Friday, February 17, 2017

Frum reporter and President Trump

The media and frum blogs and websites are all over the story with Ami Magazine senior correspondent Mr. Jake Turx who was called on by the president. Trump called him a liar for not asking a simple question.  He asked Mr. Trump about threats to dozens of Jewish Community Centers but apparently Trump thought he was referencing him to being anti Semitic.
The frum bloggers and pundits immediately took to their keyboards with screaming Headlines  Turx should apologize he does not represent the Orthodox Jewish community, Others defended Turx and said Trump should apologize.
The truth is none of these websites or bloggers represent anyone but themselves. Self appointed and  self anointed editors and bloggers hiding anonymously behind their key boards  should not be the ones giving out statements by playing moral police. At least the frum print media has the face of a editor and hopeful a  rabbinic board guiding them. For the electronic media to talk about the Trump Turx saga is like the Fox guarding the hen house.


  1. How a pro-Palestinian American reporter
    changed his views on Israel and the conflict

    by Hunter Stuart, 2017 February 15

  2. I completely disagree with you.

    1) You and I are both anonymous here, yet we're still commenting about it.

    2) Anyone can comment about a Frum reporter going into the White House, with green lettering on his Cappel, and causing damage.

    3)Amy magazine does not have any sort of rabbinic endorsement.

    4) If you don't like certain websites, then don't visit them. I haven't read YWN or VIN in many years. Your criticism in the this case is off.

    5) I do agree that they're off and that there isn't a single website that gives us what we need, yet is free of biases, mistakes and mishegassen. At this point we need the different sites - which keeps everyone in check.

    No, your Hamodia does not supply what people want and need. No instantaneous news. No comments and opinion sharing. No way to correct mistakes. Too easy to become corrupt (....absolute power corrupts absolutely). They are strongly biased and have undo influence from the current Ger regime...... (much to be said here). Most importantly, they'll never challenge leaders who abuse their roles.... You have no clue how many are turned off by that... When we are aware that other great Talmidei Chachomim spoke out, then it restores our confidence and faith