Friday, April 6, 2012

Frum newspapers with expanded Pesach issue

The frum nespapers all came out with expanded Yom tov editions. Hopefully its enough to keep readers entertained as well as providing some spiritual meaning and simchas yom tov for the mishpacha. The Yated has feature articles on Rubashkin interviews with the Magid Rav pesach krohn and Rav Uri Zohar and divrei Zikaron on rav Eizik Ausband. Hamodia features articles on the upcoming Internet Asifa and on Yerushalayim from Rav Nebenzahl and on the Titanic. Ami landed an Interview with Rebbetzin Richel kotler on rav shneur zatzal and a halacha feature on kos shel eliyohu with a yom tov supplement. Mishpacha has a article on Rav Lazer Silver and an interesting piece on the Titanic. Zman came out with an expanded Yom tov edition too.

Have a Chag Kosher vesameach.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

End of an era, the European roshei yeshiva from pre churban Europe.

The recent petirah of the telzer rosh hayeshiva Harav Hagaon Rav Eizik Ausband zatzal, has marked the end of an era. Not only was he the last RY from pre war telz, but he was the last remaining of the European Litvisheh Roshei yeshiva in the united states from pre churban Europe. These Roshei yeshiva came over after the war and transmitted the mesorah they received from their rebbeim and built torah in america. They were bochurim and youngerleit at the time, yet they defied the odds and with great mesiras nefesh in a country desolate of torah they proved the havtacha that torah will not be forgotton Lo yomushu mipi zaracha.

 The entire litvisher Yeshiva world today in the united states is all in the zechus of the europeisher roshei yeshiva. They brought over the mesorah of torah preserved from their rebbeim from Mir , Slabodka, Telz,kelm, Kletzk, etc.. from Rav Aaron Kotler to the telzer roshei yeshiva who transplanted torah in america. Going back to Rav chaim volozin and the vilna gaon. While we no longer have the europeisheh roshei yeshiva, their eidelkeit and varmkeit, they did leave over children and talmidim who are continuing in their ways transmitting torah to the next generation.