Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Publicizing a papal visit FEH!

It was shocking too see. A group of frum Jews meeting and singing to the pope at the Vatican. Of all songs they chose one with the words of  "אורך ימים אשביעהו ואראהו בישועתי".  As if that was not bad enough, we also had to hear the popes view on  child abuse as if it matters to us yidden what his opinion is. (BTW did we forget the Vatican cover up on child abuse?) These images created a firestorm.

But all the above is debatable, there were times when community leaders and rabbonim had met with bishops and popes throughout  our history that is an issue up for discussion.

What should really upset us, is the publicizing of the meeting. Do we have to be exposed to this? how low have we fallen that a  website that claims to represent the yeshiva world is proud to have an exclusive story of a video and photo of the this it tumah? Why was this not kept confidential?
 If there was an urgent matter to meet  the pontiff it should have been done in secrecy, not advertised and publicized for the world to see just to get more hits and drive traffic.

To add insult it was followed up with a kosher chazer feesel halachic article about meeting the pope.
Can these frum news websites get any lower than this???
Nebach on us we have become so desensitized


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  2. It is interesting that other frum news outlets, such as Matzav.com, and lehavdil VIN, didn't cover it at all.

    R. Yair Hoffman worked so hard to defend it...what is with him? Is he on a Gluck payroll or something? Did Gluck jr. ask his alleged Rebbi, R. Elya Brudny about it? Did Gluck senior ask Rav Bick, where he davened for so many years?

    People have been giving Gluck jr. so many accolades because of his Amudim organization lately, I guess it went to his head. Zvi Gluck didn't invent the wheel, and isn't the only one working with troubled young people. Enough with all the hype already.

    1. Yair Hoffman wanted his fellow Jew not to have sinned. That's all.

    2. If Hoffman wants to fantasize that he is Reb Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev, let him put on a shtreimel and act (or come out) as a Hasid.

      At the moment, hoever, he acts/writes as a Rabbi. A Rabbi has to pasken based on metzius, not engage in Berdichever fantasizing.

      If something is chazer treif, a Rabbi needs to say so, not to be metaher a sheretz.

  3. chassidisheshechitaMay 11, 2017 at 3:48 PM

    What was the purpose of the meeting anyway? Did R' Edgar become a chaplain at the vatican?

    1. They probably invited the pope to speak at the next Amudim event.

  4. Perhaps it was bashert that it was publicized as it was to expose questionable things re Edgar, Zvi, Pinson, etc.