Wednesday, January 8, 2014

" Shul Rage "

It happened in middle of davening  the unthinkable happened how dare you?? piercing eyes from across the room all pointing to one man, he committed a terrible sin. Deathly stares that can cut a knife followed by shouts of.. nu.. nu shh and even a raging verbal rebuke. For the rest of davening some people were visibly unnerved. what did he do that he deserved this treatment? nebach this fellow forgot to turn off his cell phone, it rang by mistake. 

Those few seconds the phone rang, felt like eternity for those mispalelim who were incensed at this horrible crime. If only people would daven with the same Kavanah and rage they directed at this poor fellow. Why the rage? a little noise of a few seconds can cause people to just lose it, to shout at this yid. Yes the piercing  sound of a cell phone in middle of shul can be very distracting, does it deserve the reaction it got.

 Not to justify, but maybe "shul rage" is somewhat an extension of Road Rage.

The cause of Road rage is simple "Human beings are territorial ... The car is an extension of this territory. When yidden are davening they are territorial, they are connecting with hashem any distraction can set some people off and cause them to lose judgement, 

Let us daven with a great hislahavus and not let any distractions get to us. Next time a cell phone goes off in shul let us call out even louder to hashem.


  1. Cell Cacophony Creates Chaos, Criticism. Chaval.

  2. Good stuff................very insightful