Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Siyum to go on as schedualed despite forecast BRING YOUR PONCHOS!

Yam Hatalmud!

as of 2:50 p.m
Tomorrow August 1st despite the  weather forecast.                      

This was posted on theyeshivaworld.com

Rabbi Shlomo Gertzulin, Siyum HaShas Chief Operating Officer spoke with YWN and stated that people are encouraged to bring along rain gear – and the stadium has made an exception – and WILL allow umbrellas into the stadium. You may want to bring along a hand towel to dry your seat, should it be wet. In case of any rain during the Siyum, tens of thousands of ponchos are prepared for attendees.
Agudath Israel of America, MetLife Stadium officials, and the New Jersey State Police are doing everything possible to ensure that the event goes as smoothly as possible, and that security is their number one priority.

 The current weather forecast for Wednesday August 1st calls for 50% chance of thunderstorms. Siyum Organizers are monitoring the weather conditions, still hopeful to have the Siyum IYH on the expected day. If weather conditions will not be favorable at the time of the Siyum Hashas it will be postponed to  the next day Thursday August 2nd which has been the Rain date. This decision will be made on the Morning of Wednesday August 1st at 8:00 AM.

You can bet The Agudah will use all media outlets at its disposal to notify Siyum hashas attendees, in the event that the Siyum is rained out and postponed to the next day.

Any sponsors for ponchos with Binoculars too??

Monday, July 30, 2012

Interactive Metlife stadium seating chart, view your Siyum hashas seating

Home of  2014 NFL Superbowl  Denver Broncos Payton not Eli Manning Seattle Seahawks
Click  HERE or  HERE  for the interactive seating map of Metlife stadium

HERE 2014 Super bowl seating chart at Metlife stadium HERE

MetLife Stadium Seating Chart
 Pepsi Gate                                                West gate                                            Verizon Gate           

The original seating chart for the Siyum has been reconfigured as the ladies will be on the top level.

Mass Transit public transportation to the Siyum Hashas 2012 from NY and NJ

Siyum set to begin with Mincha at 7:00 pm and conclude with Maariv at 10:00 PM For Bus and Siyum schedule click HERE


From Lakewood and NJ.
 If you dont want to drive the distance you can Park at Metro Park station off Exit 131  off the GSP. Parking is $5.  The train fare is $10 ONE WAY.Take a NJ transit train to Secaucus junction and from there a train direct to Metlife stadium. Travel time by train 34 minutes to Secaucus 8 minutes to Metlife Stadium. Here is the Schedule from metro park. 
(Note it may be cheaper and faster to drive directly to the stadium but may take longer.)

Depart : 
Board : Train 3858 toward NEW YORK PENN STATION


from Metropark to Secaucus
03:31 PM
Northeast Corridor #3154 04:05 PM 34 minutes
03:59 PM
Northeast Corridor #3856 04:34 PM 35 minutes
04:26 PM
Northeast Corridor #3858 04:54 PM 28 minutes
04:44 PM
Northeast Corridor #3860 05:20 PM 36 minutes
05:15 PM
Northeast Corridor #3862 05:49 PM 34 minutes
05:28 PM
Northeast Corridor #3864 05:58 PM 30 minutes
05:35 PM
Northeast Corridor #3738 06:02 PM 27 minutes
05:44 PM
Northeast Corridor #3866 06:22 PM 38 minutes
06:30 PM
Northeast Corridor #3868 07:03 PM 33 minutes
06:57 PM
Northeast Corridor #3870 07:23 PM 26 minutes
07:21 PM
Northeast Corridor #3872 07:56 PM 35 minutes
07:49 PM
Northeast Corridor #3874 08:23 PM 34 minutes

for the return trip
10:04 PM
Northeast Corridor #3737 10:43 PM 39 minutes    10:20 PM
Northeast Corridor #3891 10:52 PM 32 minutes    10:47 PM
Northeast Corridor #3893 11:17 PM 30 minutes    11:16 PM
Northeast Corridor #3895 11:53 PM 37 minutes    12:01 AM
Northeast Corridor #3897 12:39 AM 38 minutes   12:52 AM
Northeast Corridor #8891 01:26 AM 34 minutes   01:31 AM
Northeast Corridor #3805 02:06 AM 35 minutes 

From NYC to the Siyum
5:40pm - Penn Statioin                                                                                                                      6:10pm - Get on any NJ transit train from Penn Station to Secaucus                                                    6:20pm (approx) transfer at Secaucus for direct shuttle to Metlife

6:25pm - Arrive at Metlife Stadium

7:00pm - Siyum Hashas

Shuttle service will run after the event also.

11:00pm - arrive back at Penn Station NYC

Price: $4.50 one way for 1 adult from Penn Station to Metlife, can purchase
Approx travel time: less then half an hour
More detailed info about train service from secaucus to Metlife
The new rail system connects the northeast corridor to the Frank R. Lautenberg train station in Secaucus, N.J., which allows fans from the region to quickly and efficiently reach MetLife Stadium. The rail station at the Sports Complex is located next to MetLife Stadium and the travel time between the Secaucus Junction train station and the Sports Complex station is approximately 10 minutes. The round-trip fare from Secaucus to the Sports Complex is $4.50. Rail service commences three (3) hours prior to the event and ends two (2) hours after the event. For more information, please visit NJTransit.com.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Halachos of Tisha B'av on Shabbos and Erev Shabbos Chazon, Motzei Tisha Ba'v Havdalah.


This year 5772  Tisha Bav is a Nidcha since it falls out on Shabbos.

 Erev Shabbos Chazon one may Cut their Nails for Shabbos since it is not shavua shechal bo.

One may polish their shoes only with liquid polish.

Showering is a machlokes if you are allowed kol gufo the minhag is to be meikel but to use warm water.

Children may eat meat before Shabbos up to 2 hours before the zman according to Igros Moshe, others hold they may start even from Chatzos.

If one makes an early Shabbos on Erev Shabbos Chazon he may eat Meat after the Plag.

  Shabbos Tisha Bav 2012

The Seudos of Shabbos can be eaten as on a regular Shabbos with no restraints or restrictions. This includes dancing as usual.

1. Although one normally should not study Torah on erev Tisha B'Av after Chatzos (except for Torah portions permitted on Tisha B'Av itself) when erev Tisha B'Av falls on Shabbos one should fulfill his regular Shabbos Torah study,however,it is customary not to learn Pirkei Avos after Chatzos. Shulchan Aruch w/Mishnah Berurah 553:2 

2. The usual Seudah Mafsekes is replaced with a regular Seudah Shlishis of Shabbos at which one may eat meat and drink wine and eat any foods one desires. One may eat the meal with the family at one table,however,one should not invite guests unless one regularly has guests for Seudah Shlishis. One may conclude the meal with a Zimun as always. One must be careful to conclude the meal before sunset/Sh'kiah. One should not say that one is eating to have strength for the fast. One may sing zemiros. Shulchan Aruch w/Mishnah Berurah 552:10,Shmiras Shabbos Kehilchasa 28:77,Igros Moshe 4:112 
3. If one completed the 3 rd seudah before sunset and said Birchas Hamazon one may eat and drink until sunset without making any t'nai (condition). Sha'ar Hatziyun 553:7 

4. One may sit on a chair until nightfall/Tzei Hakochavim. Shmiras Shabbos Kehilchasa 62:88 

5. No preparations for Tisha B'Av may be made on Shabbos. One may not bring Tisha B'Av shoes or Kinos to shul on Shabbos even if there is an eruv. Therefore,it is advisable that one should bring these items to shul before Shabbos. Shmiras Shabbos Kehilchasa 28:77

6. One is permitted to take a time release or Tzom Kal  on shabbos which help them fast. Since it is not for Refuah or hachanah its only preventive medicine. However its better if one can mix it with food before shabbos and eat it in that way on Shabbos.

7)  A woman may go to the mikvah Friday night.

8) One should not take Shabbos walks on Shabbos Tisha Bav.

9)  After  Shabbos,  we say Hamavdil Bain Kodesh L’Chol, and we go to Maariv in our Shabbos clothing. After Borchu,  we change to Tisha V’Av shoes.  If a shul Davens Maariv before Tzais, you should not change shoes then, but wait until after Tzais to do so.

10) Because one may not prepare on Shabbos for Chol, the shoes should be placed in Shul before Shabbos. Similarly, one may not bring a Kinos to Shul before Shabbos is over.

11.) If possible, one should change to weekday clothing  before saying Kinos.

12) After Davening Motzoi Shabbos,  but  before Eichah, we make Baorei M’Orei Ha”Eish on a Havdalah candle, like on a regular Motzoi Shabbos. Women who stay  home should make the Bracha on the double candle at home. No other parts of Havdalah are performed at that time. After Tisha b’Av, Havdalah is made on wine, without Besamim. The person making Havdalah may drink the wine himself.
13. A Choleh Or kattan or a women who will not be fasting must make Havdalah on a Kos before they eat. and should only make havdalah right before they are ready to eat. Since havdala is made on wine which you can not drink on Tisha Bav the poskim rule that you may make on Grape Juice and give it to a Katan to drink. If there is no Katan you may make havdala on coffe , Tea or  100%Orange juice. At last resort one may drink grape juice on their own. (Orchos Rabbeinu)

HAVDALAH on Motzei Tisha B'av Nidcha

14) On Motzoi Tisha B’Av Nidcheh, one makes havdala and is permissible to drink the cup of wine. We do not make a bracha on besamim or a Ner. We only make a borei pri Hagafen and say Hamavdil.

15) It is permitted to listen to music  on Motzei Tisha Bav nidcha and do laundry, but we do noto drink wine or eat meat until the morning.

Siyum Hashas update regarding transportation ,Tickets, hookup locations,parking, Speakers.

update 8/01/2012 

 For Full Schedule and speakers Click HERE

Live Hookup info click HERE

Siyum will go on as planned despite weather forecast.


With just days away  to the twelfth Siyum hashas of daf Yomi, taking place August 1st, 2012 at Metlife stadium. Tickets have been sold out. There will be satellite locations with hookups to the event. There is a hookup in Brooklyn  a live video feed at Bais yaakov of Boro Park 14th Avenue and 46th Street for both men & women.  $20 Admission fee. Doors open at 5:30 pm

LIVE video HOOKUP Information for SIYUM HASHAS 2012

Lakewood- Lake terrace hall $20 admission  1690 Oak Street
Catskills -- Raleigh Hoter 234 Heiden Road $20 admission
Brooklyn- Bais yaakov of boro park
Queens- yeshiva Shar Yashuv  1 Cedarlawn Avenue

 A website has been set up to pair those looking to buy or sell their tickets click here for the site. Or you can email us  here at Thepartialview@gmail.com and we will try to pair Buyers and sellers who have extra tickets for the Siyum.
you can try to order through Oorah Kiruv Rechokim.
 Hookup locations to be announced. There will be audio feeds as well as live hookups to other states and countries. As of now there will be not be live stream of the siyum. It maybe a good idea to call the Siyum Hotline at  1877-SIYUM-12  as Last minute tickets become available.

 Program schedule and speakers
The schedule has not been made public yet. Mincha will begin at 7 PM.  List of Speakers is still in formation as of now  the speakers are  Novominsker rebbe , Klausenberger rebbe, Rav Malkiel Kotler will also be Mesayem. Rav Yaakov Hillel will start the next cycle with maseches Brachos. Rabbi Lau, Rabbi Yissocher Frand Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky the Philadelphia rosh yeshiva  and Rav Yitzchok Scheiner- Kamenitzer Rosh yeshiva from Eretz Yisroel are rumored to speak. There will be a tribute for all the kids who participated in the Masmidei hashas program, and a Azkara for the 6 million kedoshim kayl maleh will be recited by Chazan cantor Yitzchock Meir Helfgot. All participants will receive the special" HASIYUM" booklet published exclusively for the Siyum. There is a separate  hasiyum junior  for kids and children attending.
The Mezamrim Choir will be there along with Reb Abish Brodt and the Werdyger Mishpacha R' Mendy and his son Sruly. The Siyum will continue the tradition of having a one man band by the talented Shabsy Parnes.

Siyum organizers are asking everyone to avoid traveling by car due to the heavy rush hour traffic coupled with the capacity crowd expexted, to go with mass transit click Here , or reserve with the chartered buses leaving from many locations in the tristate area.

Wednesday, August 1      The Coach USA 351 Express buses to the Agudath Israel of America religious event will run continuously between 3:00 pm and 7:30 pm from Area X (41st Street between 8th & 9th Ave).  The last bus will leave the New Meadowlands Stadium 30 minutes after the event ends.  In the event of rain, the event will be moved to Thursday, August 2.  Buses will run on the same schedule.tickets can be purchased at the following locations:
Bus to the Siyum  
Brooklyn -Eichlers on 13th Avenue and Coney Island  or at Ocean fruit corner Ocean & Ave P.   $22
Catskills-  Fellers Pizza, woodridge                     $35
Lakewood--- Judaica Plaza                                $25
Monsey- Tuvias Judaica 421 Rt 59                       $22
Queens - Gift world                                              $22
 Advanced reservation is required through the Agudah office. Coach USA will operate Route 351 Meadowlands express bus directly from Port authority bus terminal (area x 41st bet 8th & 9th Avenues) round trip fair is $10.
$25 parking fee
 If you will be traveling by car to Met life stadium there will be a $25 parking fee, this fee is assesed by the stadiium and beyond the control of Agudah and Siyum commitee. There will be direct NJ transit train service from Penn station through Secaucus junction with a direct train to the stadium. Please note the park & Ride facility at Secaucus is full and will not accomadate Siyum traffic according to NJ transit. You should not drive to secaucus better boared trains at penn station or Hoboken.
There will be unprecedented security measures in place due to the enormous crowd expected. Many Gov't Agencies will be on hand to controll access to the stadium. All particapants must pass through security screeners prior to entering and will be subject to a pat down as well.
Stadium concessionaires will be selling snacks whose kashrus has been approved by the Agudah, however the sale price of snack items has been determined by the stadium not by the Siyum committee. (if you get the hint it will be expensive just as the parking fee.) While food can be brought into the stadium in bags no larger than 12 by 12 by 12 inches ,siyum attendees will only be permitted to bring one plastic, 20-ounce, sealed beverage into the stadium with them.
 Click here for a report on the logistics of the Siyum and the Stadium

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In just over a year we lost so many gedolim, a churban in our time, how do we fill the void?

The recent petirah of Rav Elyashiv Zatzal  has left Klal yisroel with a tremendous void. It is brought down that the loss of a gadol is like the loss of the bais hamikdosh. Thinking back over the last year or so, we've lost so many leaders, gedolim and Roshei yeshiva. Its scary to think about the void this has left us and how much more protection we need from hashem. Since last year we've lost gedolim both in EY and Chutz La'aretz.,

Rav chaim stein  ZT'L

Rav kuppelman ZT'L

Rav Michel yehuda Lefkowitz ZT'L

Rav Leib Heiman  ZT'L

Rav Dov Schwartzman  ZT'L

Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel  ZT'L

Rav Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg ZT'L

Rav Eizak Ausband ZT'L

Rav Simcha shustal ZT'L

Viznitz Rebbe ZT"L

Rav Elyashiv ZT'L

and many young talmidei Chachomim who were taken from us in their prime. The gemara says, Every generation that does not build the Bais HaMikdash it is as if they destroyed it. Since that doesn't seem to move us, often Hashem actually brings a Churban equal to that of the Churban Bais HaMikdash. We are living a a dangerous time with the Matzav in EY and many tzaros that yidden are going through. Let us  cry out to hashem and be mechazek our emunah be mechazek in Torah and Chesed and be zoche this Tisha B'av to the geula shleima.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Poster hanging in Viznitz BM refunding tickets for the Siyum to those who want.

Mishpacha magazine responds to feedback on Draft article,Yated prints speech by Rav Malkiel Kotler shlita

Mishpacha magazine responded in its editorial to a backlash and critisisim of publishing an article recently regarding the draft in Israel. The article written by Aviad Friedman of the Plessner  commission stated, he will do everything in his power to draft as many yeshiva bochurim as possible into the army. In his weekly Editorial Rabbi Grylak acknowledged the uproar yet explained his reasoning to publish the article.

"We’ve been bombarded with reader feedback after publishing an interview with Aviad Friedman, secretary of the Plesner Committee which was convened for the  supposedly urgent need to work out a plan for drafting yeshivah students into Israel’s military forces. Our intention, of course, was not to promote his views, but still I’m glad so many readers were upset about the piece.
We believe it is important to reveal the other side’s hand, yet we were heartened by the enraged responses we got from our readers, which was a testimony to what they hold most dear. There’s a popular saying that the news media serve as the watchdog of democracy, and we know that this isn’t always true. The media seems just as likely to appear in the guise of a Rottweiler that attacks the deserving and undeserving indiscriminately. In any case, the readership is clearly the watchdog of journalism. Our readers proved that in their responses to the Friedman interview."

However the Yated Ne'eman  printed remarks from Rav Malkiel Kotler Shlita who spoke recently on behalf of Lev Lachim in Lakewood. Not mentioning the magazine by name the Rosh yeshiva alluded to the fact that there's a magazine in america that published an article explaining why bnei torah should go to the army, how one can be a sheiner yid in the army he can learn Daf yomi he can daven at the kosel and he can do all other gutteh zachen. It portrays how the army is not that bad,This the RY said is a breach in our Choma.
The RY spoke about the danger facing eretz yisrael being a small country surrounded by Billions of enemies. any size army can not protect eretz yisrael its a makom sakanna in the natural order of things. The shmirah of EY is only from hashem who protects us. the true army of klal yisroel is the bnei torah who learn torah . Perhaps we need even more bnei torah than ever to protect us in this eis tzara. Our Choma is the torah. Our hashkafos have to be strong. If we dont have enough soldiers in EY , we need more Bnei torah.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Agudah responds to Viznnitz rebbe call not to attend Siyum hashas

According to a report Here, The Agudah's Rabbi Becker responds to the Viznitz rebbe of EY who was supposed to attend the Siyum following his vacation in the UK. The rebbe has decided to boycott the Siyum due to the presence of Rabbi Lau who represents the Zionist state. The rebbe will instead return to Eretz Yisrael and celebrate the Siyum hashas there. It appears the rebbes uncle The Viznitz rebbe from Monsey issued the call not to attend since amongst the speakers there will be Zionist Rabbis referring to Rabbi Lau.

Rabbi Becker explained that a delegation from Agudah went recently to EY and invited Rabbi Lau to represent the Holocaust survivors who were moser nefesh for torah. They invited Rav Yaakov Hillel as well to represent the Sefardi population.

 Rabbi Shlomo Gertzulin of the Agudah was on the Zev Brenner show  he said while the rebbe is a gadol whose views are respected and does not need our haskama and for reason of his choosing is not in favor of his chassidim participating. On the other hand the Agudah is guided by the Moetzes gedolei hatorah and all issues pertaining to the siyum hashas as well. We are looking forward to a tremendous event other chasidim will be participating too. The stadium is sold out and other venues are currently in the making. The Klausenberger rebbe will attend the siyum and he is slated to speak too.

Rabbi Becker said that It is very unfortunate that in the three weeks continues baseless hatred, even at a gathering that signifies more than anything the unity of klal yisrael - the Achdus of Torah study ".

However, he added, that Viznitz - U.S. and Satmar never took part in the initiatives and events of Agudath Israel of America.
As a result, there is no  expected reduction in the number of participants, "I wish we had another 10 thousand places, we are flooded with thousands of requests from people begging for tickets. We are doing everything to try to find other places near the stadium, already filled to capacity.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Speakers for Siyum hashas not finalized, Viznitz rebbe from Monsey issues call to Chasidim

For Updated Siyum schedule and speakers click HERE
It appears with all the planning of the Siyum hashas to take place iyh on August 1st 2012. The program and Schedule has yet to be finalized. A lot of buzz was created With  the report that Rav Shteinman might attend the siyum. As reported here Rav Lau was to attend and speak as well. however it appears that did not sit well with many RY as well as the Viznitz rebbe of Monsey who is said to have told his chasidim not to attend if Rabbi Lau does end up speaking. Its nothing per se about rabbi Lau but the mere fact that he represents the Zionist state being a former chief rabbi. At this sensitive time with the shadow of a draft on all yeshiva Bochrim it does not sit well with many Roshei Yeshiva. Some are wondering why the Agudah decided on giving him a platform.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Maran Harav yosef Shalom Elyashiv ZT"L. Levaya hookup information and updates.

 Israeli TV live HERE broadcast will air again from the Bais hakevaros.
 live video broadcast  here. Begining at 9 pm Israel time 3pm Est

for audio click HERE or  here.
Phone hook up info: (732) 551-3351 dial #9 from the main menu.
                                 (712) 432-4213

There will not be any hespedim except one by his son in law rav Yitzchock Zilberstein.

The Levaya will begin tonight 10:00 pm Israeli time leaving from his home at the beginning of meah Shearim going by foot to Har Hamenuchos. He will be buried alongside his wife and children. Rav Don Segal will recite tehillim followed by short divrei hesped by his son In law Rav Yitzchock Zilberstein.
Upon hearing the besurah his son in law Rav Chaim Kanievsky tore kriah.

Click here for video of the Mittah  being carried out of the hospital