריס תשורה
Agudath Yisrael of America Statement HERE from Rabbi Zwiebel.
Following the abduction of 3 Yeshiva Bochurim in eretz yisrael by arab terrorists, the gedlei Eretz Yisrael Rav Shteinman and Rav Chaim kanievsky, called on all to say Tehillim on Shabbos after Maariv. Rav Shmuel Auerbach called on all Yeshivos to say Tehillim.
 Pending a good outcome before shabbos, the Gedolim in America are heeding the call to say Tehillim tonight after maariv in shul. Women are asked to have the 3 yeshiva students in mind while they bentch licht. Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar said women should add 2 candles to their usual candle lighting. 
Names for tehillim -Please daven for  Yaacov Naftali ben Rachel 
Devora, Gilad Michoel ben Bat Galim, Ayal ben Iris Teshua

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Photo of 3 missing Yeshiva students

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yeshiva for bochurim, to alleviate shidduch crisis a step closer to fruition

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Back in Feburary 2013 a  meeting took place to come up with a solution for bochurim who do not want to learn In Eretz Yisrael following their years in Yeshiva in the US. With backing of baalei Batim a plan was put in formation to open a yeshiva catering specifically for  Bochurim ages 20-23. Supposedly the baalei batim in charge are currently looking to purchase a property in the vicinty of Monsey, NY. It will be yeshiva with a structured environment a Blatt shiur, daily shiurim  etc. Rav moti Dick was appointed by the Gedolim to take responsibility in finding a place for this new yeshiva. The Roshei yeshiva will then Push their bochurim to stay in America and offer incentives for after they get married if they choose to go learn in Eretz yisrael for Kollel. The other option considered is to have bochurim return at an earlier age reported HERE from learning in Eretz Hakodesh. Its hard to imagine not having a top bochur in Brisk.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The panderers within- attack the kollel guys and get a pat on the back.

The pattern is simple write an article attacking the kollel system it gets posted on a "prestigious" blog and you get a pat on the back from your fellow bloggers and charedi apologists. You would expect these articles to be written by haters of Torah, by those who oppose the kollel system and lifestyle. Yet, the trend seems to be for former kollel guys blaming the system they came through pandering to the left out there in blogsphere. The easy punching bag is the charedi frum torah observant youngerman who toils in learning devotes his life to Torah, and keeps up the world.

These articles while pretending to worry about the future are nothing but an attack on the entire yeshiva world and kollel system. Attacking the concept how baalei Tzedaka and chesed are supporting klal yisrael. From cross currents:
They are worried about the system? But the larger question to me is: while Moshiach is close and may arrive at any moment, can we build a community based on that intuition?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Unqualified therapists breaking apart mishpachos and families turning children against their parents.

 Unqualified therapists, is a growing problem in the frum community which many blame the high divorce rate as a direct result of this. Over 15 Rabbonim in Boro park signed a letter on Erev Shavuos 5774 calling on klal yisrael to be very careful when choosing a therapist for their children or for shalom bayis. There have been many cases where unqualified, untrained and in many cases unlicensed counselors are providing therapy services to children with the wrong hashkafos and methods that are not al pi Torah. Children are taught to hate and disrespect their father, as a result there is no respect or kibbud av v'em. Instead of helping and fixing they are only worsening a situation. These therapists both men and woman, do not consult with any rabbonim they go about with secular hashkafos breaking apart yiddisheh famillies. The number of broken homes and alienated children is staggering. They are creating living yesomim.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Bridge-gate? in Lakewood, NJ- a plight to Governor Chris Christie, Senator Cory Booker and state officials

This time around it appears the traffic tie up is aimed at state officials or the Christie administration to change the formula of state funding to the Lakewood school district. The APP reports that organizers are planning on a drill that can tie up traffic to protest next year’s elimination of courtesy busing for students in fourth through 12th grades. The current BOE budget for next year, does not allocate funding for courtesy busing. Mosdos are asking parents to take to the streets in their cars this week on Wednesday and Thursday June 11, and 12. They notified the township to prepare for what may come in September at the beginning of the school year. We understand the ramifications that this might have on the township and are therefore giving ample time for the town to mobilize their resources to prepare for the upcoming drill,” wrote one of the organizers according to the APP.

Wedding season has arrived Simchas by Klal Yisrael

Belz Chasunah decoration
Walk to your fridge, look at your calendar, check out your scheduler on your cell phone, the boxes are full and scribbled in with reminders for the many Simchas  and chasunah's during the months of June and July. Baruch hashem there are so many simchos in klal yisrael. We tend not to report on positive and good news. Yet how can we ignore the very fact that yidden are traveling every night to one, two, or even three weddings. Families are commuting throughout the Tri-state area, from Brooklyn to Lakewood, from Lakewood to Monsey, or from out of town. Many are traveling long road trips to or from the Midwest or other places out of town to attend a family simcha.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Attacking the Frum community in the secular press

An article in the Jpost titled A Black sheep in the Haredi community interviews a Rabbi who takes on sensitive issues that the mainstream Rabbonim supposedly dont get involved with (at least publicly on the web). While discussing  a book addressed for safety concerns geared for the charedi community, the article lists a whole slew of so called dangers that are prevalent in the uneducated third world charedi community missing from the book.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In Pictures -Celebrating kabolas haTorah- Shavuos in different kehillos of klal yisrael

                                 ובאו כולם בברית יחד, נעשה ונשמע אמרו כאחד

                                       Satmar has many programs for Torah study 

Lakewood sponsors shavuos night learning as thousands
learn in the various botei medrashim of Beth Medrash Govoha

Frum newspapers, magazines publish special Shavuos issue for 2014

Shavuos 5774
Despite the challenging schedule and work week, the Frum papers came out with a special Yom Tov edition in time for Shavuos 5774 - 2014. Some Papers included their Shavuos edition in last weeks issue, others printed a special edition this week.  Many of us will be staying up shavuos night learning Torah, there will be time to read up the Shabbos following Shavuos which will probably not have any new papers.

The Yated Ne'eman- published a special shavuos edition it came out last shabbos with stories and interviews related to Yom Tov. An interview with communal trailblazer, Rabbi Dr. Joel Rosenshein
discussing his many roles as well as advice for shalom bayis and the unfortunate epidemic of divorce on the frum Torah community. Rabbi Noach Cheifetz reminisces about his rebbe the mashgiach Rav Chatzkel Levenstein zatzal. Chizuk and guidance from Rav Tzvi Mayer Zilberberg. Articles on the passing of Mrs. Hinda Tress A'H.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Oich mir a blogger! new low for frum blogs and website

Achdus Shtreimel
The website calls itself "the voice of the orthodox Jewish community" the yiddish sounding name lulls people and gives the appearance of a heimish site with right wing Torah hashkafos. You would think it is a site that has Rabbanim standing behind it, a site that would at least adhere to the basic halachos of Lashon Hora and kavod chachomim. Truth is, the orientation of that website is not right wing charedi at all. But a lot of people are misled by the name, take away the name and it's really no different than any other MO website. It happens to be run by chasidim who consider themselves enlightened, oifgeklert.

Just when you would think they cant reach a new low they keep on surprising you. Forget about their silly op-ed today to the Novominsker Rebbe and Agudah, for a second. Following the media circus around the drasha of the Novominsker Rebbe shlita at the Agudah Dinner they reached out to a fellow "Blogger" giving him a platform to issue his two cents on the Rebbes remarks. This is not a person in any position of leadership except for the fact that he has a blog. The website who usually rarely give the title of Rabbi to many Rabbonim and gedolim went out of their way to call this blogger with the title of "Rabbi" as if hes someone who has a right to give his opinion to the masses. That he is someone to be reckoned with. (yes he has semicha, but thats not the point). A blog that dosent miss the opportunity to publicize  the shortfalls and ills of frum yidden a blog that constantly criticizes Rabbonim, admorim and Roshei yeshiva-  that is who this anonymous run website goes to for an opinion.