Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Siyum Hashas tickets mailed out, excitement builds as Siyum nears.

Stadium Seating ChartThe Siyum  tickets were mailed out to all those who ordered. Following a mass Ad campaign in the print media as well as Jewish radio stations, tickets are selling fast. Limited $18 tickets still  available. To order Siyum Hashas tickets call 1-877-Siyum-12 or click here. Organizers also reached out to kids who participated in the masmidei hashas to join in the Siyum. The program will begin with Mincha at 7:00 PM one united Minyan and will end with One united Mnyan for Maariv.

There is a possibility of Kidush Levana recital too (its an outdoor stadium) for those who wait till after Tisha B'av which wont be until Sunday night, than bad weather for a few nights may result in wed night being the first available to say kiddush levana.

There will be tight security in and around the stadium. According to Siyum literature everyone entering the stadium will be subject to a  pat down by security personel ( Men ,Women and Children). Hopefully not by the TSA!!

                                    The chart below has been reconfigured for the women's section.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Agudah applauds President Obama Immigration policy for the young.

The immigration policy enunciated by the Obama Administration regarding individuals who entered the United States in their youth was applauded by Agudath Israel of America, a national Orthodox Jewish organization. Under the new U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) directive, there would be “deferred action” for a period of two years in regard to some individuals who face removal from the country. Persons falling within this category will be eligible to apply for work authorization.
“The policy is both pragmatic and proper,” said David Grunblatt, Chair of Agudath Israel’s Legal Services Network Immigration Committee. “These foreign-born individuals were brought to this country as youngsters, were educated here, have contributed their talents here and continue to live here. They should not live in the shadow of being expelled from the U.S. to a country where they have never lived and might not even speak the language.”
The DHS’ policy is discretionary in nature and is intended to be applied on a case by case basis to persons not above age 30. Eligibility criteria include: entry into the U.S. under age 16, continuous residence for five years, and current enrollment in school, graduation from high school or honorable discharge from the Armed Forces. Persons will not be deemed eligible if they have been convicted of a felony or significant misdemeanor, or otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety.
DHS has also made clear that “deferred action” confers no substantive right, immigration status, or pathway to citizenship.
“The policy addresses an urgent and unfortunate situation — one that has affected many members of the Jewish Community that have sought our help but for whom little could be done,” concluded Rabbi Abba Cohen, Agudath Israel’s Vice President for Federal Affairs and Washington Director. “And, given our community’s history, we must be particularly sensitive that our immigration policies embody compassion and common sense. This is a positive step in that direction.”

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Simchas in Klal yisroel, reporting the positive.

Walk to your fridge, look at your calendar, check out your scheduler on your cell phone, the boxes are full and scribbled in with reminders for the many Simchas during the month of June. Baruch hashem there are so many simchos in klal yisrael. We tend not to report on positive and good news. Yet how can we ignore the very fact that yidden are traveling every night to one, two, or even three weddings. Families are commuting throughout the Tri-state area, from Brooklyn to Lakewood, from Lakewood to Monsey, or from out of town. Many are traveling long road trips to or from the midwest or other places out of town to attened a family simcha.

We are witnessing the continuation and constant building of klal yisrael. The continuation of the promise of lo yomushu mpi zraacha. Yes we are getting home very late and than have a wedding the next night again. Not to forget the Shabbos aufruf and the excited family get together for Shabbos Sheva Brachos. 
Many yeshivos and mosdos are holding their annual fundraising dinners as well. We tend to take it for granted, however we must stop and pause and see what is going on around us. We should appreciate the kindness of hashem and to think about, and help those that are having a difficult time with shidduchim during theses times of Simcha.

Right now my mind is in shul Shabbos morning toward the end of Musaf. There's a kiddush in shul, the waiters are bringing out the bags of plastic ware and the smell of kugel fills the room. There is nothing I want to do more than crack open a bottle of Bourbon and drink a, Lechaim!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Agudah statement on Ruling of DOMA as unconstitutional

Agudath Israel of America released the following statment today in response to the Court of Appeals ruling on DOMA.
 Agudath Israel of America is deeply disappointed by the ruling handed down by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit that found the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to be unconstitutional. The decision will do much harm to traditional marriage, but its implications will have a much farther reach.

The court held that the moral justification for maintaining the historic definition of marriage was not a sufficient reason for the federal government to legislatively define marriage in the traditional manner. Agudath Israel argued in an amicus brief submitted to the court in this case that moral considerations are, and historically have been, a rational basis – indeed, even a compelling interest – for enacting social legislation.

The court’s rejection of this argument threatens to erase “morality” as a foundation for legislative action – a result with potentially severe and far-reaching societal effects.”

Agudath Israel has been a strong supporter of DOMA since its inception, having – among other things – testified in its support before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in 1996. We will continue to support this vital statute as it likely makes its way up to the United States Supreme Court for final review.

Daas torah should count in America too!

   While many Roshei Yeshiva attended the asifa in Citifield, leading up to it, many Roshei Yeshiva were not supportive of it or were outright against it. Many senior Roshei Yeshiva held the opinion that  yeshivos should not participate, and the event should be in a smaller venue for baalei batim. The organizers bypassed the opinion of the American Roshei Yeshiva and went directly to Eretz Yisrael seeking approval of the Gedolim there which they got. Letters were posted from the gedolei Eretz Yisrael calling on all to attened including bnei torah to take off from yeshiva. How can a letter have validity when they went to Rav Chaim kanievsky and only presented one side. He did not hear the opposing opinions of rav Shmuel Kaminetzky, senior Rosh Yeshiva in America amongst other roshei Yeshiva as well. Had Rav Chaim heared both sides and then side with one, than we can follow his psak. As it turns out the gedolim in EY were unaware and were not told of the opposing opinions of the American Roshei yeshiva.

   It was a little before the asifa when people went into Rav Chaim and explained to him the opposition of many American Roshei yeshiva. Is daas torah of American Roshei Yeshiva worthless as was shown by this asifa?
Why did we bypass it and run to Eretz Yisrael when the RY here are in tune with whats going on and had an opinion on the matter? I am Chas veshalom not questioning or undermining any of the gedolim both here and in eretz yisrael. Yet the message and events from the asifa clearly showed that the daas torah of the Roshei Yeshiva in America was ignored. Confused!!!