Friday, May 30, 2014

Novominsk Rebbe VS. frum bloggers

Novomisker Rebbe shlita
 Following he words of truth spoken by the Novominsker Rebbe shlita at the Agudah Dinner, naturally the critics came out in full force. (As expected when truth hits home it its hard to stomach it). The media went after NYC mayor Bill de Blasio for not responding to the remarks, since he was there during the speech and spoke immediately afterwords. The self hating NY Times was quick to attack the mayor as did the NY daily news.
The problem is the bloggers and young activists with no hadracha, publicly shamed the Novominsker Rebbe and the Agudah for standing by. They know better than the gedolim!

A Political writer for the Yeshiva world news and JP updates  tweeted this:
"Orthodox Jews are equally offended. Agudath Israel should've known better. Why did mayor choose this event" he followed up in another tweet "

Statemant of Agudath israel of America in response to media attack of Novominsker Rebbe's remarks at Agudah Dinner

The Novominsker Rebbe's Remarks at Agudath Israel Dinner: Ensuring the Jewish Future

At Agudath Israel of America's 92nd Anniversary Dinner earlier this week, Rabbi Yaakov Perlow, who is a member of Agudath Israel's Council of Torah Sages and serves as the Rosh Agudath Israel, delivered remarks that have been grossly mischaracterized and unjustly vilified in certain media reports.
Most objectionable is the statement in The New York Times that "Rabbi Perlow offered a shower of condemnation for Reform and Conservative Jews."  He did nothing of the sort.

Rabbi Perlow's focus was on Reform and Conservative Judaism, not on Reform and Conservative Jews - on ideologies, not on people.  Indeed, the main focus of his remarks was on a movement that calls itself Orthodox - "Open Orthodoxy" - yet has also crossed boundaries that have long established the parameters of normative Jewish practice and belief.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Man bites dog- A Satmar Chossid graduates Yeshiva university

The left leaning frum blogs are salivating about the story posted of a Satmar Chasid that through a twist of fate graduated from Yeshiva University undergraduate school. What a great story, finally a Satmar boy Bucks the trend of his chasidus he did something few young Chasidim do and went to YU to pursue a career and completed a degree in business management. It generated close to 100 comments on VIN and other websites with everyone taking potshots at Satmar how the insular community they worked so hard to create is falling apart in front of their eyes.

The story in itself is nothing new- this boy is not the first chosid to attend YU and wont be the last. There are chasidishe professors who teach at YU.

Thousands of women gather at technology Asifa in boro park

Close to 10,000 women came together last night in Boro park at the Bobover hall
to hear words of chizuk and practical advice on how to deal with the encroachment of the internet and modern Technology and its effects on our daily lives.
Embedded image permalinkThe woman's internet Asifa was attended by the  Skulener Rebbe and Rachmastrivka Rebbe. Drashos were delivered by the Mir Rosh yeshiva Rav Elya Brudny, Rav Efraim Glassman, The Viener Rav and Rav Mattisyahu Solomon Mashgiach of Beth Medrash Govoha Lakewood. Speakers stressed the importance of keeping the Jewish home with kedusha and tahara. The minimal one can do is use a  filter but even that is not enough. We must be educated and know the challenges that we and our children face. The event ended with the recital of the Tefilas hashela on erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Video- Agudath Yisrael of America 92 anniversary Dinner- Torah must be guarded from secular forces.

Photos, pictures of Agudah dinner HERE  Video recap HERE
A large crowd paid tribute to the Agudah at the 2014 Agudah Dinner at the New York Hilton. The Novominsker Rebbi Rabbi Yaakov Perlow,  and President of the Agudath Israel of America called the Reform and Open Orthodoxy movements steeped in apikoros, heretics and a danger for Judaism. Watch video below The Torah must be guarded from the secular forces that seek to corrupt its values and the lives of, from intruders who sometimes in the name of Judaism completely subvert and destroy the eternal values of our people.
 Embedded image permalink
 Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, Philadelphia Rosh yeshiva, announced a new Agudath Israel program to encourage young boys to study the Mishnah, Called “One Mishnah, Together,” Watch Video HERE . The pirchei Siyum hamishnayos will take place June 8 2014.
Mayor de Blasio (Video and speech below) paid tribute on Tuesday night to some of his strongest backers since his time as a Brooklyn councilman, blasting anti-Semitism

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Video- Is there a shidduch crisis? watch shadchanim debate at the Oorah auction radiothon

Listen to the recording video of shadchanim Rabbi Tzadok Katz and Rabbi Yisroel "Freddie" Friedman debating the shidduch crisis on the 2014 Oorah auction radiothon.

Noted Philanthropist Reb Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz called in to the show asking that boys start dating at a younger age and pledged a donation (oh well, it wasn't a million dollars). Watch Video below.

Hundreds of Rebbeim listen to Gedolim at Asifa for mechanchim in somerset, NJ

Asifa for mechanchim
Hundreds of Mechanchim and rebbeim came out to the Garden state exhibition center in Somerset NJ to hear words of guidance and chizuk from Gedolei Yisrael. The Asifa was attended by many  mechanchim  and rebbeim who heard divrei hisorerus from Rav Moshe Green, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Yeshiva D’Monsey; Rav Chaim Leib Epstein, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Zichron Meilech in Brooklyn; Rav Ephraim Wachsman, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Meor Yitzchok of Monsey; and Rav Dovid Olewsky. Rav Avrohom Yosef Rosenblum, rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Shaarei Yosher of Boro Park, had been on the schedule but did not address the gathering.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Busiest week of the year for fundraisers among Yeshivos and Mosdos.

This week is one of the busiest weeks of fundraisers and Dinners for Yeshivos and Mosdos among many other Frum Jewish organizations. The wedding season has not started yet and organizations take the opportunity to host fundraising events during this time. Some will host a breakfast others a luncheon, a parlor meeting, a Chinese auction, a radio-thon, walk-a-thon or the traditional fundraising Dinner.  There are over 25 Dinners alone this past week in the tri state area.

Please go out and show your support to the many wondefull mosdos HaTorah Ve'chesed that are all  being marbeh kavod shomayim here is a list for this weeks Dinners.

End of an era Mrs. Hinda Tress A''H almanah of Reb Mike Tress Z'TL

Read article in  hapardes after the petirah of Reb Mike Tress zt"l.

From Hamodia - May 26th issue.
The petirah of Mrs. Hinda (Edith) Tress, sadly, marks the end of an era. This matriarch of an empire of Torah, askanus and chessed exemplified the ideal ezer k’negdo and eim b’Yisrael. She encouraged her husband, the legendary Reb Elimelech Gavriel (Mike) Tress, zt”l, in his relentless hatzalah work, youth leadership and building of a strong and proud Orthodoxy in America.
Firmly sharing his values, she stood by him as he exchanged the life of a well-to-do businessman for that of full-time osek b’tzarchei tzibbur b’emunah,

Countering the imbalance of frum Blogs

   Who are the frum blogs? We hear so much about the frum bloggers, the fear that they impose on rabbonim, the bashing of yiddishkeit and torah etc. Who are they and what is their agenda? A look through blogosphere reveals a few categories, yet there is an imbalance that must be countered. In the first category, you have lashon horah, rechilus, and anything that defames the torah and frum yidden. You have left leaning blogs that will not miss an opportunity to be mevazeh gedolim and yiddishkeit.

   The scene plays itself out in shuls all across the world each and every shabbos.The baal koreh begins to lein. He makes a mistake and he dosent just get corrected, but gets pounced on by certain individuals. They will yell out for no reason even at words that were pronounced correctly. That in essence is what the bloggers are. They stand guard doing nothing while listening to someone lein, someone living his life proactively going about his business. Rabbonim and organizations go about their way being constructive and doing good, and then the bloggers are there waiting for that small mistake, that little hiccup and there they go pouncing on someone elses missfortune. 

    We all have a bit of blogger in us

Saturday, May 24, 2014

oorah kiruv radiothon this motzei Shabbos bamidbar 2014 -Fiveish hour, shidduch crisis discussion and much more.

                               List of winners oorah auction 2014 HERE
Donate Here to the Oorah auction.
Listen in on the hotline 718-557-0555
Watch oorah auction HERE  or HERE  or below.
The famed oorah-thon will be going on, this Motzei shabbos May 24th, 2014 Starting at 10:00 pm with a live drawing of over $150,000 in prizes. A special Fiveish hour 10-11 plus live musical entertainment, inspiring kiruv stories and more excitement as prizes are picked and Winners are called live on air. One of the highlights of the Oorah-thon will be a frank conversation about shidduchim on air with big-time shadchanim including  Rabbi Yisroel (Freddie) Friedman and Rabbi Tzodak Katz. Questions from the public are welcome –  email Oorah-thon program is from 10-4, one hour dedicated to this. 
watch it live at  or HERE or listen on the radio in the NY metro area at WABC 770 am WMCA 570am Lakewood 107.9 FM 
Listen in on the hotline 718-557-0555

Friday, May 23, 2014

Artscroll to release new book "Maran Harav Ovadia" on Rav Ovadia Yosef Zatzal

The book is scheduled for release May 26th, 2014 order here at
He had a mind big enough to master all of Torah. A spirit big enough to lead his people. And a heart big enough to contain all of Klal Yisrael. Maran Harav Ovadia Yosef met with Prime Ministers, Presidents, great rabbis — and the humblest Jew seeking advice or a berachah. He inspired and led a revolution in Sephardic society. But whether he was the ten-year old son of a poor grocer pleading to study Torah constantly, or an ailing man in his '90s keeping a schedule that would have tired someone half his age, Harav Ovadia Yosef had only one agenda: Torah. Always Torah. And everyday life according to the Torah. The brilliant gaon was an unyielding warrior for Torah. As a young rabbi in Cairo, he courageously stood firm for halachah even as a gun was pointed at his head. In the early days of the State of Israel, he struggled to bring his Sephardic brethren back to the magnificent Torah traditions that many were abandoning with terrifying haste.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two years since Internet Asifa at Citfield new Asifos planned for Women in Brooklyn, Lakewood and other frum communities.

Internet Asifa at Citifield
As we approach the Two year anniversary from the mass Asifa "kinus klal yisrael" by Ichud hakehilos, Rabbanim are continuing with follow up asifos to the constant battle of the dangers of technology. Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan will once again be dedicated to helping spread awareness and chizuk about the appropriate use of technology. This time the events will be geared to women (and older girls) how to elevate the קדושה in their home, protect their children and home from modern technologies destructive influence.

Brooklyn Asifa will take place in Boro park at the Bobov hall 62nd street and 15th avenue, Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, 5774- May, 28, 2014. Ticket prices $10.  
Lakewood Asifa will take place at Lake terrace hall on Monday May, 26 at 8 pm with attendance of Rav Mattisyahu Solomon shlita Mashgiach Beth Medrash Govoha.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Despite being on schedule, chief Rabbi Lau cancelled visit to YCT

It was his first official trip to the US as Ashkenazi chief Rabbi of Israel  Rabbi Dovid Lau had a full schedule in the NY metro area including a visit to YCT. Lau visited the grave of Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson and attended services at Orthodox synagogues and spoke, in English, at Yeshiva University, Lander College and at a event for the security of har hazaisim attended by leaders of the Agudah. The Rabbi participated in services at the Fifth Avenue Synagogue, West Side Institutional Synagogue, Lincoln Square Synagogue, The Jewish Center, Manhattan Sephardic Congregation, and Congregation B’nai Yeshurun of Teaneck.

Rabbi David Lau was also scheduled to speak at Avi weiss's Yeshiva Chovevei Torah in Riverdale on May 14, 2014. It would have given them (YCT) recognition they are so desperately looking for, yet it appears that rabbi Lau did not pay them a visit. There were no news reports or pictures of the Chief Rabbi speaking or visiting chovevei Torah. Allthough rebbeim and students of YCT did go and meet with Rabbi Lau but he did not go to YCT.

 An article in the JPOST praises Rabbi Lau for reaching out to to non-Orthodox Jews in a meeting with Jewish Federation leaders on his trip to New York. However Rabbi Lau did  not visit Reform or Conservative institutions and for for the same reason probably did not pay a visit to YCT either.

Twitter- similar to the twitter of birds says the Rosh Yeshiva, we must reduce our own prattling.

At the Torah Umesorah national convention which took place last week, the Rosh Yeshiva of Ner Yisroel of Baltimore Rav Aharon Feldman delivered his traditional remarks. The Rosh yeshiva spoke about the dangers of the internet and social networks.
Rav Aharon Feldman shlita
 He said over fron the Vilna Gaon that when one speaks devarim  Beteilim he is enwrapped in a ruach tumah which causes one to speak even more devarim beteilim.
The RY explained that speech is the essence of life and the wanton misuse of humanity is a form of destroying it. Every Tumah is a result of extermination and destruction of life. Thus speaking devorim beteilim which can be understood as a destruction of life creates a powerful form of ruach tumah.
The Rosh yeshiva than went on to explain how this gives us a new awareness of the dangers of the internet

Monday, May 19, 2014

May a Shadchan lie to push a shidduch through? Can he lie about the age?

שדכן = שקר דובר כסף נוטל

At his Lag Ba'omer Tish yesterday the Viznitz Rebbe of Bnei Brak  spoke of some important issues relating to his flock. The rebbe spoke to those in the parsha of shidduchim, he called on people not to get upset or depressed about it, everything is from shomayim. At the same time he called on the shadchanim to put in more effort and work harder in helping singles find their bashert.

The Rebbe referenced that known saying that the roshei Teivos of the word שדכן is שקר דובר כסף נוטל, the literal translation is he speaks lies and takes money. The rebbe pointed out that a shadchan must have the smarts and know what to say and what not to say but chalila he should not lie.
The Rebbe asked that people stop pressuring and demanding of him to  to guarantee a yeshuah or refuah as all he can do is give a bracha and daven he is not in a position of   צדיק גוזר. The Rebbe said the zechus of the great day of Lag baomer will bring yeshuos to all.

Now, with the current shidduch crisis many older singles only get dates by hiding or not offering their age upfront. Some even keep themselves as as a younger age for a few years. Should we be up front and say im 32 if you can pass for 28? is there a line between a white lie or a red one?
Dont let age be a factor in a shidduch .

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Watch Miron live 2014- live broadcast from Lag baomer in Miron

For  Lag B'omer 2015 watch HERE 5775 miron live.

Watch HERE MIRON live 2014 click HERE for live stream broadcast 

               Video Motzei shabbos  in Miron 5774

Watch the festivities of Lag Baomer in MIRON live HERE . Double click on the video to enlarge.

Watch  Grand  Chabad Lag Baomer parade in Crown heights 2013 LIVE HERE

Click HERE for video of Satmar rebbe Rav Aaron Teitelbaum hadlukah Lag Baomer in Monroe 5773/ 2013

Friday, May 16, 2014

When Lag Ba'omer falls out on motzei Shabbos shaving permitted on Friday

Lag Ba'omer in Miron
 Since Lag B’Omer, this year falls on Sunday, May 18th, 2014 (18 Iyar,5774) one is permitted to get a haircut and shave on Friday erev shabbos , May 16th, in honor of shabbos, according to the Ra''ma. However, according to many, it is Assur to shave or take a haircut on Motzei Shabbos  (Rama"h in Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 493:2)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The story behind the viral picture of the NYC chess match by-a shas yid.

Chess match NYC Rabbi Dovid bergman Photo credit (Mo Gelber)

Hamodia newspaper  has a exclusive story about the epic chess match caught on camera between a Chassidic Jew and an African American man at Manhattan's Union Square.  HERE

The picture obviously captured people’s imaginations — two gentlemen who appeared to be around the same age seated on park benches across a chessboard table. One was a Jew dressed in traditional chassidic garments with a beard and thick peyos, his hand on a white bishop, deeply involved in deciding his next move; the other, a thinly-bearded African-American wearing jeans and a tan leather jacket, waiting patiently for his turn, a half empty water bottle lying at his side.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

BD'H Petirah of Hagaon hatzadik Rav Zundel Kroizer Zatzal

Rav Zundel kroizer Zatzal
Petirah of hagaon hatzadik Rav Zundel kroizer Z'TL from the ziknei Yerushalayim. He was 90 years old. In recent days his health deteriorated and he was hospitalized fighting for his life. He was niftar this morning the Levaya will take place this afternoon in Yerushalayim at 4 pm from Rechov Rashi to har hamenuchos. Rav Zundel grew up in the Yishuv hayashan. He grew up near machne Yehuda and was very close with Rav Eliyashiv z'tl. (Read special tribute by Rabbi Pinchos Lipshutz editor of Yated Ne'eman)  At the age of 9 he would recite tikkun chatzos and daven vasikin at nearby Botei Broide. He would travel to Bnei brak to the Chazon Ish together with Rav Chaim Brim z'tl. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"What can Brown do for you" UPS driver makes a shidduch in crown heights.

Terry the UPS driver and shadchan standing between choson and Kallah
Mazel Tov to Tomim Zevi Goldin, 25, (Crown Heights) and Chana Simon, 21, (Crown Heights) on their engagement.
Talk about adding shadchanim to help alleviate the shidduch crisis, "Terry Spiers" a UPS driver in Crown heights had an idea and acted as shadchan/matchmaker between the bride and the groom. According to Israeli website Charedim10 . The driver while making his daily deliveries around Crown heights got to know his customers well. One day he had an idea of matching up this boy and girl he knew. He gave each one the info about the other and within a few weeks they were engaged! The L'chaim took place and the shadchan was there to join in the simcha. Read more HERE and in the NY Daily News HERE.

You never know who will be the shliach and "deliver" the goods.  wedding will take place IYH June 2

Monday, May 5, 2014

Lev Tahor revisited Ami magazine editorial

Following the article on Lev Tahor in pesach issue of Ami Magazine, Rabbi Frankfurter wrote in his editorial that he stands by his assessment of lev Tahor in his original article. However he acknowledges the feedback both positive and negative as the matter touches upon issues that effect not only Lev Tahor but all of klal Yisroel and debate even when heated is therefore of the essence.
 here are some excerpts.

There have been few articles in the orthodox Jewish media in recent times that triggered as much attention and discussion as did the series on Lev Tahor that appeared in the Pesach issue. In response we received both effusive praise and biting criticism  many hailed us as saviors and heroes for defending Jewish mothers, fathers, and children under siege while others saw it as  positive coverage of a group they deem to be a cult...It should be noted that defending people's fundamental rights is by no means an endorsement of their way of life.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Power of Gedolim Pictures- Yartzheit of Reb Shaya Kerestirer

This Shabbos 3 Iyar is the Yartzheit of Reb Shaya'la of Kerestirer (1851-1925) one of the famous chasiddic Rebbes from Hungary in the early Twentieth century. Many are making the trip to his Kever and spend Shabbos at his house in northern Hungary (photos HERE). His picture is believed by many to be a segulah and a amulet of protection. Many stores have his picture to keep away mice.
 Here is the The Famous Mouse Story- link.            (see below for story of Rav Aaron Kotler picture)
Reb Shaya Kerestirer
Affectionately known as Reb Shaya'le (Rabbi Yeshaya Steiner of Kerestir), the Kerestirer Rebbe lived around the beginning of the 20th Century. He was a very pious man and extremely humble, always referring to himself in the diminutive (Shaya'le). He was known as a "miraculous" person. His greatest pleasure was to host a very elaborate Melave Malka, the meal that follows Shabbos, on Saturday night. Often he would have his chassidim shecht fresh chickens for his meal.

One motzei Shabbos, while Reb Shaya'le was eating this special melave malka meal, a chossid came to him with an urgent request. He was a man who had a warehouse full of foodstuffs and he made his living by buying an selling food. For the past number of months, his warehouse had been taken over by mice who were eating his grain and other commodities and his entire livelihood was threatened. He asked Reb Shaya'le for a blessing that the mice should leave his warehouse. At that time, each small town in Europe was ruled by the local church pastor. Some of the pastors were kind towards the Jews and others were very harsh. Reb Shaya'le asked the chossid if the pastor of the town he lived in was kind or harsh. The chossid replied that he was very harsh toward the Jews. Reb Shaya'le then instructed the chossid to go to his warehouse and to tell the mice, "Reb Shaya'le says to go to the estate of the pastor." The chossid followed the Rebbe's advice and instantly hundreds of mice raced out of the warehouse all heading in the direction of the pastor's estate. The chossid's business was saved and ever since Jews who have been plagued with this problem have used Reb Shaya'le's picture to accomplish the ridding of mice from their homes.
  Story with Picture of Rav Aharon Kotler- 
Rav Aharon Kotler
Recently a story about a Bochur who went off the derech, yet he was still living at home and his parents gave him the privacy of his room they did not enter it at all. It so happened that a contractor who was working on the home had to enter the room and to his amazement amongst the not so tzniusdik pictures on the wall and other posters of rock stars and Holywood greats there was a picture of  The Lakewood Rosh hayeshiva Rav Aharon Kotler Z'TL. Not sure what to make of it he discussed it with the boys mother and a rav he didnt feel it was bakovedik for the picture of Rav Aharon to be hanging on a wall shared with other secular pritzusdiker pictures. After consulting it was decided not to make anything of it or speak to her son about it. At least let him have some connection to yiddeshkeit. Eventually he started coming to the shabbos seudos and started his way back. When asked what helped him make his turn around he explained. He once gave a donation to the Lakewood Yeshiva Beth Medrash Govoha and they sent him a poster of Rav Aaron Kotler. He dosent know why but he hung it on the wall. something about the picture talked to him and he felt Rav aharon was looking at him.
The current Rosh Yeshiva Rav Malkiel Kotler shlita remarked the Kedusha of the Zaydeh was so powerful even a picture can bring someone back to yiddeshkeit.