Monday, September 2, 2013

Frum online media websites focusing on pictures, videos, targeting younger audience.

The Frum online and print media is no longer boring text only articles, while many sites have photo and video sections, many new  frum websites have popped up gearing to the frum community with a focus on multimedia, specifically  posting  pictures, photos and video clips. 

  Despite recent stats showing attention spans shrinking, even for video watching, the Agudah launched a video channel, Here of its events. a new frum pics site Here, exclusively posting pics of frum Jewish events, indicate that an article alone wont drive a message home anymore. The frum print media have expanded their picture sections as well. A flip through the Yated or Hamodia newspapers, shows a expanding photo section.

 While in the past, many of the old timers would rather read a article, and an accompanying photo would suffice, the younger demographic or as they are called the you-tube generation don't have the attention span to read up on boring press releases and would rather look at the pix. 

Interestingly a new study out here shows that the Internet's attention span for watching videos is quickly shrinking" Over the last year and a half, according to the numbers compiled by ComScore, the amount of video Americans watch online has stayed pretty steady, but the length of each individual video has reversed its rise and has plummeted over the last year from nearly 7 minutes to just over 5 minutes."

As Frum Yidden who dont watch TV, perhaps this mode of multimedia is still new and if used correctly could be a form of kosher entertainment, as well as a tool, for fundraising, helping our mosdos reach out to the younger generation. 

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    But the message stands. Nice post.