Wednesday, April 10, 2013

American Hamodia launches new website updated daily with all news features

The Hamodia newspaper has launched a new and improved website full with daily news updates and features. Included, are many articles and letters and a digital copy of the daily print edition. It's only a few years ago that a ad with a website address was not allowed. Now it seems the Rabbonim approve of these new developments.


  1. "Now it seems the Rabbonim approve of these new developments."

    Ha ha ha! I was unaware that the Hamodia follows rabbonim. Unless, of course, you mean the Dollar rav and the gelt rav.

    It's money, and only money, that's their bottom line.

    1. Yes, you seem to be unaware but Hamodia as well as other frum papers have Rabbonim who guide them in all aspects of the paper.

    2. I don't think you are correct. Can you please name the Rabbonim who guide Hamodia? Thank you.

      Yes, there are other papers that are guided by Rabbonim. Hamodia is not.

    3. Three people were discussing their rebbe:

      The first person said: "My Rebbe is so great. When he was on his way to perform pidyan shevuim, he reached a river which was blocking the way. He told the river 'move to this side and that side and allow me to pass'. The river complied."

      The second guy says: "Pheh, thats archaic. We live in a modern world. My rabbi is so great. When he wanted to prove how special he and his new way-of-life is, he reached the truth which was blocking the way. So he told the truth 'move to this side and that side and allow me to pass'. The truth complied, and he said 'fifteen chasidishe babies have died [R"L!] every year from Metzitza B'peh. It's just that the hospitals cover it up', somehow."

      The third guy said: "My rabbi is the best. He provides me with all the liberal cartoons that are fit to print, as well as all the zionist ideals. He wanted to make money, when Yom Tov got in the way. He told Yom Tov 'move to this side and that side and allow me to pass'. The Chag complied"

    4. Do you work for the yated or a competing paper?

    5. Is there any way you can respond to the substance? I didn't think so.

      No, I do not work for the Yated or any other news source or website. But, my private life is completely irrelevant to the legitimate concerns with Hamodia. Please stick to the issue at hand.

    6. There is no need to respond to your "legitimate concerns" the thousands of frum ehrliche yidden who subscribe dont seem to have your problems.

    7. If you felt no need to respond, what exactly did you just do? First you responded by implying that I'm a competitor. Why did you feel the need to do so? Now your excuse is the subscribers the Hamodia has?

      OK. Poor excuse. What percentage of Hamodia subscribers also have subscriptions to the Jewish Press? So, you feel Hamodia and TJP are equal.

    8. name one Rav who will not bring a Hamodia into his home?
      You have a personal issue here.

    9. So now, it's the idea that supposedly "name one Rav who will not bring a Hamodia into his home?".

      But you began by claiming "Hamodia.. have (has) Rabbonim who guide them in all aspects of the paper."

      So now that that myth is dropped, it's the subscribers who prove their greatness. Then its the implication that Rabbonim don't object. Well, at least not publicly.

      There are many Rabbonim who don't buy Hamodia. I'm not sure what this is supposed to prove, though.

      It's still very bothersome and concerning that a business that's clearly out there for money, and only money, will claim to be representative of Torah Jewry. That's a clear lie.

    10. Its not a myth Hamodia is a newspaper thats been around from pre war Europe. You are the one that will not respect the fact that Hamodia has Rabbonim behind it. You have a personal issue here which is only your opinion.

    11. Your arguments and claims are circular. You claimed that there are Rabbonim who guide Hamodia in all aspects of their paper. You have still not provided who these Rabbonim are.

      Instead, you veered into new areas.
      excuse #1, "You're a competing paper." Wrong.

      excuse #2, "the subscribers attest that all the paper does is correct." So all those buying shoes feel the manufacturer is correct in everything they produced? Absolutely not.

      excuse #3 "All Rabbonim will bring Hamodia into their home." Wrong. (Although I don't see that as relevant. What matters is, is Hamodia following A Rav or some Rabbonim. Thats the topic at hand.)

      Excuse #4, "there was a newspaper in pre war Europe named Hamodia." This has no relevance to the American Hamodia of 2013.

      Excuse #5 "You are the one that will not respect the fact that Hamodia has Rabbonim behind it." Again, kindly name the Rabbonim. Thank you.
      Oh, and what you meant was that I do not respect your CLAIM, when you refuse to back it up.


      you can ask the Editors which Rabbonim they consult with. I have nothing to do with Hamodia but you seem to a personal vendetta about them I suggest you take it up with them. Personaly I dont have to prove anything. your a yochid against an entire Tzibbur.

    13. You made the claim, not them! They never claimed that "Rabbonim guide them in all aspects of their paper". They don't have to answer that question - you do! Or, quite simply, say you may have been mistaken.

      " I have nothing to do with Hamodia"
      Um, excuse me? This seems to be as truthful as your other claim about Hamodia. Just remember the Chazal, "kol haposel, mimumo posel". Baseless accusations emanate from a persons own shortcomings and what they do.

      Oh yeah, about that personal vendetta, is it possible for you to review your postings to see if you have any against anyone else or any other entity?

      Good luck

    14. Shtikah k'hoidua