Sunday, November 27, 2011

89th Agudah convention keynote session motzei shabbos standing up for Torah.

The Motzei Shabbos Keynote session at the Agudah convention touched upon 100 years since the founding of the movement in Katowitz. Chaired by the young and energetic  Askan R' Chaskell Bennett and executive director Reb Laibish becker.
 The Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva Rav Malkiel Kotler mentioned the Mantra of Agudas Yisroel fighting the Ism's through the generations. As the gedolim of previous generations as well as today have guided it in standing up for the Torah and its values.
 The Novominsker rebbe Shlita who serves as Nasi of Agudas Yisroel spoke about the component of the Agudah how we must let our Neshamos control our lives. The changing Nisyanos of our Generation.In Europe and  and early on in America the saying in Yiddish was "es is shver Tzu zein a yid".But today B'H we are blessed with everything we need thousands of chadorim and yeshivos ,Mosdos Hachesed , Kashrus etc.. There a new challenges that we face . That's where the Agudah is involved with the gedolei Torah sitting together with  Balei batim A partnership of  Yissochor and Zevulun. The lomdei Torah and Machzikei Torah coming together. He went on to thank various individuals for their tireless work on behalf of the Klal.
 A Video presentation was shown of the New Chayim Aruchim initiative. Dealing with end of life situations making sure people sign a medical directive. Following words of inspiration from the international guest speaker Rav aaron Schiff from Belgium. He mentioned how Agudah is the rosh yeshiva of daf yomi and has the zechus of spreading Torah to so many that are encouraged to learn. Reb Shlomo Gertzulin thanked many individuals for the support of the agudah and gave an update on the planning for the up coming siyum Hashas on august 2nd I"yh. 

 Chaskel Bennet than introduced his Rav Horav Shimshy Sherer Rav of Kehilas Zichron Mordechei in flatbush. In a passionate speech echoing his late father Rav Moshe Sherer Z'L.He mentioned the 2 new ism's that we face. First one being Post Charedism and the second one being Cynicism. Not Mentioning the Author by Name he read a recent op ed  in the Jerusalem post About post charediism. Coupled with the cynicism spread by comments on various websites and blogs or on the radio waves. Gedolei Hador and Rabbanim are not political candidates for pundits to bash and ridicule.  The Agudah is not just an Organization he said , its a way of life its a Mantra that daas torah will not be spinned or apologized for.The constant bashing by the left has unfortunately had an influence on us. We must re educate ourselves and the next generation what the Mantra of agudah is. We must go out and stand up for kavod Hatorah to fight those who ridicule and bash our gedolim. The Torah is being Charred by the enemies from within we must galvanize the next Dor How the Agudah stood up for us and continues to stand up it is vibrant today as it was during the times of rav chaim ozer rav aaron kotler ,It is the same Agudah  vibrant and  living quoting from Rav aaron kotler saying "es iz und er iz" standing up for the Torah. That is what we have to take home with us.
 Rav Chaim Dovid Zweibel Closed out the session with emphasizing the importance of Hamshacha the continuity of the next generation taking an active roll in getting involved he pointed out to the many young couples  who attended this years convention who are continuing in the ways of their parents.  This is the Hamshacha from Katowitz keepers of a sacred Trust. He concluded with the many challenges facing American Jewry the justice system and a new missionary center in the heart of Brooklyn why Agudah must continue to be vigilant and advocate for the Klal.


  1. Is that the slifkin article ?

  2. I'm glad to see that the Slifkin article was mentioned - the Agudah Rabbonim should realize that this is a force that will take over the Charedi community. Unfortunately, the Agudah sees this as a threat, as opposed to the truth - lots of people who are מחפשי אמת which they are not finding in the Charedi community.

    Post-Chareidiism is the wave of the future.