Sunday, April 20, 2014

Snow on second night pesach a good sign- Rav Leibel Eiger Z"L

 On the second night of  Pesach 2014 as the seder began, the tri state area experienced a rare April  snow fall. Those who live in Monsey, Brooklyn, Lakewood looked outside as the children began singing kadesh urchatz.. and saw snow coming down mixed with hail. The tzadik Rav leibeleh Eiger the first Lubliner Rav, writes in his Sefger Toras Emes( see below) that it is a good sign, a siman tov when it snows at the time of the seder since it means that klal yisrael has rectified the sins and that is also why we wear a white kittel just as we do on Yom Kippur. He writes that it is particularly the second night of pesach as we begin to count sefirah.
 שלג ליל שני של פסח
Snow on Pesach second night seder

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