Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Satmar rebbe Rav Aaron Teitelbaum gives passionate detailed speech about dangers of technology and Internet, mentions facebook and twitter.

A free translation of a recent speech given by the satmar rebbe Rav Aaron Teitelbaum on the dangers of technology and internet pertaining to the frum torah and chasidishe community.
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The yetzer Hora could not fathom the success of klal yisroel and the rebuilding of torah and chesed in America and he brought tummah in the form of technology into jewish homes that caused them to sin. Just like in the time of Haman so too today we have Keilim that have entered our homes and cause us to sin. They are in the form of videos, DVDs, the Internet, a new makkah called facebook, twiters, and other  various names. Others know of these  better than i do. Unfortunately  it claimed many korbanos  and destroyed many jewish homes. Frum ehrliche kids from the best of homes, threw off the yoke of torah and mitzvos publicly, with no shame. There are those who did not go as far, yet, they walk around outwardly dressed in a chasidishe levush but on the inside they are rotting and do kol davar assur discreetly in the privacy of their home. It has entrapped youngeleit ,baal habatim, bochrim, girls and married  men and women of all ages. It all starts with the kvetch of a knepel ,the push of a button, in one second they went into the dirty ports and they arrived at Sheol tachtis. Plunging into the lowest of the low . Its a Makka of which one touch of a button you are joined with others. Its called chatrooms such as facebook were you socialize and connect with others. Men hooking up with light headed women with prutzim and prutzos. Yiddishe kinder are sending pictures of themselves to each other. It makes your hair stand up to what is going on in our machneh of shomrei torah umitzvos. Even the kosher ones is addicting like a magnet, it ruins shalom bayis to the worst degree sometimes its the man of the house sometimes its the mother of the home. The man looses his wife and she looses her husband you cant talk to the husband his mind is totally occupied with his computer day and night. The yetzer hora of arayos is burning like a fire up to the sky. It consumes daily precious neshamos of yiddesher kinder .The maakos of DVDs videos etc...even though initially it starts off kosher with a heter it eventually leads to what chazal say hayom omar lo aseh kach muchur aseh kach etc. untill we come to the worst. This is a fact, it happens and we cant fool ourselves with so called passwords and other safeguards and think that it is protected from others gaining access to it. this is a mistake. Kids and youngsters are smarter and more tech savvy than their parents and can get around the so called protections.
The rebbe ended with a plea to the Women to have mercy on their mishpachos and get rid of these keilim from their homes. If one needs it for parnasah it should be moved out of the house to a different location. In the zechus of us protecting and safeguarding out families from this shmutz may Hk'bh protect and watch over klal yisrael.


  1. The rebbe understands that it is here to stay does not look like he issued a ban. He focused on the dangers.

  2. Thank you very much for providing a translation to the Rebbe's rousing words. Wow. Ashreinu for such manhigei-Yisroel.