Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ami magazine celebrates first year anniversary

In this weeks issue Ami magazine celebrates its first anniversary as publishers of a weekly, for the frum  orthodox world. In the editorial they write;
" We certainly recognize that errors are inevitable, and to pray that no mishap come through us is to pray for a miracle- a prayer that Halacha usually deems inappropriate. What we can ask for, though, and do, is that others not seize on our errors as a means to ridicule us in order to silence our message."
 A good thing to ask for , however through the first year, Ami has not shied away from controversies or discussing controversial topics that were not brought up by the current charedi print media. In this weeks issue alone, the cover story was about the city of Beit Shemesh in turmoil. The pictures posted along the article, about charedim clashing with police or a Charedi screaming portraying them as lunatics, is embarrassing. By trying to cover and appease the Ami of klal yisrael, from modern orthodox to Satmar from Litvish to Lubavitch, such a prayer is always needed.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who asked you ? Who appointed you ?

      Many frum websites and blogs posted articles or op-eds by rabbonim condemning the violence in Beit Shemesh. Some of the rabbis  may be known while others are just anonymous. They may be right and well intentioned. However, a response should come from a higher authority- not by self appointed spokespersons  and opportunists who call themselves rabbis that are popular only online but do not have any real position of leadership.

Our Leaders are not created by websites or made popular by the many hits or like's they get on facebook. Our Gedolim are people who are looked up to by the klal; people who are true Talmidei chachomim and yirei hashem. We need to hear a condemnation from gedolim such as the Agudah response which has Gedolim sitting at its helm.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Agudah statement on recent events in Beit Shemesh

 Agudath Israel of America issued the following statement today:
Reports of recent events in the Israeli town of Beit Shemesh are deeply disturbing. Violence of any sort, whether physical or verbal, by self-appointed “guardians” of modesty is reprehensible. Such conduct is beyond the bounds of decent, moral – Jewish! – behavior. We condemn these acts unconditionally.
Those who have taken pains to note that the small group of misguided individuals who have engaged in this conduct are not representative of the larger charedi community are to be commended. It is disturbing, though, that some Israeli politicians and secularists have been less responsible, portraying the actions of a very few as indicative of the feelings of the many. Quite the contrary, the extremist element is odious to, and rejected by, the vast majority of charedi Jews.
Lost in all the animus and ill will, unfortunately, is the concept ostensibly at the core of the controversy: the exalted nature of tzenius, or Jewish modesty. Judaism considers human desires to constitute a sublime and important force, but one whose potential for harm is commensurate with its potential for holiness.
In a society like our own, where the mantra of many is, in effect, “anything goes,” many charedi Jews, men and women alike, see a need to take special steps – in their own lives and without seeking to coerce others – to counterbalance the pervasive atmosphere of licentiousness, so as to avoid the degradation of humanity to which it leads.
It would be tragic were the acts of violence to lead Jews to, G-d forbid, reject the culture of tzenius that has always been the hallmark of the Jewish nation, to regard Jewish modesty as something connected to violence and anger, rather than to refinement and holiness.

Rav Elyashiv, our survival -separation from the secular way of life.

Harav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv,  in a letter  posted in the Tuesday edition of the  Israeli yated neeman said,  that he was opposed to the recent phenomenon of integrating secular college level studies with Torah education, and to institutions that encourage youths to enlist in the IDF or National Service (Sherut Leumi).

In his letter, Rabbi Elyashiv wrote that “the secret and foundation to the survival of Torah and of those who fear Hashem and live a life of Torah is absolute separation from the world of the secular, who have thrown off the yoke of Torah. As such we must protest and warn against all sorts of trends from the outside that seek to harm the pure oil of the hareidi institutions. These institutions must be under the control of the rabbis and must be guided by them, and must exclude all paths that lead to national service, secular studies, or the army, even if they assure a special framework for hareidi Jews. Such a framework will subject hareidi Jews to the control and culture of secular Jews who have thrown off the yoke of Torah,” he wrote.
The purpose of all these programs, Rabbi Elyashiv wrote, was to change the nature of hareidi Jewish life. “Thus they (the secular government) encourage all sorts of programs, academies, colleges, and the like which promise degrees, licenses, etc., intended to introduce goals and aspirations foreign to our way of life. This is in direct contradiction to the instructions of the the great rabbis of previous generations, who battled against all institutions that had these purposes, and removed them from the 'camp of Torah.' This is especially the case now, where the institutions make clear that their purpose is to change our ways of life, and to instill foreign aspirations – nationalistic and academic – that our forefathers never accepted, bringing us to make inappropriate connections with secular people, those of the 'culture of sinners.'”
The only true path for Jews, said Rabbi Elyashiv, was to “do the will of our Father in Heaven” and reject these efforts.

Translation from Arutz Sheva.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bostoner rebbe, Internet addicts to be treated,not expelled.

   During  his recent trip to Eretz Yisroel the Bostoner Rebbe addressed his followers this past Shabbos. He spoke on the current events and the current challenges we face from modern technology. Many rabbonim he said, are speaking out against the non kosher cell phones and the internet. Their approach of throwing those that have it out of shuls and expelling them from the community is wrong.

    He went on to say that internet addicts should be treated just as an alcoholic goes for therapy to rid himself of his addiction, so too internet and phone addicts must be treated from the root cause, which is addiction. It shouldn't be that a person in middle of davening shmoneh esrei will get an alert and hurry up his davening to retrieve the message. However the right approach is to treat them and not to throw them out of the community and the shul.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Lakewood Schools postpone acceptance process for boys high schools.

 The menahalim and heads of mesivtos in Lakewood  have agreed to postpone the process of acceptance into High school. This change was previously done with registration for 4 year old playgroup (though for diffrent reasons ) and now its been done with entrance bechinos to High schools as well. The mesiftos will only begin accepting requests for applications starting on 23rd of teves. Chadorim, their Rebbeim and principals will not discuss or share any information of the 8th grade students befor Rosh chodesh Shvat. The mesivtos will only begin to give bechinos starting on Tu B'shvat.

The reasoning behind this is, until now the acceptance process began right after sukkos with many boys taking bechinos before Chanuka.  What ends up happening explained a mechanech, that the year was only a 2 month learning year since the boys that got accepted right away began to slack off over the course of the winter and were not motivated for the remainder of the year and in turn affected other boys too. By postponing the bechina process it minimizes this attitude. Another benefit is that boys who dont get in right away wont have a long time frame to worry.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Agudah mulls launching website. Told not yet.

A report claiming that leaders of the Agudah in America consulted with roshei yeshiva and admorim with regards to  launching its own website. There is alot of pressure from many younger members of agudah  to launch a  website to counter the constant attacks from anti torah blogs on the charedi community. They also recognize that the younger generations reliance on print media is dwindling and they get most of their information either online or through social media, thus getting harder for Agudah to reach out and spread its message and publicize its various programs and services to the community. They spoke with the  Skverer Rebbe and he said despite the challenges, it is not proper for Agudas Yisrael to establish a web site. "Although it is important that people get to know the activities of Agudas Yisrael,  by establishing its own site people  will say 'if Agudas Yisrael  is allowed why  cant anyone else have one too."

        Time will tell if this is only temporary and they will eventually launch a site. But for now we must commend them for following the advice of Gedolim regardless of the pressures to have a website.  The very fact that they are from one of the only frum organizations not to yet have a website (that should really have had one for a while ) somewhat keeps the battle of the dangers of technology alive.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Applying for school is both exciting and dreadful, but .....

Its that time of year again,when yeshivos open registration for the coming year.  After years of investigating and seeking advice, many young couples are applying for the first time to send their oldest child to yeshiva. While many have their eye on a particular school, reality dictates that you apply to at least 3 schools and hope you get into one of them. In many communities, especially the tri state area where schools are full and few new slots open, it is a bigger challenge getting accepted. During this time, parents go through a rough time, having many sleepless nights and constant worry,  affecting shalom bayis as well. Couples often blame each other on why their child did not get into the school of their choice. Its an ordeal that many parents dread and hope not to go through  at all. It has become such a worry that when a child is born, people often say  "I have BH 4 years to worry about getting him/her in etc.." 

            Unfortunately, we lose site of the simcha and the zechus we have to bring a child to cheder because we anticipate rejection letters, non stop phone calls, and the embarrassment of not having your kid in school. We should rather look forward when he's born to go through the process putting him in yeshiva.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

New low for Williamsburg Sikrikim

Just when things cant get any worse after a tragic car accident claimed the life of 62 year old R' Meilich Weiss Z'L  Friday night on his way home from shul in Williamsburg. The Sikrikim proved themselves at the  levaya on sunday morning. Pashkevilin written in Yiddish were thrown along the route by some that are opposed to the Eruv in williamsburg. Since the Niftar was  on the commitee of the vaad  H'eruv of williamsburg. The Pashkevil claimed anyone who desecrates shabbos the Shabbos will avenge those who desecrate her by stoning them to death. It mentioned the Niftar by name, and called on all to stop the Chilul shabbos in williamsburg.

The machlokes over the Eruv untill now was fought in the Batei medrash among rabbanim. Apparently these sikrikim only know of one method.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Son in law of Rav nosson Tzvi promoted to RY at Mir Brachfeld.

Rav Noam Alone. Son in law of Rav nosson Tzvi finkel
 appointed RY at the Mir Brachfeld.

As the Mir  yeshiva in Brachfeld commemorated the Shloshim for rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel, His son in Law Harav Noam Alone, was crowned  to serve as  Rosh yeshiva along side the elder rosh yeshiva, Rav Aryeh Finkel. After hespedim were delivered for the Shloshim of the petirah, a siyum hashas was held were the newly appointed RY of the Mir Yerushalayim Rav lazer Yudel Finkel Shlita announced that his brother in law will take the reigns of the yeshiva in Brachfeld. He said that is what my Father would have wanted. Rav Noam untill now gave Shiurim and served as a R''m in the Yeshiva.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A time to rebuke, a time to dance.

There is a time for everything says shlomo hamelech. the recent posts and comparisons of the Kinus hasheluchim and the Agudah convention in various Blogs has been that  the Chabad event was an uplifting joyous experience rejoicing  and upbeat  while the agudah convention was  depressing, full of Rebuke and Mussar with a  non stop cry of gevalt yidden weve lost our ways and we must repent etc. while in truth its not a fair comparison at all  the actual events are  2 diffrent venues. the agudah convention was uplifting too. The Thursday night session was about the dangers of modern technology and rabbanim spoke about responsibility for our actions and the concept of yiras chet.

Yet people seem to not like sitting and hearing some divrei Mussar. we've become a society where everything must be said nicely with a smile and no responsibilty for our actions whatever we do is ok. we've been accustomed to only singing and dancing as a way to serve hashem without ever taking responsibility .During the chet  haegel while they were dancing did Moshe rabbeinu uplift them and talk friendly, No, he was rebuking them for their actions. If a rav gets up and gives a Mussar shmooze people sitting there might not like to hear it but the truth hurts  yes that's what Mussar is. Obviously the  rabbanim feel that these words must be said and are driving home a point and making people aware. we may not like it we feel uncomfortable sitting in our seats listening to it, but it too is just as uplifting. You may ask why does this have to be at the convention ? well how often do people actually get to hear from the rabbanim and roshei yeshiva and get a chance to be uplifted.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A tale of two conventions

With the conclusion of  both the annual  Agudah convention  and the Chabad  lubavitch kinnus hashluchim that took place  over thanksgiving weekend, It seems both are headed in the opposite direction. What used to be the focal point in the frum yeshiva and baal habatish circles the Agudah convention has somewhat become just another event among many taking place throughout the year. It used to be the event of the year covered by all newspapers  an event not to be missed. It was followed by all,  Thousands flocked to the motzei shabbos keynote session in the Catskills , the Rye town Hilton and recently in new jersey. The convention though is still the same in regards to the gedolim in attendence the rabbanim and community leaders and activists. However it has lost its luster as the event of the year.

On the flip side  the kinus hashluchim over the last few years is getting bigger and much more publicity. Credit in large part  to social media and online publicity . It got coverage even among so called litvish yeshiva websites that are more in line with Agudah than Chabad. In fact this weeks AMI magazine ( while still establishing its identity which covers a broad audience from modern orthhodoxy to chasidim) featured a front cover story on the shluchim.
Not to minimize the need for agudah and the work they do on behalf of the Klal. The yeshiva community has grown tremendously and many of the newer generation did not grow up with the agudah as the previous generation did. Where  pirchei, tzeirei  and camp agudah  were an active part of life. The reliance is not what it used to be. The yeshiva world today  has a system of its own too. what used to be at the time The jewish Observer has now been taken over by many weekly newspaper and magazines that are not Agudah affiliated thus people are not reading only about the Agudah news as used to be. Or maybe the Convention is not what it once was.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

letter regarding unfillrered internet use from The zkan doreinu Rav Chaim Kanievsky

In a very strong and sharply worded letter regarding internet use without proper safeguards and filters, Rav chaim kanievsky shlita writes;
"In regarding the Kli  that is referred to as  internet which has caused many to stray from the path, and that the Chazon Ish zatzal ruled at the time on the issue of drafting and inducting women into the Israeli army that it falls under the category of " rather get killed than commit a transgression " and this kli mashchis (the internet) is much much worse( than the induction of women) and you can definately say that is also in the category of yehoreg val yaavor

 Harav Mattisyahu solomon Shlita explained  here at the aguda convention that we are talking about unfilltered internet. and the comparison to giyus banos is a strong one. Just as a lady can not put herself in a situation were she will be vulnerable even though the first step does not appear to be so bad. It also wont necessarily happen and there might  a remote situation that will lead to yehoreg val yaavor  still the Chazon Ish ruled that it is yehoreg vaal yaavor. So to by having unfilltered internet accsess  one is vulnerable to all the aveiros in the world which has been  proven and known to ruin hundreds and thousands of people chalila even inadvertently all it takes is the push of a wrong button.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

89th Agudah convention keynote session motzei shabbos standing up for Torah.

The Motzei Shabbos Keynote session at the Agudah convention touched upon 100 years since the founding of the movement in Katowitz. Chaired by the young and energetic  Askan R' Chaskell Bennett and executive director Reb Laibish becker.
 The Lakewood Rosh Yeshiva Rav Malkiel Kotler mentioned the Mantra of Agudas Yisroel fighting the Ism's through the generations. As the gedolim of previous generations as well as today have guided it in standing up for the Torah and its values.
 The Novominsker rebbe Shlita who serves as Nasi of Agudas Yisroel spoke about the component of the Agudah how we must let our Neshamos control our lives. The changing Nisyanos of our Generation.In Europe and  and early on in America the saying in Yiddish was "es is shver Tzu zein a yid".But today B'H we are blessed with everything we need thousands of chadorim and yeshivos ,Mosdos Hachesed , Kashrus etc.. There a new challenges that we face . That's where the Agudah is involved with the gedolei Torah sitting together with  Balei batim A partnership of  Yissochor and Zevulun. The lomdei Torah and Machzikei Torah coming together. He went on to thank various individuals for their tireless work on behalf of the Klal.
 A Video presentation was shown of the New Chayim Aruchim initiative. Dealing with end of life situations making sure people sign a medical directive. Following words of inspiration from the international guest speaker Rav aaron Schiff from Belgium. He mentioned how Agudah is the rosh yeshiva of daf yomi and has the zechus of spreading Torah to so many that are encouraged to learn. Reb Shlomo Gertzulin thanked many individuals for the support of the agudah and gave an update on the planning for the up coming siyum Hashas on august 2nd I"yh. 

 Chaskel Bennet than introduced his Rav Horav Shimshy Sherer Rav of Kehilas Zichron Mordechei in flatbush. In a passionate speech echoing his late father Rav Moshe Sherer Z'L.He mentioned the 2 new ism's that we face. First one being Post Charedism and the second one being Cynicism. Not Mentioning the Author by Name he read a recent op ed  in the Jerusalem post About post charediism. Coupled with the cynicism spread by comments on various websites and blogs or on the radio waves. Gedolei Hador and Rabbanim are not political candidates for pundits to bash and ridicule.  The Agudah is not just an Organization he said , its a way of life its a Mantra that daas torah will not be spinned or apologized for.The constant bashing by the left has unfortunately had an influence on us. We must re educate ourselves and the next generation what the Mantra of agudah is. We must go out and stand up for kavod Hatorah to fight those who ridicule and bash our gedolim. The Torah is being Charred by the enemies from within we must galvanize the next Dor How the Agudah stood up for us and continues to stand up it is vibrant today as it was during the times of rav chaim ozer rav aaron kotler ,It is the same Agudah  vibrant and  living quoting from Rav aaron kotler saying "es iz und er iz" standing up for the Torah. That is what we have to take home with us.
 Rav Chaim Dovid Zweibel Closed out the session with emphasizing the importance of Hamshacha the continuity of the next generation taking an active roll in getting involved he pointed out to the many young couples  who attended this years convention who are continuing in the ways of their parents.  This is the Hamshacha from Katowitz keepers of a sacred Trust. He concluded with the many challenges facing American Jewry the justice system and a new missionary center in the heart of Brooklyn why Agudah must continue to be vigilant and advocate for the Klal.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Internet danger discussed at Agudah convention Thursday Night

The Thursday Night session at the Agudah convention started with a special message by Rav Dovid Ordman followed by a brief  hazkara for veteran Aguda askan R' yisroel Lefkowitz Z'L.  The session was chaired by his son Rav Avrohom Lefkowitz. The  topic  discussed was The Internet and confronting unprecedented challenges of modern technology. Its dangers that have affected our community young and old alike  including the content on frum blogs that is harmfull to our community. Someone told him that those in Washington  are reading these blogs and they said you don't know what harm it is doing to us. It has changed the way we are being perceived. The First to speak was Harav Elye Brudny shlita The Mir Rosh Yeshiva. He mentioned that klal yisrael suffered many tragedies lately with the passing of many gedolim and tragedies which were unheard of have befallen us.  The Yetzer Hora is a Michshol and the technological advancement is a nisayon for us. Whenever there is a Growth in Torah as thousands of Youngeleit are learning today In Kolelim at unprecedented numbers. The Yetzer hora goes and puts something in the way to prevent us from learning. He mentioned the concept of a global village which we are connected to when going online with instant communication and the ability to be connected and part of the goyisher velt.he expounded he the traits of klal yisroel was bayshanim and with the Internet there is no busha anymore since it can be done in private.
Rav Avrohom Shorr The Rav of Kehilas ateres Yaakov the next to speak thundered away the point how the Internet not being filtered is ripping away neshamos. The yetzer hora does not discriminate from young to old boys or girls ,all ages are susceptible to it. He declared its a war that we must fight and it is not just the rabbonim who should be waging this battle but the entire tzibbur should get up and combat it.He mentioned about having filtered Internet at home all though the father needs it for parnasah but the young children will not know a difference between filtered or not they will have an image of totty sitting for hours by a computer yet they wont understand the safeguards and for that we have to be aware of. He called on the tzibbur to create a place that will have many computer stations available for those that would rather not have Internet at home and want to do shopping or other essentials that can only be done online. It will be available 24 hrs with filters etc.. and people can do their business or whatever they need without having to bring it into our homes. such an undertaking is not that expensive he said it would be in the $150,000 range and there are baal habatim who are ready to get involved and support it.The issues of smart phones and I phones also was explained as having buttons that are not necessary for business and with one push people can be exposed to the biggest shmutz. there were stories of people who were careful their whole life yet have fallen with the use of this available technology.
The mashgiach of Lakewood Harav mattisyahu Solomon concluded with a stirring drasha about yiras hashem how everything we do each action and thought will be publicized and shown to all. shlomo hamelech said sof davar hakol nishma. that thought alone should prevent us and hold us back from transgressing and thinking that in private no one will know or see. we must fight the battle with mesiras nefesh and be ready to drop some of the conveniences we've began to rely on. he spoke about a letter that rav Chaim kanievsky has issued regarding unfiltered Internet as equating it to the issue of giyus banos ,drafting girls into the Israeli army which at the time the Chazon Ish said was yehoreg val yaavor, here too even though initially it seems nothing is so bad yet the situation you are in can quickly put you in great danger that you can not be trusted just like by Giyus banos where at first you would say what is wrong if they join .yet the gedolim saw where it will lead to.
The delegates then went to different concurrent sessions on various topics such as kiruv, schidduchim etc..

click here for a video of the drasha. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Shabbos meal for 10 for only $49.20 ?

 As America celebrates the national Holiday of Thanksgiving, and family's will join together in the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.The American Farm Bureau Federation estimates the meal will cost $49.20 for a family of 10, up $5.73 from last year.That estimate includes a 16-pound turkey, bread stuffing, sweet potatoes, bread rolls and butter, peas, cranberries, a relish tray of carrots and celery, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and coffee and milk -- but not wine or beer. Turkey itself is 22 percent more expensive, due in part to growing demand from China for American turkey parts. It's all a far cry from the original Thanksgiving in 1621 when Pilgrim settlers from England sat down with native Americans for a three-day feast in modern-day Massachusetts to thank God for bountiful harvests in the New World.
As frum Yidden with kosher food prices plus large mishpachos  $ 49.20 wouldn't cover the basic Shabbos  meal for even 3 people. This just brings out the point when looking at average expenses and challenges we face as Yidden, comparing our expenses with the national average just does not factor in.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tznius is for men too

With the recent tragedies that have befallen Klal Yisrael, people look to improve and be mechazek in their Shmiras hamitzvos and many other areas that could use some improvment. One issue which is a constant struggle and always brought up is Tznius. In the recent issue of the FJJ  many letters addressed this issue as a response to the tragedies that have befallen. One writer wrote that  tznius while usualy spoken about to women, it applies to men just as well.
 " Tragedies have been affecting our community, as well as other frum communities throughout the world. Is it possible that these are warnings from Hashem to improve our “dress code”, among other aveiros? I hardly notice tznius, it’s not something I pay attention to. But a recent quick shopping stop at a Marine Park grocery store was like a kick in the gut. I understand better what those speeches are about when I saw how the young women and the men dress! Knees a-plenty, skirts as tight as leotards, black fingernails, body contours for all to see, and the hair – fuggedaboutit! Men in pants so tight you could see their contours too, and hair slicked back with gel - Elvis style. Almost as bad was the conversation – loud, uncouth, Disrespectful. I left that store with a feeling that something is very wrong in our community. May Hashem console all those who have suffered tragedy. But we, as neighbors and friends, how many tears have we shed  along with the families? The blow is a collective one and there is a message here for all of us, you and me together. Are you the mother or grandmother of a teenaged son or daughter? Let’s protect ourselves against future tragedy, R”L. Let’s try to better ourselves in the zechus of these korbanos. Tznius is an obvious way to start."

A good point  ,the question is what is considered standard. Ask one of the Taliban women in yerushalayim they will say if your face is not covered your not tzniusdik. Each one looks down at someone who dresses less then their own standard. What it really comes down to is halacha guidelines which have many diffrent interpretations.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bechoros or Berachos, Daf Yomi can start now

The learners of   Daf Yomi  worldwide are beginning Maseches Bechoros today, Why not join in now ? is there a reason to wait for maseches Berachos? one can argue that by joining now you wont drop out  after the Siyum but will feel a part of it already and hopefully finish the next cycle. The next   Siyum Hashas  will take place, on August 1, 2012, Thirteeenth day of Av.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oy vey iz Mir

The recent petirah of Harav Nosson Tzvi finkel Zatzal the Mir Rosh yeshiva has highlited the  great financial straits of which the yeshiva is in. With an enrollment of Bli Ayin hora over 6,000 Talmidim the Budget is in the Millions of dollars.The Leading Gedolim in EY have issued a call for all to come forward and help out the yeshiva in these trying times .Hopefully enough funds can be raised and help the yeshiva continue to function. What was a given untill now among the Israeli yeshivos is that the Government gave a sizeable amount of money toward each student which helped cover the budget. The recent cuts as well as a growing animosity toward the orthodox in Israel has gained support and many politicians started calling for an end to the handouts that many yeshivos were receiving .On the other hand the small amount of funding that they are receiving comes with a price of accountability as well as being beholden to  politicians on the left who are anti charedi who look to force their views on the yeshivos and gain popularity with the growing resentment of the current trends in israeli society towards the orthodox Jews.The question is,is  this still worth it or as a leading Gadol recently said its time to stop taking from the Govt.