Thursday, August 30, 2012

Internet Asifa coming to Europe

Click HERE to watch VIDEO of Internet Asifa Klal Yisrael in London.
Click HERE for PHOTOS of Internet Asifa in London at Leyton Orient stadium.

The Ichud hakehilos kinus Klal Yisrael will be hosting an Internet Asifa in various locations in Europe. The Asifos will take place In London, Manchester and Antwerp.
 Manchester- Monday September 3, 2012. Photos of event HERE

 London- Tuesday Evening, 4th of September,2012  at the Leyton Orient  Football Ground, Brisbane Road, Leyton, London E10 5NF. Vizniter Rebbe from Monsey will send his son to attend the Asifa.

The Skulener Rebbe who was supposed to participate in the London Asifa has canceled at the last minute due to not feeling well. He is sending his son to represent him instead. The Admor from Pshevorsk will attened as well as the sons of the Viznitz,  Satmar (Rav Aaron) and toldos avrom Yitzchak rebbes.
Antwerp- Wednesday September 5th, 2012

Schedule for London Internet Asifa

18:30 Mincha 

18:45 opening Remarks Dayan Dunner 

19:10 Divrei Bracha Rav Halperin

19:25 Rav Padawa Gavaad London
19:35 Divrei Hisoirerus Rav Avrohom Gurwitz RY of Gatshead

19:50 Guest Speaker Rav Avrohom Schorr 

20:20 Gaavad Antwerp Harav aaron Schiff
20:25 בBracha from Skulener Rebbe delivered by his son 

20:30 הKeynote address Rav Shmuel Dishon- Stolin USA 


21:30 Kabolas Ohl malchus Shomayim Rachmastrivkar Rebbe

Monday, August 27, 2012

Letter Rav Shach zatzal wrote as Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. "Man can only attain Chochma on planet Earth.

This letter was written by Rav Shach zatzal  the day Neal Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon. It is printed in Michtavim Umaamarim חלק ג  siman רנג. Rav Shach wrote at the time the correct hashkafa on the event of man landing on the Moon.

What transpired before us as man sets foot on the moon will definitely have people thinking of the great achievment brought on by mankind Koch veotzem yadi. However the opposite is true we see the great wonders of hashem and the feeling must be to see how man is nothing compared to the entire universe. Man is only a small speck in the shadow of  the planets and the universe. he can be struck and injured in a second yet hashem has rachmanus and the more we realize the Chochma of the Briah  its proof that there is a rbso who has chesed and rachamim if chas veshalom there wont be hashgacha for just one second there would be a churban.
Its a wonder that we can see more from planet Earth alone that it has all that is needed for mankind. It produces food and sustenance for us. It is only here on this planet that man should grow in Chochma, If hashem did not create man on the moon its a siman that that is not the place for man to grow, its only here on earth that a person have an aliyah in chochma and to come to the realization that hashem is the gedolah shebachochma. It is only from planet earth that man can attain the wisdom to go and land on the moon, but the moon itself was only created for mankind to lighten the sky during the night.

In the end of the letter Rav Shach brings proof to the Rambam that the Moon is a Baal nefesh -a soul.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Can you give a Meshulach less than a quarter or 2 dimes for tzedaka

As is the case every morning during Shachris many meshulachim or Tzedakka collectors come by making their rounds collecting tzedaka. I prepare some dollars and change and give it out accordingly. Recently I gave a meshulach 2 dimes and a nickle as that's all that I had left. I felt bad not giving him anything, he took the money and literally threw it back in my face. Not wanting him to be upset I followed him out the door and explained to him I did not intend to insult him or make a joke of him, as that was what I had in my pocket. He ignored me and continued on making his morning rounds. Most meshuilachim will gladly take what you give them even if its a quarter and maybe even a dime.

 What got me thinking was, is it a bizayon to give a meshulach loose change. According to a posek I spoke to, he told me the minimum shiur you must give is a Grogeres as brought down in Yoreh deah 249 which is equivalent to a dime or approximately 10 cents. Yet it may be embarrassing for a collector to take anything less than a quarter.

Now, at times I just dont have any cash and wave with my hands the "I'm sorry i don't have anything on me" motion, they either insist that you do have or move on to the next guy. I cant afford to give each one a dollar as there are many that come during a single davening. Most will offer 50 cents change for a dollar. However its hard when you put yourself in their shoes being away from home for a stretch of 3-4 months asking people for money going around from city to city across the country to help support a family. They have to keep their pride and dignity and we must not make them feel looked down upon. What do you think is it better not to give loose change at all and not make him feel bad or hope he takes it with a smile? please share with me your 2 cents i wont be insulted!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Audio shiur on EL Al pricing error by Rabbi Ari Marburger

Click Here for the Audio shiur of the Buisness halacha institute regarding the El Al pricing error. The shiur is  given by Rav Ari Marburger. He discusses weather its Onaah for those who purchased the ticket knowing at the time it was a mistake.
This is a psak from Rabbi Chaim Kohn printed in the Mishpacha Article.

Rav Chaim Kohn of the Business Halacha Institute says from a
halachic perspective, people were permitted to book tickets. “It’s a
strictly regulated industry, and it’s their obligation to bear the responsibility. The price they offer is their obligation — from a pure
halachic point of view, it’s their problem.” 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Yeshivos opening , New Shtella's, as Elul Zman gets underway

Bein hazmanim comes to a close, and Elul Zman begins  in the yeshiva world. Yeshiva Ner Yisrael of Baltimore will begin the new zman on Sunday night at Maariv. Lakewood yeshiva BMG will begin the new zman a day earlier on Motzei Shabbos, the first day of Rosh chodesh Elul. There are some yeshivos (Telz) who started the Zman already.  B"H there are new yeshivos opening to accomodate the growth and need for more yeshivos. Many new shtelles were created as well, adding new shiurim , or replacing positions previously held by other maggidei shiur who moved to other yeshivos.

Rav Yitzchock Lichtenstein will be giving a Shiur  in Yeshiva Bais Yosef  Novardok  for post high school pre Eretz yisrael Bochurim. In addition they are opening a kollel elyon for select group of alumnai.

Yeshiva gedolah of Mill Basin is opening under the leadership of  Rav Yehuda Brick.

Yeshiva Ner Dovid In Monsey under the guidance of Rav Yoni Friedberg for Post Mesivta First year BM.

Yeshiva and mesivta of Manhattan Beach (Rav Zelikovitz) is opening a Bais medrash  Rav Moshe Fogel will be giving the Shiur. He recently was a magid shiur in bais Medrash and Mesivta of  Baltimore. Rav Schlanger's yeshiva.

Yeshiva bais Binyomin of Stamford gets new Rosh yeshiva. Rav Yerucham Zeilberger is appointed Rosh yeshiva he will take over his father in law Rav Simchs Schustal Zatzal. Rav Zeilberger was previously in Bais hatalmud and Stamford as well. For more click Here.

please send in info of your new yeshivas.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of Degel Hatorah faction, meet to discuss draft of yeshiva Bochurim.

For the first time in a while the Moetzes gedolei hatorah of the degel hatorah party convened at the home of Rav Aaron leib Shteinman. The moetzes is compromised of the senior litvisher roshei yeshiva in Eretz yisrael. The discussion  on hand was the current threat to draft yeshiva bochurim into the army and the current incitement against frum yidden in EY, both by the media and politicians.
Rav Shteinman opened the meeting by stating that since the founding of the state, the politicians even those who were not that religious understood the importance of torah study and refrained from interfering with the yeshivos. As the world could only survive with torah study. Unfortunately we have a situation where they want to interfere with torah learning and be mevatel torah chas veshalom. If that happens when will a young bochur ever learn torah? when he is 80 years old? torah study must be attained in the youthful years. Thats what yeshivos are for. If they go ahead and draft them, torah will be stopped. We need rachmei shomayim that this should not happen. For this purpose we have gathered to voice our pain and plea by the authorities not to interfere with the torah and those who study it. At the conclusion of the meeting the following statement was issued.

"We call our brethren everywhere, especially for bnei yeshiva and kollel youngeleit to strengthen Torah study and in particular the upcoming month of Elul.
 To our brothers who have wandered, we asked you please 
don't harm us, as the survival of klal yisrael throughout the years is only in the merit of limud hatorah and doing mitzvos.
Council of Torah Sages asks  from 
government leaders  to keep the status quo in reference to the exemption of yeshiva students  here in Eretz yisrael and not to change it at all. Yeshiva Bochrim who will get draft papers should report to the recruitment office, however, they should not sign any documents. 
"The eyes of all Israel are upon prayer that hashem will hasten the geulah and redeem us, and hopefully a new light will shine on zion  and hashem will be king of all the universe."
The line regarding not signing any documents is a change in protocol. Up to now the yeshiva students arrived for the first time the recruiting office, they would go through the regular process sign the pages, forms, etc. and finally pass a certain procedure given the status of 'exempt' which led to the rejection from year to year. Now, the yeshiva students are asked not to sign any document, which of course the problem now moves to the army rather than leave it up the yeshiva students. When they do meet requirements  they would receive a summons to the army recruitment office.
New members added to the Moetzes:
At the meeting they also added new members to the Moetzes including, Rav Berel Povarsky of Ponovez, Rav Boruch mordechai Ezrachi, Rav Aryeh Finkel of Mir, Rav Moshe Hilel Hirsch of Slabodka, Rav Dovid Cohen of Chevron (Givat Mordechai), Rav Dov Yafeh, Rav Adas RY of Kol yaakov. Also added to represent rav Elyashiv, as was done by other gedolim where they would appoint a son or son in law, on the advice of Rav Chaim Kanievsky they added his brother in law Rav Yitzchock Zilbershtein.

Friday, August 10, 2012

New details on famous visit of Ben Gurion with the Chazon Ish

Thanks to Rafi G.
There is a story told of what has become the famous meeting between Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and the Chazon Ish, Rav Avraham Yeshaya Karelitz.

The story I always heard is that Ben-Gurion went to Bnei Braq to talk to the Chazon Ish about the serious matters that were diving the Israeli government and the Haredi community, specifically about the yeshiva students and army service. Ben-Gurion asked the Chazon Ish how the two communities could find a way to live together. the Chazon Ish responded, by quoting from the the gemara in Sanhedrin: “If two camels met each other while on the ascent to Beth-Horon … How then should they act? If one is laden and the other unladen, the latter should give way to the former.”, and went on to say that the haredi community has a camel (or wagon, in some versions) that is burdened down with a full package of tradition and customs while the camel of the secular community is bearing no package, no burden, and therefore preference should be given to the haredi community.

That is all I ever heard of the story relating the conversation. That and that when Ben-Gurion left the house of the Chazon Ish he was asked his impression of the rav and Ben Gurion responded that he was impressed with the Chazon Ish's wisdom, and that he had never met anyone as wise as he. That is it. That was the story, as I always heard it, though it always seemed strange to me that the meeting was so short..

Interestingly, there is really more to the story than that. Former President of Israel Yitzchak Navon was also present at the famous meeting between the two giants. He is supposedly the last person alive who was there.

Navon was recently interviewed about his recollection of the meeting, and he describes the conversation vividly. You can listen to the audio of the interview on Ladaat. I found it fascinating.

The story goes, as recounted by Yitzchak Navon, that they went into the house and it was a small house with a lot of books. He describes the conversation as the story above, but that is only the beginning of the conversation. After the Chazon Ish made his comment about the camels and the burden of tradition of the haredi community, Ben Gurion responded by saying "You think this camel, tapping himself on the shoulder referring to the secular community, has no burden? Settling the land, absorbing immigrants, etc. that is nothing? These are not mitzvot?

The Chazon Ish then responded that all that is in the merit of us learnign torah. Because of us, you can do everything that you are doing.

Ben Gurion then asked, those who sit on the borders and guard over you, that is not a mitzva? The Chazon Ish responded that they exist because we are here learning Torah. Ben Gurion said that without them the enemy would slaughter you if those soldiers would not be there protecting you, to which the Chazon Ish responded that it is in the merit of our learning Torah that they are able to work and guard the borders. Ben Gurion then said that he does not denigrate the value of learning torah, but if nobody would be alive [RG: ostensibly because the enemy would invade and kill everyone, if everyone was busy learning torah and not defending the borders], who would be able to learn torah? The Chazon Ish responded that torah is the source of life - etz chaim hee.

They went on to talk about the rampant desecration of Shabbos. the Chazon ish said that he sees chillul shabbos everywhere. People travel to the sea instead of learning torah. It is shocking and upsetting to see in the holy land this type of chillul shabbos. Ben Gurion responded that he himself does not travel to the sea on Shabbos but laborers, who work all week, they shouldn't be allowed to go to the beach on shabbos? We cannot force them if they do not want to learn torah, but they too are Jews. If they do not go to the beach, do you think they will go to shul? The Chazon Ish responded saying that he believes the day will come when everyone [in Israel] will keep Shabbos and daven. Ben Gurion then said that if they want to, he is not opposed to it, but there should not be religious coercion and there should not be anti-religious coercion.

They then parted ways with a warm handshake, and after they left Ben Gurion is quoted commenting on the Chazon Ish's wisdom, and the Chazon ish is quoted commenting that Ben Gurion is person with a neshama gedola.

Navon also says that while some say the discussion took place in yiddish, that is incorrect, and the entire discussion took place in Hebrew.

The rest of the story, beyond what is normally related, is just as fascinating as the beginning of the story.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Frum weeklies, Newspapers, report on the Siyum Hashas 2012

No longer do we have to wait for the Jewish Observer or Dos Yiddish vort to report and see pictures of the Siyum. The leading frum weeklies and newspapers had more than a week to prepare and report on the Siyum Hashas. The Yated Hamodia Mishpacha  and Ami Magazine all feature the Siyum on the front cover.
 Yated Ne'eman has great coverage of many different aspects of the Siyum hashas. Articles by Rabbis Nosson Sherman and Reb Shmuel Bloom. An Interview with  Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz  of Los Angeles, noted Askan who was the emcee of the Siyum. He speaks about what it takes to deliver a speech to 100,000 people in a packed stadium. He admitted that he prepared his speech yet when he came to NY the day before the Siyum he began a new speech and some ideas even came to him during the siyum. Another extensive interview with Rabbi Golding who was director of operations. Many other articles and pictures, including reflections on Oorah's 2000 Siyum attendees. A report from the Ezras Noshim as well by A. Schreiber.

Hamodia has a  64 page special supplement on the 2012 Siyum hashas. Its a mix of historical articles on other siyumim that took place before the Churban.  They have all the speeches from the siyum transcribed and translated. Plus reflections from the Siyum  committee and many ads saluting and wishing mazel tov to the mesaymim.

Mishpacha magazine has 10 perspectives on the energy and drama as the Siyum hashas took place across the globe spanning a week of festivities.The article focuses more on the international siyumim.

Ami Magazine features an exclusive interview with Rabbi Shlomo Gertzulin COO of the Siyum Hashas. Also,  Siyum facts and figures by Nesanel Gantz such as 10,000 Ponchos, 20,000 Woman attended and over 2,000 law enforcement agency officers.

Physical sports and challenges, the new fundraisers for Frum Organizations

With the  London Olympics games taking place, where athletes compete in a show of physical prowess, whose origin is from the ancient Olympia games in Greece. The Greeks have worshiped the physical ability of the human body. The Torah perspective is to focus on the spiritual aspect. Of course one must exercise and keep his body in shape and healthy, but never was it glorified or cheered as a public event. Was this done in the past? Sponsoring someone for a physical challenge. 

Recently  many Frum Jewish organizations and Mosdos have made fundraisers which involves challenging physical activity. These events raise a lot of money and have many participants.  They include a recent bike tour, a baseball game, Walka-thon, a runners club, and other sports. The participants have to raise a certain amount in order to join in the event. They get sponsors to donate per mile or run, or for the general event. Most of these organizations have an advantage since they have a broad appeal as they deal with issues relating to, children's illness, health and mental issues. This gives them more leeway in running these kind of fundraisers, since there is an emotional appeal and they affect across the spectrum of Yidden.

 So far, you will not find a mainstream yeshiva or Torah institution  to have these kind of fundraising events. (Although when the concept of a Dinner fundraiser was introduced there were those who held it to be not in the Torah spirit,)

All these Organizations are doing wonderful work for the community. Those participating in these fundraisers are selfless individuals giving up time to support a great cause.
 The question is will the yeshivos have these fundraisers too? does your mission dictate what kind of fundraising events you can do. Or perhaps its all relative to the times we live in. How about sponsoring Yeshiva boys for every hour they learn uninterrupted or for the amount of blatt they learn. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Siyum inspires NFL player.

A reader submitted this photo, Apparently the siyum had an influence on some NFL players or perhaps someone left a Gemara at metlife stadium. :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Translation of Rav Malkiel Kotler speech by the Siyum hashas 2012

The posuk says vayhhi biyshuron melech behisasef roshei am, there is a nation, when we gather gedolei torah together with klal yisrael to be mekabel ol malchus shamayim, as the rambam explains it to mean limud hatorah. This is a  gathering  for kavod hatorah proclaiming hashem is our king. In the parsha it says and you will be a goy kadosh  chazal explain that klal yisrael is the goy kadosh but the pasuk says I will uplift you on wings of eagles and bring you to me ve'avi eschem eiloy. The targum says that hashem brought us closer to worship him and learn his torah. We can elaborate this according to the kli yakar's explanation, that klal yisrael was refered to yotzei tzava not that they came out of a army, but that they are indeed soldiers of hashems army.

 The gemara explains there was no one who referred to hashem as Adon untill avrohom avinu. Even though he wasn't the first maamin many before him believed in hashem what was avrohom  mechadesh ? chazal explain that Avraham had the realization that hashem is the one who runs the world he is the manhig. There  is a country that has a king living in the capital city, the country is very big it stretches thousands of miles, there are towns that all show their allegiance and pay taxes to the king, however thet have no shaychus to the melech they dont live with him he's miles away from them. Avrohom Avinu said that the entire world is the capital city where hashem exists not only in his palace. That is the explanation of tzivos hashem. We learn hashems torah at the shulchan of hashem we are in a different world when we learn torah we dont live in this physical world of chumriyos, rather we enter a world of  v'avie eschem eiloy we go into the tzivos hashem- to learn torah in hashem's world. A world of torah its a different world, the world of olam hatorah that is when we get the crown of torah. Every yid who learns torah says the gaon of vilna is a Sar, a minister in hashems kingdom. Klal yisrael lives in hashems olam hatorah Yeshiva leit and baalei batim who learn torah are in a different world they are in hashems treasure. 

 How can we understand that we are lone sheep among  shivim zeiveim? how can we have a kiyum when we are surrounded by billions of enemies wanting to destroy us. If there are yidden learning daf yomi and make the highlite  of their day learning that will protect klal yisrael. We are hashems army we enter hashems domain a life of torah a life of yiras shamayim.

(This part was spoken in english by the Rosh Yeshiva)

The Sefer yam shel shlomo compares a siyum masechteh to a chasunah we only mention that we are going back to shas not that we finished. To explain with a mashal, when one builds a sky scraper you celebrate when you finish the foundation we celebrate for the future of the building to come. So too when we finish shas once, its a foundation for the olam hatorah to build on, its a yesod for olam haba a yesod for asid lavo. May we be zoche to the shmira of the ribono shel olam and our torah should be a foundation for the future of klal yisrael.

Monday, August 6, 2012

With no website of its own, Agudah relied on frum sites, blogs to market siyum hashas.

With no website of its own as of the opinion of the Moetzes gedolei hatorah, The Agudah and siyum hashas commmitee relied on more than good old print media for information and advertising leading up to the siyum. Many websites and blogs were used or helped in getting information out to the olam. The last few months leading up to the siyum there were almost daily updates on the Talkline communications network  show hosted by Zev brenner by the Siyum committee. This, despite the many controversial topics often discussed and given a forum that are not in line with Agudah. This past motzei shabbos preceding  a post siyum hashas update, TCN had Dov linzer on promoting the other siyum which was outed to be a front for chovevei torah. There were daily updates on the Nachum Segal show as well.

Agudath Yisrael, who is a technologically and sophisticated  mossad would do great if they would have a website, yet the ruling thus far from the gedolim is not to have one. This created a challenge in preperations for the siyum which was to hold 90,000. Old fashion print media was not enough in marketing the siyum and availing ticket sales to the public. First since most of the frum papers are weeklies( Hamodia has a daily) and by the time they go to print the news is stale. But more so, the frum websites, newslines social media and blogs have become mainstream in providing news and information for the frum torah world. Despite the internet Asifa, most people get the news directly from the many online news sites, tweets, texts and those who dont have accsess, usually hear it from someone who does have.

Partners in torah, a kiruv orginazation set up as a website to sell tickets for the siyum online so did the OU. Other websites had exclusive reports and updates about the siyum from Agudah spokesmen. The diverse crowd who attended the siyum dont all read the same newspapers and the online media was essential in reaching out to as many people as possible.
 This shows, it would have been much easier had Agudah set up their own site, Yet the opinion of the gedolim is not to and they stand by it. Ironicaly the Internet asifa  feed was streamed live on the frum blogs, while the official siyum hashas feed was only used for hookups (a amateur feed was carried independently via a cellphone at the siyum.)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Find yourself at the Siyum! Panoramic view of siyum hashas 2012 at metlife see yourself at the siyum zoom in to your seat

Photographer Lipa Shtauber working for website took a panoramic picture of metlife stadium click HERE and zoom in to see yourself at  the siyum. Find your section. see where you sat find your friends.

Directions The  panoramic image allows a clear view of each participant's face.

To zoom in\ zoom out- you must scroll through the track with + to - and vice versa.
To move up - or down -  use the right and left  arrows.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Watch FULL VIDEO of 2012 Siyum Hashas all 7 hours, very clear!

WATCH HERE full video of entire complete Program of 12th Siyum Hashas of Daf yomi August 1st 2012 at metlife stadium.

Rabbi Yisochor Frand speech at the Siyum hashas HERE

 To hear Rabbi Frand speech at the siyum forward to minute  04:33:25  

Find yourself  HERE at the siyum in this interactive panoramic photo 

Friday, August 3, 2012

TU B'AV ,the Siyum hashas and the shidduch crisis

 What do these three things have in common? well not much, except that after experiencing such simcha and achdus with all stripes of klal yisrael coming together to celebrate the Siyum, let us use that energy and the hisorerus and continue it on to other aspects of helping each other.  We hear so much about the shidduch crisis the many singles that have a hard time in finding their zivug. How nice would it it be if we had achdus and looked beyond party affiliation in redding shidduchim. We can add many more potential  prospects to the pool of single boys and girls.
 Here is a previous article posted here.

Yes, intermarriage! Well, we're not talking about marrying out of faith, but intermarrying within. Let me explain: there have been many suggestions  and solutions on fixing the so called shidduch crisis, such as closing the age gap, marrying older girls the NASI project etc. Of all frum singles of shidduchim age, many are not compatible for each other to begin with. We have within our own frum community many different camps and  societies.You have chasidish, litvish, modern orthodox, Lubavitch, Sefardi and so on. Most camps marry each other since they share simillar backgrounds and cultures.

 One can't expect a satmar chosid or a Lakewood yeshivish boy to marry an idealistic Lubavitch girl. The ideologies are far apart and the goals and way of life are different. However, all this leads to the normal baale batish yeshivish crowd who are the most effected by the shidduch crisis, with a smaller pool of boys and girls to choose from.

The issue at hand is within the yeshivish baale batish circles. We created our own camps and boundaries- some by nature, some at will. We created closed knitted circles among ourselves that will only marry with each other, not availing ourselves as prospects to the general pool. They keep to each other, whether it is  rich to rich families, or  choshuv to choshuv, rabbonisheh mishpachos with each other. There is this elitism where people look to do shidduchim with bessere mentchen with out even looking into the so called simple people.

Instead of focusing on the character and compatibility of the boy and girl, the main focus is on, "Who am I being meshadech with?" It must be a sheiner mishpacha. They will not look into a simple family, although their children might be more suitable personally for each other.
It would help solve the crisis by enlarging the pool of available prospects and add more boys as well. Imagine, if all frum boys and girls will be available and there will be no boundaries or different camps, we would not have a crisis.

Same in our own camps. For example: two families are meshadech with each other because they are both roshei yeshiva or both sheiner bessere mentchen, and the girl is 18 and boy 22, however, the personalities of the boy and girl may not be compatible. On the other hand, you have a 20 year old girl from a simple mishpacha, who could make a great rebbetzin for the RY son and another top boy who would be a good fit for the other RY daughter. If they would look into other not so shpitz famailies that have wonderfull suitable children, you add more options that way, and have two engaged couples instead of one. An argument can be made against this logic, but the bottom line is, by adding more boys and girls we broaden the shidduch pool for potential future simchas.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Siyum hashas 2012 video, photos

Click HERE to watch Full Video of 2012 Siyum hashas

Click HERE to watch Rabbi Frand Video of Siyum Hashas 2012

Click HERE to watch Rav Lazer Ginsburg davening Maariv at Siyum hashas 

Click HERE to find where you sat at the siyum

watch video below as crowd empties stadium after Maariv

2012 Siyum Hashas, recap and reflections on a historic night

The hour is late,  its 3 A.M, Just got back from my commute home from Metlife stadium. It was a true maamad kiddush hashem it was a maamad of achdus a maamad of klal yisrael as one. The 2012 Siyum hashas of Daf yomi was historic. The rains threatened all day, yet, when the siyum began, a cool summer breeze overtook the stadium, it was time for a celebration of torah.  Yes the program went very late, many parts could have been cut down or cut out altogether. However, when its a siyum hatorah and you have representation from across the broad spectrum of klal yisrael its challenging to satisfy and represent each and every group from all ages, litvishe to chasidim from sefardim to Modern orthodox from FFB to Balei Teshuva from older women to young children. Despite the late hour it was a smooth professional event a big yasher koach to the Agudah and all those involved in producing and putting it all together.

When the Lakewood Rosh yeshiva recited the Hadran, the spontaneous dancing and simcha that erupted throughout the stadium was palpable. Watching everyone dance and jumping with simcha was enough to inspire anyone contemplating, to start the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi. The speakers  inspired, uplifted, and elevated the crowd. It was heartwarming to hear prominent Roshei yeshiva address the crowd in English making many feel at home.

It was not the  trademark Agudah event known for professionalism and punctuality to have the program end so late. To be fair, the traffic and weather conditions forced the organizers to start late as many did not make it into the stadium right away. Looking back though, many speeches and introductions could have been shortened, the many audio visual presentations plus various niggunim which were all masterfully produced took up much time as well. Would have been nice if they would have showed those seated on the dais for all to see on the jumbo-tron. The highlights and inspiring moments  which took place much later on were a little to late in the evening and should have been done earlier in the program.
 All in all it was an inspiring and moving event having many coming home with only one question מאימתי ?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

! הדרן עלך focusing on the Siyum.

As  the final  preparations and logistics involved in hosting the Siyum Hashas are done, let us stay focused what its all about. This is a Siyum on the Talmud bavli, torah shbaal peh. There are thousands of mesaymim who are finishing  Shas and iyh many more joining them in starting again the next cycle of Daf hayomi  HADRAN ALACH!!! It is a maamad for kavod hatorah, for kavod Shamayim. Its a time to celebrate together with klal yisrael. Its a true simchas hatorah its a time of inspiration. Let us all participate in this tremendous simcha and be inspired to take on and continue the havtacha of lo yomush hatorah mpi zaracha.

Roshei Yeshiva in EY Sign Letter for Kavod Hatorah for Harav Shteinman

Leading Roshei Yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael sign a letter printed in the  Israeli edition of Yated Ne'eman as a Machah against those that were pogea in the kavod of  Harav Shteinman shlita. The letter reads  "We were horrified to hear about those who dared to disrespect Maran Rosh Yeshiva , Rabbi Aharon Yehuda Leib Steinman Shlita".

"There is no doubt that in this way they are undermining the foundations of emunas Chachomim and leadership in klal yisrael".

The Siyum Hashas updated full schedule and Speakers for Daf Yomi siyum 2012

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Here’s the schedule of the 12th Siyum Hashas taking place on Wednesday, August 1st at Metlife stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. approximately 92,000 people are expected to attend.
The program is set to start with Mincha. Welcoming speech will be made by Mr Eli Kleinman, Chairman of the evening. It will be followed by an audio visual presentation, a tribute to Mr Jerome Schottenstein. Following the presentation, Shlomo Yehudah Rechnitz – MC of the Siyum will say a few words.
Rabbi Shmuel Kaminetzky, Rosh Yeshiva at yeshiva Philadelphia will then give Divrei Bracha, followed by singing by Reb Abish Brodt and sons. The Noviminsker Rebbe, Head Agudas Yisroel of america will then address the crowd, followed by an audio visual presentation The Daf through the decades.
Rabbi Dovid Olewski Rosh Mesivta Beis Yisroel D’gur will address the crowd, followed by tribute to the masmidei hasiyum, the children who learned in honor of the Siyum.
An introduction to the 12th Siyum Daf Yomi will be made by Gedalya Weinberger, Chairman of Aguda’s American’s Daf Yomi commission.
The Siyum will be made by rabbi Aryeh Malkiel Kotler, Rosh Yeshivas beis Medrash Gevoah, followed by Kaddish by Mr Jay Schottenstein in memory of Mr Jerome Schottenstein. There will then be singing and dancing.
Rabbi Yissocher Frand Rosh Yeshivas Ner Yisroel will address the crowd. a memorial Tribute to Muran Rav Elyashiv Zatzal will be given byRabbi Yitzchok Scheiner, Rosh Yeshivas Kamenitz in Yerushlayim.
Rabbi Yaakov Hillel, Rosh Yeshivas Chvrat Ahavat Shalom will begin the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi. Rav Yisroel Meir Lau, Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv will address the crowd. Keil Malei Rachamin by Chazan Yitzchok Meir Helfgot. Kaddish by Mr Pinchos Huberfeld. Niggun Ani Maamin by singer Shloime Daskal.
Shema Yisroel, Kabolas Oil Malchus Shmayim by Sanz Klausenburger Rebbe, followed by Maariv Led br Rav Lazer Ginsburg the event is schedualed to be done by 11:00pm.
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Driving directions to the Siyum Hashas at Metlife stadium

For GPS navigation address;  102 Route 120  East Rutherford, NJ 07073

From NYC and points East -- Take Lincoln Tunnel to Route 3 west to the sports complex.

George Washington Bridge- to NJ Turnpike South. Take the Western spur to the Sports complex exits 16W or 18W

From Monsey - Garden State Parkway South to exit 163 to Route 17 follow rt 17 to Paterson Plank Road East to the Sports complex. Or continue on GSP to exit 153 to route 3 East to sports complex.

From Lakewood- GSP North to exit 153a to Route 3 East to sports complex or take GSP to exit 129 NJ Turnpike North to 16w meadowlands sports complex.

MetLife Stadium Directions:

102 Route 120 East Rutherford, New Jersey 07073 From the George Washington Bridge:Take the George Washington Bridge to the New Jersey Turnpike South. Take the Turnpike's western spur to one of the Sports Complex's exits, 16W or 18W. These exits provide direct access to the Sports Complex parking areas. From New York City and points east: Take the Lincoln Tunnel and follow signs for Route 3 West. Take Route 3 West to the Sports Complex. Traveling North on the New Jersey Turnpike: Follow the Western Spur (Sports Complex to Exit 16W), which provides direct access to Sports Complex parking areas. If the roadway is congested, use the eastern turnpike spur (Lincoln Tunnel) to exit 16E to take Route 3 West which provides direct access to the Sports Complex parking areas. Traveling South on the Garden State Parkway: Garden State Parkway South to exit 163 (Route 17). Follow Route 17 to Paterson Plank Road. Take Paterson Plank Road east to the Sports Complex. Traveling North on the Garden State Parkway: Garden State Parkway North to exit 153A (Route 3). Follow Route 3 East to the Sports Complex. From the West - I - 80 1. Merge onto I-80 East 2. Continue onto US-46 East 3. Make a slight right at NJ-3 East 4. Follow signs to the Sports Complex From the East - I - 80 1. Merge onto I-80 West 2. Proceed to Route 17 South to Paterson Plank Road 3. Follow signs to the Sports Complex From West I - 78 1. Take I-78 East (Express) Toward Newark 2. Take Exit onto I-95 North 3. Take Exit 16 W for NJ Route 3 toward Secaucus / Rutherford / Sports Complex From NJ Route 24 1. Take Route 24 East 2. Take I-78 East (Express) Toward Newark 3. Take Exit onto I-95 North 4. Take Exit 16 W for NJ Route 3 toward Secaucus / Rutherford / Sports Complex