Sunday, October 16, 2016

Erev succos is for men what Erev Pesach is for women

Talk about Erev Pesach the pressure of getting ready for the Seder, making sure there is no chometz, turning over the kitchen, cooking the zeroa, making charoses etc. Men usually have easy chores when it comes to Erev Pesach its the Nashim tzidkaniyos that are the ones knocked out when we sit by the seder.
Its on Erev Sukkos that the men get to feel a bit what it is for the women on Erev Pesach. Talk about the stress of getting the sukkah up, making sure its sturdy, adding 2 new panels, last minute runs to the local hardware store- a screw and bolt here, a light fixture, oops need to run back for an adapter since its 3 prongs, Setting the shabbos clock, putting up the decorations. Then its back to the store for another 6x4 mat for the schach and a fold-able cot for the son in law who sleeps in the sukkah.

Then comes the Daled minim, checking the esrog One more time, placing it in the polished Esrog holder (Ladies job:) ) running out to get Aravos, a chinuch set, and of course putting it all together keeping it moist and ready to use. Oh, forgot the Lulav rings.. How do you make them? Click HERE for this short video clip on how to make the lulav rings.

 Finally on the way to shul thankfully your reminded about Eruv Tavshilin. When you finally think  your done, a voice yells.. you forget to open the shlock!!


  1. Anyone who leaves putting the sukkah up for Erev Sukkot deserves the stress.

  2. If you think putting up a sukkah or picking a esrog comes even close to what the wife goes through erev Pesach you really need to sit down and talk with him.

  3. TPV - What do you say the the Agudah advertising the Convention on VIN?! How low can they go?

  4. One year Rabbi Pinchas of Koritz (born 1728, died 1790 CE) had no guests in his sukkah. He saw Avraham Avinu standing outside his sukkah.

    The Rabbi invited Avraham Avinu to enter, but he refused to enter a sukkah that had no guests.

    SOURCE: Prayerfully Yours (page 423) by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski MD, year 2001 CE, Shaar Press, ISBN 1-57819-488-1.

    Mishnah Berurah commentary on Chelek Orach Chaim, Siman 625, end of Sif Katan 1:
    Acharonim wrote: Every time we dwell in the sukkah we must remind ourselves that we are doing so to remember the Exodus from Egypt and the Clouds of Glory [Ananei HaKavod] which surrounded us at that time to protect us from the heat and sun. Whoever does not have these intentions in the sukkah, he has only done the mitzvah of Sukkah BeDieved!!

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  5. Erev Pesach for women is like packing up the home, cleaning up the remaining mess, shipping the stuff to a new home, unpacking and then beginning to shop and cook for the Yom Tov!