Sunday, September 20, 2015

Where is the sympathy?

A abuse activist is asking for sympathy, he is being sued is an Israeli court. Where was the sympathy for all children, when fighting against a book teaching  about child safety. The book has b''h hit the stores and many are buying it, why did they try preventing it from being sold taking the author and publisher to a din torah? Where was the sympathy for the family of  Mr. Webermen when the one year anniversary of him sitting in jail was marked? Where was the sympathy for the boy who is deaf and was made fun of in class by the rebbe imitating the way he  speaks?? Where was the sympathy for the hard working  Rebbeim with the constant bashing of the frum chinuch curriculum? dont beg for sympathy when people are constantly bashed under the guise of standing up for victims of abuse.


  1. Well said!!

    Which book did Yakeleh fight against?

    1. Talking about private places