Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yated prints letter- frum papers cut out super bowl ads

 The American Yated Ne'eman printed the letter from the Roshei yeshiva denouncing ads guaranteeing a shidduch through the powers of kabbalah for a sum. The letter is buried in the back of the paper page 145 on a quarter page ad. It may be a paid advertisement or was intentionally put in by the editors. Some new signatories were added such as Harav yaakov Hillel a Mekubal from Yerushalayim. The Flatbush Jewish Journal published it as a full page on pg 49.

In what has recently become the norm during the 2 week build up the super bowl, many frum stores would advertise Superbowl specials, especially take out stores with prepared menus for the big game. It appears that the frum papers Yated, Hamodia, Ami Magazine, did not post any such ads this year. Credit to the editors for not getting caught up with the Superbowl fever. Although many follow or watch the big game, we still must not forget this is not our culture and way of lilfe.
Article from Last year HERE

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The frum Blogger who wanted Shlishi

In a local shul recently the Rav was away for Shabbos. Usually he gets called up to the torah on Shabbos morning for shlishi. The Gabbai was now faced with the task of finding a replacement for this choshuv Aliyah. Without any shame a member who happens to also have a blog relating to frum issues offered himself as a candidate. The Gabbai with some humor asked him in what way does he replace the rav. The blogger answered "I have more followers than the Rabbi" "I am more 'liked' than him".

   While I cant verify this story, it is sad that Bloggers feel they are a new entity to be reckoned with. We are used to having Rabbanim, Poskim, Askanim appointeed by the community and now we have Bloggers. They feel like a fifth wheel that must be listened and paid attention to. Most of us bloggers  know our place and no matter how many hits and page views or likes on facebook we have, we are ordinary poshuter yidden. There are a lot of good things in blogging and many bad things about it too.
   It doesn't end with bloggers. Same goes to the owners and editors of major Jewish websites who are all anonymous, of course preaching to the masses as if they are the gedolim of this generation. No matter the fame, power and influence that blooggers and website owners may have, we must know that in klal yisroel we only listen to rabbonim and leaders of communities. People that learned in yeshivos that worked on themselves, not someone who is busy getting followers on Twitter or  likes on Facebook.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blame the messenger, Frum papers need to filter ads

The recent advertisement that promised to deliver a shidduch and guarantee to help singles find their soul mate was met with harsh condemnation by leading roshei Yeshiva HERE. However the ad was published in almost all frum media outlets. It was a paid ad in some weekend magazines and newspapers other papers had it as an insert and many posted a press release along with the ad. A major Frum yeshiva  news site emailed it out to all its subscribers as a sponsored email.

How did it get through the censors or the rabbanim that officially go through and proofread the paper. Is it all about the Money? should there be a vaad hakashrus set up to approve the ads? if the rabbanim didn't like the message why do the editors think they can get away with printing it in the first place?

While the frum newspapers do a great service in providing kosher entertainment we can not rely on all the content if the rabbanim will issue a letter the following week condemning the advertisements.
It defenitely was done with good intentions, perhaps the marketing went a bit overboared, we dont know who ran around to the gedolim an alerted them of it collecting signatures etc..but there should be more oversite when it comes to these issues. as for the so called frum torah news sites and bloggs , well its a free for all here and there is no accountability at least the papers have an editor with a name behind it.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Roshei yeshiva-protest desecration of torah-advise people to cancel pledges for guaranteed shidduch

letter on shidduchim from RY
The major leading Roshei yeshiva in the US issued a sharply worded letter  about recent advertisements in the frum newspapers and magazines promising to deliver for a fee, the salvation, a shidduch for many singles through the powers of kabbalah. They called on all those who were misled into giving money to this segulah are in no way bound by such commitments. They may cancel the pledge and are entitled to a full refund.
 It is signed by Harav Dovid Shustal, Lakewood, Harav Shmuel Kamenetzky, Philladelphia, Harav Aaron Feldman, Baltimore, Harav Elya ber Wachtfogel, South Fallsburg, Harav Avrohom Chaim Levin, Chicago, Harav malkiel Kotler, Lakewood, Harav Yitzchok Sorotzkin, Telz-lakewood, Harav Moshe Green, Monsey.
Here is the English version of the letter:
The anguish of many of our brothers and sisters who are anxiously awaiting their zivug is well known. We are therefore greatly disturbed by the recent pronouncements advertised in many Jewish media outlets promising to deliver, for a fee the salvation they so anxiously seek through the supposed "powers" of kabbala. The advertisers falsely claim that they can see the heavenly obstacles preventing a person from getting married, and unlock the gates of their fortune, through the power of "Kabalistic rituals" and "secret formulas" , all of which is foreign to our holy Torah and perfect faith. Even worse, they brazenly guarantee that anyone who pays a fixed sum ($648) and receives their "zivug set" will marry within a short time, a statement which bellies any facade of legitimacy.
We hereby announce the truth: anyone claiming to know the heavenly workings, and is guaranteeing to manipulate them, is not to be believed. Marketing this power as a commercial enterprise crosses the border into deception and exploitation of the public. Contrary to what the advertisements would lead one to believe, true tzadikim have never claimed such powers much less brazenly marketed them to people in need.
we strongly protest the desecration of torah and the transparent opportunism that is taking place. There is no doubt that those who were innocently misled into giving money in exchange for such guarantees are in no way bound by such commitments. We hereby advise that they cancel their pledge and request a full refund of all moneys already committed.
Dear brothers and sisters! The gates of heaven are open to all who approach in sincerity, and in the merit of following the Torah commandment of "Tomim tihiyeh in Hashe Elokecha" by relying on Hashem and turning to him with complete faith, may we all experience the divine providence granted to those who serve Him and trust only in Him.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rabbanim issue letter- NO Guaranteed segula

Rav Avrohom Schorr, Rabbi Moshe tuvia Lieff and Rabbi Yisroel Reisman issue letter in this weeks issue of FJJ on inserts and ads in frum papers and magazines promising yeshuos shidduchim and refuos. Despite the letter these ads are posted in all heimish and frum newspapers and magazines.
 click on image to enlarge.                                                                                                      

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When Tu B'shvat falls out on Shabbos, Minhag of the Seder.

This year 5773- 2013 Tu B'shvat falls out on Shabbos. Tu Bishvat is, of course, the New Year for trees and it is said that from this day onward the upcoming season’s fruits have begun to take root. It is customary to partake lavishly in as many different fruits as possible on Tu Bishvat. Some Chassidim, including many Rebbes, have a Tu Bshvat Tish.The communities of Syria had the custom to read the Ten Commandments in Arabic on Tu Bishvat.

There is a special Tefilla that people recite for a nice Esrog on Tu Bshvat. Poskim rule that even this year when it comes out on Shabbos you are permitted to say the tefillah. Since it is shabbos it is better to wash first eat the hamotzie and then eat the customary fruits such as the Shivas Haminim.

Also this year is Shabbos shira and many have the mminhag of putting out bread for the birds. According to the Magen Avrohom it is better to put it out before Shabbos.

Recently many in the Modern Orthodox or kabalistic circles conduct a Tu Bshvat Seder. Some drink 4 cups of wine, recite prayers and eat many different fruits in a specific order. There is a Hagada that some recite from as well. The origin of this costume is attributed to the Ari Z"al. However there is controversy over it and many question the minhag.It is not practiced among The yeshivish crowd or the yeshiva world in general. Rabbi yaakov Emdin wrote strongly against the Anonymous sefer that first mentioned the minhag in the name of the Ari. Click HERE for more on the topic of the TU Bshvat Seder
Rav Endins words about the sefer פרי עץ חיים on the  טו בשבט סדר: 
."הצצתי בו שעה מועטת ונרתעתי לאחורי, אז ידעתי מה טיבו ושמץ מינות ש"ץ שר"י (=שבתי צבי שם רשעים ירקב) המובלעת בתוכו בשקוצים ורמזים אין מספר". 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kushner high, Kars 4 Kids = Kidush Hashem !

With many recent negative stories in the press regarding frum yidden, It is heartwarming to see recent positive beautiful stories of kiddush hashem followed by the national media.

 In Lakewood, NJ where a fellow yid and another frum person saved 2 childrens lives when they were hit by a car. The story made it to all national media outlets. What a Kiddush hashem. HERE

Second story, Kars 4 Kids organization HERE gives out 1000 coats on Staten Island, NY for Victims of Hurricane Sandy. A Frum Organization, Kars4kids, Oorah makes a Kiddush Hashem. Kars4kids also received donations from victims with flood damaged cars and salvage vehicles by hurricane sandy and gave them free towing and  hotel vacation Vouchers. HERE

Third story, Students from Rae Kushner high (Jared Kushner family of Donald Trump) in Livingston, NJ went out to feed the Hungry in Newark, NJ giving food, shelter and donating blankets to the homeless at Newark Penn station. HERE

Of course the countless chesed that frum yidden do with each other is the highest form, but the media will never pick up on it. At least we have some positive coverage in a media that's always looking to find a fault.  !מי כעמך ישראל

Monday, January 21, 2013

Confusion, Not lack of interest why American yeshiva world not monitoring Israeli Elections

With the  2013 Israeli elections to take place just one day away on Jan 22 it appears many in the yeshiva and Torah communities in the US have no idea or not following what is going on. It wasn't long ago when we were saying tehillim at the siyum hashas and the Internet Asifa for the pending gezeirah on drafting yeshiva Bochurim to the army. Now,not even a kapitel tehilim, no signs or Kol Koreh from the American RY or organization calling on all to daven and support the Bnei torah  in Eretz Yisroel.
Speaking to people it appears the confusion regarding the system of Government in Israel compared with the 2 party system in the US has many not understanding the political scene. What is a Mandate? who forms the coalition?  how many parties? etc, these questions have many confused. Many yeshivaleit in the US associate with the Brisker hashkafa against voting in the elections.
Another factor is, the recent infighting and disagreements among the frum parties in EY has kept many away from following the elections. In spite of all this Harav Aaron leib Shteinman Shlita called on the Youngeleit and Bnei hayeshiva in Chutz laaretz to be mechazek in Torah learning as a zechus for the Olam hatorah in eretz Yisrael.

Rav Chaim Kanievsky issued a letter via his son  HERE calling on all factions of torah jews to vote for Gimmel.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rav Shteinman speech at election Rally for UTJ

            The following speech was delivered by Maran Rosh HaYeshiva, HaRav Ahron Leib Shteinman shlit"a in Yerushalayim, this past Thursday night, 7 Shevat 5773:

    "Morai veRabbosai, everyone knows that all of the Mitzvos are so holy that we cannot describe nor can we measure their greatness. Even so, there is the sin of Chillul haShem, and then there is the Mitzvah of Kiddush HaShem. About Chillul haShem, it says in Rabbenu Yonah, that it is worse than Avodah Zarah, serving idols in private. That is why if someone takes an false oath in Beis Din, which is a Chillul HaShem, it is worse than Avodah Zarah, serving idols. So much so! And, in all probability, the good middah, measure, is more than the bad middah. And the good middah is making a Kiddush HaShem.
    A Kiddush HaShem, is if Klal Yisroel, the Jewish people, say: we want that Klal Yisroel, that the entire Eretz Yisroel will act according to Kedusha, according to the Torah, this is a Kiddush HaShem. And each person, by saying this, if he votes, he is saying " I want that there should be a Kiddush HaShem, that the Name of Heaven should be sanctified", that the entire Klal Yisroel should act according to the Torah.
    This opportunity is not every day. Right now, this is something that the entire world can know. A person can say " I want a Kiddush HaShem, that the Name of G-D be sanctified", and this is the greatest opportunity. May HaShem help, we shall merit, that there should be a true Kiddush HaShem, and we shall merit, that the entire Klal Yisroel should act according to the Torah, until we merit the true redemption speedily in our days, Amen Selah.

    It is well known the fear and worry over the future, who knows what will be the lot of the Torah World, as wicked people lay plans, r"l, G-D forbid, to stop the learning of Torah in Klal Yisroel, through the Draft Law. Maran Rosh HaYeshiva shlit"a,  expressed his thoughts as follows  "we need that there should be one individual, who, it truly pains him Kvod Shomayim, the Honor of Heaven. If there will be one such individual, who is really pained about Kvod Shomayim, then most probably, the entire situation would change" In a similar thought, when the Bnei Torah in the Golah, outside of Eretz Yisroel, asked of Maran Rosh HaYeshiva shlit"a, what are they capable of doing to gain merit for the upcoming elections in Eretz Yisroel, so that they will have positive results?  Maran Rosh HaYeshiva shlit"a answered, "I do not know of anything stronger than Torah. Any increase in Torah learning, either Gemara Rashi and Tosafos, or Chumash and Rashi, or Mishnayos, all of these are very powerful".

Watch live: Photos Satmar rebbe Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum on First visit to Eretz Yisroel as Rebbe.

 Pictures of the satmar Chasunah and Chupah  in Eretz Yisrael Jannuary, 23 2013 Video of chasunah HERE  for the Mitzva tantz and HERE Pctures and video of Satmar rebbe Visit to Bnei brak with Rav Chaim Kanievsky HERE updated January 28, 2013 visit to eretz Yisroel.

Getting ready for the Big Satmar Chasina tonight in IsraelSatmar Chasina - The Rebbe has arrived. Pic.2 Satmar Chasina - ChipahSatmar Chasina - Chipah. Pic 2The Satmar Rebbe just came in to the Kabulas PunimSatmar Chasina, crowd filling up, its seems there will be a serious shortage of space Satmar Chasina - The SidahSatmar Chasina - The Gavd Satmar Chasina - Chipah Pic.3Satmar Chasina - The Sidah. Pic. 2Satmar Mitzva - Satmar Rebbe dancing with Toldos Ahren RebbeSatmar Chasina - More of Mitzva Tantz 4
 For Photos click  HERE of the Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. The live hookup was stopped in mid stream. Click  HERE  and HERE for video of kabolas panim at Kikar zupnick. More Video HERE

Video of  Satmar rebbe in Miron 2013 HERE A major rally will take place Sunday evening at Jerusalem’s Kikar Shabbos in honor of the arrival of the Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg, HaRav Zalman Leib Teitlebaum Shlita. At 4:00pm Sunday, 9 Shevat 5773 the rebbe’s flight is scheduled to land at Ben-Gurion International Airport. Dozens of prominent Eida Chareidis tzibur rabbonim will be on hand for the kabolas ponim.
On Monday the rebbe will visit members of the Eidah Hachareidis in Yerushalayim. On Tuesday he will go North, to Miron the Galil and Amukah. Wednesday is the Wedding in Yerushalayim. 
pictures of Rav Zalman Leib Teitelbaum  satmar rebbe in Miron Tzfas Tveria Kever ari mikva ari HERE for more Photos in Miron HERE 
C"k Admor M'Satmar (Mhrz"l) Shlita by the Hadluka earlier this morning in Miron. Photo:More of the Satmar Rebbe in TzfasOver 40 Busses went with Satmar Rebbe to Miron Tzfas TveriaSatmar Rebbe in Tveria at the kevurim of Talmidei Bal Shem Tov ztzvk"lSatmar Rebbe in Tzfas at the Arizal's keverSatmar Rebbe arriving in Tzfas Beis Hachayim, after visiting a Talmid Torah in Tzfas and was in Arizal's mikvaSatmar Rebbe getting ready the Hadluka in Miron. Pic.2

Friday, January 18, 2013

Ami magazine- the Shidduch crisis simply, and a solution

Shidduch crisis/Ami Magazine
This weeks cover story of Ami Magazine  is about the shidduch crisis. There is a demographic timebomb ticking in the yeshiva world, writes yossi krausz in his article. The age gap between boys anfd girls entering the shidduch market combined with the high rate of population growth, has meant that there simply are not enough bochurim to go around.  

According to Rabbi Moshe Yanofsky of Machon bais yaakov there are currently around 3,000 unmarried frum women between the ages of 25-40 in the NY metro area and 500 unmarried frum women above 40. As discussed here there are many solutions and ideas to avert the crisis. Askanim point out that less pickiness by young people of who they will marry will not alliviate the problem. There simply are not enough 23 year old boys to marry all of the 19 year old girls.
Many solutions were mentioned by bridging the gap wether having boys marry older girls as discussed HERE and HERE.
In the Ami article, Brothers Shimon and Yisrael Lichtenstein ( are pushing for a plan that will have Bochurim not go to yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael, but rather start going to Lakewood or other Yeshivas in the US at the age of 20-21.  there is talk of setting up a Mechina and more structured yeshive with maggidei shiur for boys that are interested. A recent Kol Kore was signed by many Roshei yeshiva calling on Bochurim to marry earlier.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

13th winter Yarchei Kallah of Agudas yisroel gets underway in Yerushalayim

The Thirteenth annual Yarchei Kallah of the Agudath Israel of America  got underway yesterday January,14 2013 at the Ramada Hotel in Yerushalayim. The Shiur pesicha was delivered by  Harav Aaron Leib Shteinman, Harav Yitzchock Scheiner and Rav Asher Weiss. Rav Shteinman made a unannounced visit at the home of Rav Shmuel Auerbach in the Sharei Chesed neighborhood, who is recovering from a heart procedure. The second day they heard shiurim from rav Nissan Kaplan and MIr RY Rav lazer yudel Finkel.
Click HERE  and for video from
Agudah yarchei Kallah

HERE for Video of Harav Nissan Kaplan

photos link HERE

Monday, January 14, 2013

Closing the Age gap on Shidduchim goes back to Kindergarten

At a recent symposium regarding the shidduch crisis one of the speakers rabbi Pagrow of the NASI project spoke about the age gap issue in shidduchim which he believes is the main reason why we have a crisis. Progress has been made with a great awareness in the community regarding the age gap. With this awareness we have created a different mindset as boys are willing to consider going out with girls their own age or even slightly older. They now redd these shidduchim and bochurim are looking now for girls with a little experience under their belt, not just for girls that are coming back from seminary.

A recent study of 300 dates yielded shocking data. The average year of girls getting their first date is  21 while the boys age starting out was closer to 24. That's a great differential as the average of girls is 21 and the boys 24. This status quo has to change and we must remove the artificial obstacles that have boys dating starting at age 24. All we can ask for, is to push back the boys to age 22-23 even six months will determine the future of thousands of our daughters. Shadchanim give of them selves and get no appreciation for their time and effort. Community's have responded and over 1200 dates have been set up. These programs are providing much more shidduch opportunities for the singles especially of the older girls and those who did not just return from seminary.
  Some of the solutions discussed were;

1. Having boys return a zman earlier from learning in Eretz yisrael or have them Go to EY at a younger age thus they will return earlier.
2. Creating incentives and programs for shadchanim to redd shidduchim to older girls which many communities have implemented B'H over 1200 of these dates have been set up.

While these solutions are short term there was mention of revamping the entire educational system starting from Kindergarten. The idea is to have girls entering kindergarten a year later than boys therefore eventually closing the gap as girls will be closer to 20 when finishing Sem which will bridge the gap between the girls and boys.

He ended with a passionate plea " we need ideas to lower the starting age of our boys to 22 or even 6 months. There are many ideas that we as a community must come together. This past summer we had 90,000 people at the siyum hashas. Same with the response to Hurricane Sandy. We are able to help! and leave no stone unturned we area  community that is capable of doing something. Our sense of responsibilities to each other is that no young women should ever need to consider the possibility of her not having a home to call her own.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Its Dinner time!

Besides for football, Sundays in the Winter Months  host fundraising dinners for Yeshivos and Mosdos. Please come and show your support to the following Yeshivos and Mosdos.

Tonight: Sunday January 13, 2013

Zichrom Shlomo Refuah fund annual Chinese auction event.
 Ateres Golda hall 1363-50th street Brooklyn, NY
Foodfest & Expo 1:00 pm- 5:00 pm
Evening program begins 7:45 pm- Enter online at

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Friday, January 11, 2013

When Rosh Chodesh shevat falls out on Shabbos

This year Rosh chodesh Shvat 5773, 2013 falls out on Shabbos. According to the Chasam sofer the makka of Dever which is the 5th plague happened on Rosh Chodesh Shvat that fell out on Shabbos.  Therefore, the Gemara Sanhedrin (65b) says that sorcery does not work on Shabbos Kodesh. "This is why," says the Chasam Sofer, "by Dever the Chartumim could not respond as they responded by all other plagues untill the Makkah of שחין.

The first day of Shevat is also an important day in jewish history as on this day  Moshe Rabbeinu repeats the Torah on the first of שבט of the year 2488 from creation he convened the Jewish people and began the 37-day "review of the Torah" contained in the Book of Devorim, which he concluded on the day of his passing on Adar 7 of that year. Some say it was on Shabbos too. There is a big inyan in these 37 days as it is compared to shavuos when we got the torah. Let us use this Shabbos to its fullest potential.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

For the Gabbai-these nine weeks, we alternate saying Tzidkoscha on shabbos Mincha

Starting last Shabbos, parshas שמות,  we will alternate the next nine weeks in saying  צדקתך צדק Tzidkoscho Tzedek (Shabbos Mincha). When Rosh Chodesh Shvat falls out on Shabbos as is the case this year. 2013

(Shu"t Mahari Bruno # 150)

 1) Shmos                         Y
 2) Voeirah                        N      Rosh Chodesh
 3) Bo                              Y
 4 )Beshalach                    N       Tu Bishvat
 5) Yisro                           Y
 6) Mishpatim                    N       Erev  Rosh Chodesh Adar
 7) Trumah                       Y
 8) Tetzaveh                      N        Erev Purim
 9) Ki sisa                          Y
                                                     Y = say      N = don’t say
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      1.  מהר"י ברונא (סי' ק"נ, "שאלה היכי משכחת ט' שבתות באחד אומרים צדקתך, ובשני אין אומרים צדקתך. והשיב כשחל ר"ח שבט בשבת, וט"ו בשבת").

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Frum blogs and websites can get sued, but Lashon Hora counts too.

In this weeks issue of Time magazine, there is an article about commenters and online reviewers claiming you can get sued for defamatory and false statements. The Virginia Supreme Court recently reversed a decision, saying that reviews should not be censored — and that if they were defamatory, one should focus on getting money damages. The ruling is being hailed as an important victory for freedom of speech on the Internet, which it is. But it is also a reminder of the risks that come with being an online critic.

However as frum yidden we have other laws to be afraid of as well. Hilchos Lashon Hora is one of them. By merely posting negative information about someone does not exempt you of being over lashon Hora. As quoted Here  "its hard to believe that an open derogatory review could be permissible due to the Halachos of Lashon Hora. Whereas there are situations in which it is permissible to provide negative information about someone, a number of conditions are absolute. Among them are the necessity of the information being provided for To'eles. A post that is openly available to anyone, whether or not they may require the information, would appear to violate this condition".

Many individuals and mosdos have been hurt financially due to comments and posts on frum blogs with no oversight or thought. One wrong bit of info can get re-tweeted and shared in an instant where its too late to retract. lets not only think of the potential loss of getting sued but the ramifications of the issur of Lashon Hora as well.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A true Askan knows when to give it up

 A meeting with young askanim was held recently giving them guidance and hadracha on how to take on askanus and to advocate on behalf of the klal. Among the speakers was a prominent Rosh Yeshiva who spoke of his own personal experience. Having had a certain issue with one of his children he reached out to many organizations and well known activists and עסקנים that supposedly dealt with the issue at hand. In the end of the day said the RY the ones who came through and helped were not the organizations or public figures, but rather the quiet unassuming people who get things done with out fanfare or photo ops and a true willingness to help another yid. If you are in a position were you can no longer advocate, or your own kavod and negios stand in the way that should tell you to give it up.

 How true today B"H we have many Askanim and leaders that advocate on behalf of the klal, yet with it, there are many who start off with the right intentions, but power and kavod get in the way or through their connections they realize how they personally gain thus, they are no longer in a position to advocate truthfully or effectively.

Askanus entails a lot of different dynamics- cultivating relationships with politicians, or taking charge of issues that affect a local community  as well as for the general klal. Not always will you get recognition, on the contrary there are times where you will dirty your hands and stick your neck out in order to help. Years ago askanim were appointed by rabbonim or communities to advocate on behalf of the tzibbur. Today that exists more in the Chasidishe circles. There are many self appointed askanim today who advocate and act as spokespersons. Many of them are well intentioned and doing whats right to help. We hope that they dont loose focus of what it is about and hope they can continue to serve amd always put the klal ahead of themselves.
.............וכל מי שעוסקים בצרכי צבור באמונה

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New frum shidduch site – smarter Hishtadlus to find your Bashert!

Another frum dating website?? well this one is unique,
DR. Dovid Lieberman, Ph.D. an award-winning author and internationally recognized leader in the fields of human behavior and interpersonal relationships. Infusing Torah wisdom into the psychological process, Dr. Lieberman’s talks are enjoyed by people at all levels and from all backgrounds.
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  • Successfully tested personality compatibility software to help you find your Bashert
  • Matches singles with similar hashkafos and highly compatible personalities
  • Makes introduction through experienced Shadchanim, suggests Singles for your best match
  • Personality Compatibility Test developed by renowned Dr. Dovid Lieberman, Ph.D., award-winning author and leading expert in the fields of human nature and interpersonal relationships
  • Experienced Shadchanim guiding you based on proven personality matching
  • Haskamos from leading Rabbanim, keeps Klal Yisroel’s dating mesorah intact

Agudah winter Yarchei Kallah to take place in Yerushalayim Jan 14-17, 2013

 Click Here for updates

to register call 212-797-7380 or email

Friday, January 4, 2013

Moshiach is on his way..

Pictured above at the Zanz Klausenberg wedding of the Rebbe's Grandson the Minhag is, as was in Europe where the chosson rides to the Chupah in a horse drawn wagon with chasidim joining along, riding Donkeys, ponies and horses.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rabbi Paysach Krohn- Kivrey Tzaddikim Tour in Queens NY, MT. Judah cemetery, other Kevorim

Rav Shteinman explains statement of לא תעמוד על דם רעך

Harav Aaron Leib Shteinman shlilta spoke recently on the Achrayus of  voting in the upcoming Israeli elections it was reported in his name that the upcoming elections are a matter of “life and death” and one who does not vote has transgressed ‘לא תעמוד על דם רעך”.  However the next day the Rav explained that he did not mean to say that you are transgressing rather it is  LIKE the lav of 
 לא תעמוד על דם רעך. Since that Lav only pertains to a sakana Gashmiyus when one sees his friend in a sakanah and does not save him.
“we know that we are all responsible for one another, and this responsibility pertains to the individual and even more so when we are talking about the communal level.” The rav stressed the importance of voting for UTJ, Rav Shteinman said when there are elections there is oppurtunity and we must take advantage and vote to protect the Torah. He compared the situation to a Fire burning and one refuses to help or save live. After the Shiur it was pointed out that the Minchas Chinuch in Mitzva 239 is of the opinion that the lav pertains to Hatzalah Ruchniyus too.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Yarchei kallah in frum communities on Jan 1st 2013

Frum communities across the US are Hosting a Day of Learning  Known as Yom Iyun or Yarchei Kallah dur to the legal Holiday.

In Passaic, NJ there will be a Q & A with Rav Belsky in all areas of Halacha. Breakfast 9:30 Shiuur9:45-10:45 at the YBH building 270 passaic Avenue dining room.Submit your questions for the shiur to for more info click HERE.

Clevland, OH - The Agudah is hosting a Yom Iyun mens learning program featuring 2 shiurim at 10:00 and 11:00 am at the agudah Building 1861 S Taylor Road. for more info click HERE

Lakewood, NJ At khal Zichron yaakov the Agra dpirka kollel will be hosting a yarchei kallah 175 Sunset Road.

Additional locations in other cities will be posted ..