Thursday, May 31, 2012

Noted Philanthropist buys Israeli Yated Ne'eman newspaper

   The Israeli Yated Ne'eman, founded by Maran Harav Shach, (with no affiliation to the American one) was purchased and bought by R' Shimon Glick, a supporter of Torah institutions in America and Eretz Yisrael and confidant of Rav Shteinman. Apparently the gedolim were not happy with the way the paper was run and the message it was advocating. After some back and forth negotiations and the threat of a competing newspaper, it was bought off by Mr.Glick.
   Changes were made immediately on the editorial board, with some editors fired, writers were replaced and new ones added to control the paper. The paper has lately experienced a decline in subscriptions, and had many in the yeshiva world at odds with the message it was projecting. Hopefully it will return to its glory of what it was meant to achieve.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Frum newspapers with shavuos editions,not all cover the Asifa.

The frum Papers all came out with their Shavuos editions. Interestingly while Ami ran with Post Asifa coverage and a shavuos interview with the rosh yeshiva of MTJ Staten Island Harav reuvain feinstein. The Yated Ne'eman had a special insert on the Asifa but, did not cover the Asifa at all except for paid advertisements from ichud hakehilos. It was not mentioned in the editorial or other news items.(The yated goes by the daas torah of the Philadelphia Rosh yeshiva who was did not support the Asifa).
 Mishpacha Magazine, had a cover story on the New Viznitz rebbe in EY Rav Yisrael hager,as well as an interesting article on the Posek of brisk Rav Simcha  Zelig Rieger. The Kulmus section which is included in the Tom Tov issue was informative with various articles such as what was told to Moshe rabbeinu on har sinai,and which Mitzvos were kept before matan torah.
Hamodia had the most Asifa coverage. Included in the magazine section were articles on 100 years since the Katowice conference in 1912 and the establishment of Agudas yisrael. In the spirit of Shavuis an article about a Ger tzedek from Poland who talks about his journey to Judaism.

 Zman magazine landed an interview with Michael Medved a Baal teshuva and one of the nations leading talk show hosts.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For "Achdus" I'm going to the Siyum Hashas

     Leading up to the Asifa, one thought of going to an event held up to its name "Ichud Hakehilos "  Kinus klal Yisrael, an event meant to benefit all yidden. An event where you will be together with all segments of the klal, with equal representation and proportionate speakers in both Yiddish and English, so all those who came can hear something inspirational in their own language. An event where the Gedolei Roshei Yeshiva in America will have their voice heard. That was not the case. Regarding opinions and interests, "Achdus" could not be further from the truth.

    As the program concluded, it was apparent, that we were misled and duped. While some left inspired, many were disappointed. There was a disproportionate amount of Yiddish speakers, It was a chasidishe event. Even Rav Mattisyahu  Solomon, who saved the evening by reaching out to the mevakshei hashem and spoke in english, preceded his remarks saying he was asked to speak in Yiddish. Also, on the jumbotron all they kept showing were various Chasidishe Rebbes and Admorim. If not for the fact that the Skulener Rebbe spoke, you would not have known that Rav Elya Ber Wachtfogel was present. The crowd of yeshivaleit that came did not hear a drasha from not even one American Rosh Yeshiva. A lot of effort was made to get people to come. Some were asked to come by their respected rabbonim, parents were told by schools to attend, yet once there, they were not represented. Either not enough thought went into planning the program or personal interests took over and the event was hijacked.

   The Siyum Hashas, as has always been, is a event where you are together with all segments of the klal, where the voice of the Gedolim is heard. Each participant feels at home as all tribes are represented. It's not an easy task, but that's what Agudah is all about: bringing all of klal yisroel together. From chasidish to litvish from sefardi to ashkenazi, women and children. For a true kinus klal yisroel I'm going to the Siyum Hashas.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Asifa brochure

The 100 page Asifa brochure was for some reason not distributed at the event. Below is a copy of the souvenir of attendance printed in the book. Click here for the full brochure.
                                             Souvenir of Attendance

And record it in writing and seal it…
that it may last for many days. (Yirmiyahu 32)

Let it be recorded for posterity that I _________________________________
heeded the call of the Gedolim and participated in person at the historic Asifa
at which Klal Yisrael, with the Gedolim of America at the helm, gathered together at Citi Field on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5772, May 20, 2012, to unite in committing ourselves to facing the challenges of modern technology.
In the course of the evening I listened to and was inspired by addresses by:
The following points in particular made an impression on me:
I was deeply moved by the following aspects of the program:
As a result of this event I have taken upon myself the following resolution/s:
Impressions/Notes: ___________________________________________________
Signed: ____________________________________________

                       Kinus Klal Yisrael Citi Field Sunday, May 20th 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Klal Yisroel steps up to the plate

The historic Asifa  "kinus klal yisroel" ichud hakehilos hatzolas hadoros had many people wondering, speculating and guessing: what will be said there? who will speak? what will come out of it ? will anything change? will they ban social media outright? will they go after the blogs?

The Asifa that took place did not actually live up to the fear of the skeptics. It was a true maamad, a Kiddush Hashem with many Yidden coming together in Achdus, looking to improve themselves and getting inspired. The weather was gorgeous, the stadium, the grass, was beautiful, decked in a sea of black and white and blue too! Rabbi wachsman hit one out of the park, as he elequently explained the dangers that we face and challenges that have creeped into our machaneh.

When was the last time so many chasidishe youngeleit were together with bnei torah from Lakewood, with baalei batim, all together davening in harmony. Yes, we may have our diffrences of opinion but none of that was evident at the Asifa. The thundering kabolas ol Malchus Shamayim, the singing of vetaher libeinu, and the Maariv all together was a perfect setting of achdus and tefillah as we get ready for kabbolas hatorah.
The mashgiach rav Matisyahu Solomon was quoted as saying, Now we can go on to the Siyum hashas. We have prepared ourselves for kabbolas hatorah.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Speakers and program for the Asifa in Citi Field

Updates on twitter @Thepartialview

Loudspeakers in brooklyn asking all to say tehillim in the shuls from 3-6 for the Hatzlocha of Asifa.

Rav Elye ber Wachtfogel will speak earlier at City Field. Rav Elya brudny will speak at arthur Ashe at 5:00

As it appears now, Mincha will be at 6:30 Asifa 7-9:15 The Speakers will be. the Mashgiach Rav mattisyahu Solomon ,The Skulener Rebbe, opening remarks by noted Lakewood askan Reb menashe Frankel. The main speaker will be the Mashgiach Harav Don Segal, who is coming from eretz yisrael as a Shliach for rav Shteinman and rav Chaim kanievsky. rabbi pesach krohn will speak in english and explain the asifa to the media as well. The djibo dayan" Satmar dayan" from montreal,  Rav dovid Feinstein from EY not the RY of MTJ, Rachmastrivker rebbe from eretz yisrael will recite the tefilas hashela, as the asifa is taking place on Erev Rosh chodesh Sivan. Rav Efraim wachsman will emcee. A video message from harav shmuel wosner shlita of bnei brak will air at the Asifa. There will be a hook up and live program as well at the Arthur Ashe stadium nearby. rav mattisyahu might speak live later on at Arthur Ashe stadium.

Due to limited parking the tzibbur is requested to use mass transit. busses from all locations or the subway, # 7 train from Manhattan to Citi field Mets/Willets Point Station.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Rav Chaim kanievsky issues letter to upcoming Asifa.

In a special letter dated chof daled Iyar for those attending the Asifa, Rav Chaim kanievsky writes about the danger of the internet. It has taken many from the best homes and caused them to transgress. It is the Yetzer hora of avoda zara and Giluy arayos of our times. We must come together and formulate concrete ideas and solutions and figure out a way  how to combat and get rid of this yetzer hora. He commends the gedolim in america for arranging an Asifa bringing together tens of thousands yereim and shleimim to be mechazek and combat this yetzer. The letter concludes that there is absolutely no heter to use the internet without a filter even for parnasah or anything else. One must use guidance  as to what kind of filter is proper and kosher for his internet use. Hopefully they will work on a Kosher internet in the near future so and find ways how to avoid this michshol.

Oorah radiothon this motzei shabbos

With all the hype over the Internet asifa please keep in mind that the famed oorah radiothon will be going on this Motzei shabbos May 19th. Starting at 10:00 pm with a live drawing of over $200,000 in prizes. A special feivish hour will air 10-11 followed by by live musical entertainment, inspiring kiruv stories and more excitement.

watch it live here at

Donate here to the oorah auction.
Listen in on the hotline 212-990-8000 pin #7587

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Satmar rebbe Rav Aron Teitelbaum reiterates his position that his chasidim should not attend the Asifa as well as the Siyum Hashas

Click here for audio in Yiddish

 free translation in english:

I  would like to say, the medrash in this weeks parsha says "each day I would think to go to a certain place but my feet drag me to the bais hamedrash". There is a world out there full of propoganda telling me to go to a certain place, a world of propoganda saying one must go to this and this place (Internet asifa) but my feet drag me to the Bais hamedrash. I remember in the  bais medrash  the fiery Shalosh Seudos torah that was said as well as the drashos of  which I heard from my uncle  Zichrono Livracha (Satmar rebbe Rav Yoel). Anyone who walked through his doorstep understands what the holy rebbes position is regarding this matter. A heimisher yingerman, his place is not there (at the asifa) and not at the siyum of daf yomi (Siyum hashas). Those who understand will understand  and those who dont wont. Have a good day.

The rebbe was alluding to the fact that the Satmar Rebbe Reb Yoel was against any gatherings of rabbis belonging to the Agudah.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Arthur Ashe stadium added as Second venue for sold out internet asifa, klal yisrael

Due to overwhelming response and a sold out Citi Field stadium, The Ichud hakehilas are in the final stages of arranging for a second nearby location  at Arthur Ashe stadium, enough to seat an additional 22,000. All those who ordered tickets will receive on a first come first serve basis. There will be live speeches at each location as well as satellite hook ups between both arenas. for ticket info click here.
many Gedolim from all international communities will attend. the full list and program will be made available.

Tickets will not be available through email or phone order, they will be sold at specific locations  in the tristate area since many will first be allocated for those who purchased tickets already.

for updates and important asifa information call the Asifa hotline at 732-551-3351 option 6

1. Call 855-Asifa-72 (855-274-3272)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Internet Asifa update, tickets sold out, the expo portion has been canceled,hook ups in many areas

Update : 5/20/2012  Tickets for Arthur Ash are only being sold in lakewood at the ichud office ,in brooklyn at the ichud ofice on 13th ave.

Update: 5/17/12 organizers are finalizing plans for another venue to accommodate more seating for the many that want to join. for info click  here   and here.

Mishpacha magazine article about Asifa here.

Update : 5/16/12  Misaskim issues security message regarding Asifa at Citi Field Here.

Update: 5/16 the ichud is working feverishly to find more seating for the sold out event. There might be a tent in the adjacent parking lot. For updated Asifa information call 732-551-3351 after 4 pm today. Rav Aaron Schiff from belgium will attend the Asifa with his kehilah. No word yet on any litvisher RY attending from outside the US.

update: 5/15/12 Organizers are looking into  possibility of added seating in the parking lot or renting out a nearby stadium. Rachmastrivka rebbe from EY said to attened the asifa. Admor Pshevorsk from belgium will iyh attend as well.

The event is sold out, you can try calling the office and get on a waiting list here. There will  be live hook ups for men in all out of town cities. To setup a hook up in your area call 732 300 4382. The tri state area will only have hook ups  for women, not for men as they want all who have tickets to physicaly come to the stadium. The expo part of the asifa has been cancelled in order to accommodate the many attendees that have no internet, in addition the focus has been shifted to more of a yom tefillah and prayer rally. There will be various technology expos held in individual communities following the Asifa. The program will start with mincha  at 6:30. Each attendee will receive a set of binoculars regardless of where they sit, along with a bag of refreshments and a drink. The speakers will be a mix of yiddish and english, there will be a live translation of the speech on the screens. The full schedule and list of speakers has not  been made public.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Agudah statement on Obama's approval of same gender marriage

The following statement was released by Agudas Yisroel of America following President Obama’s statement in support of same-gender marriage:
In the wake of President Obama’s sharing of his personal feeling that the millennia-old institution of marriage should be redefined in contemporary America, National Jewish Democratic Council chair Marc R. Stanley declared his admiration for the president’s demonstration of “the values of Tikkun Olam.”
A political group is entitled to its opinion, no less than a president is to his. But to imply that a religious value like “Tikkun Olam” - and by association, Judaism - is somehow implicated in a position like the one the president articulated, is outrageous, offensive and wrong.
We hereby state, clearly and without qualification, that the Torah forbids homosexual acts, and sanctions only the union of a man and a woman in matrimony.
The Orthodox Jewish constituency represented by Agudath Israel of America, as well as countless other Jews who respect the Jewish religious tradition, remain staunch in their opposition to redefining marriage.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ticket information for Internet Asifa @ citifield, may 20th

 For asifa updates click here.
Update: As of Thursday May 10th Tickets have been sold out. People have been told to call the Ichud office after Shabbos and they might have more tickets. you can E-mail and be placed on a waiting list.
UPDATE: Rav Matisyahu Solomon on a 24 hour visit to Eretz yisrael  Invited Rav Chaim kanievsky and Rav Shteinman to attend the historic asifa. Neither of them outright declined, creating much speculation on weather they will actualy attened the asifa.

Tickets must be purchased in advance due to security reasons. Tickets will not be sold at the gate.
 Do to security all bags will be checked and food will not be allowed, those coming from far should make arrangements and plan accordingly, as supper will not be served. A snack bag with a drink and a mezonos will be given to all who attend.

 Expo hours 5-7 pm   Asifa 7-9:15 pm
the full Schedule of speakers has not been announced yet. Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman will be speaking.

$10 a ticket.
To Order:

1. Call 855-Asifa-72 (855-274-3272)

2. Email:, a pdf form will automaticaly be emailed for you to fill and send back.

3. Mail to: 4205 13th avenue ,Brooklyn, NY 11219

4. Fax 855-274-3272

For SIYUM HASHAS tickets click here.