Thursday, February 25, 2016

Oy vey iz Mir !

The shiur klali in one of the largest Lithuanian yeshivot in Israel ( 6,000 students! ) Will henceforth be in Ivrit and not Yiddish. This gradual break with a long tradition is mainly due to the increasing lack of Yiddish-speaking students, which convinced the leaders of the Mir yeshiva to take the ivrit as "official language" .

This change was initiated after the death of  , Rabbi Rephael Shmulevitz zatsal . His son, appointed in his place decided to break the tradition of Yiddish in the weekly shiur he gives. A week later , Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Finkel ,  the current rosh yeshiva  also abandoned Yiddish for ivrit .
The leaders of the yeshiva explained that one of the major goals of this historic change will allow even more students can attend classes


  1. Replies
    1. i assume you mean "about time". unless you mean it's time for a bout because you want to fight someone about this.

  2. In rome you do as the Romans. In israel you do as the Israelis.

  3. aren't most of the students American?

    1. They have many daily shiurim in English but the shiur klali is delivered to the Israeli Bochurim in particular.

  4. Yiddish should be respected and not discarded like an old piece of clothing.

    However, if they are already switching to lashon kodesh anyway, they should at least speak it in Ashkenazis, not in the inferior and foreign modern Israeli pronunciation, to show and keep a connection to their mesorah.

  5. Is the point to give the shiur in Yiddish or is it to maximize the Torah learning? If it's the latter then if most boys don't understand Yiddish it's bitul zman for them to be there.
    Besides, Moshe Rabeinu, a"h, also didn't speak Yiddish. Didn't hurt his Torah education.