Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rabbonim meeting about youtube uploaded to youtube

A meeting held this week 12 Iyar 5773 at the home of the Skulener rebbe by the Ichud Hakehilos, (see video below) attended by the Satmar Rebbe Rav Zalman Leib Tetelbaum, the Bobover rebbe Rav Mordechai Unger and many other Chasidisher Rabbonim following up on the internet Asifa. Askanim spoke about and discussed the dangers and challenges of technology. The issues discussed were beyond the dangers of the internet. Rabbi Nechemia Gottlieb,spoke about the new phenomenon of posting and uploading everything on youtube for the world to see. Chasunah videos of chosson and kallah pictures with women dancing have become the norm. It is like tiboel lehegmon techillah by posting the videos up on YouTube. Twitting Pictures that depict Leitzanus of mitzvos and sharing it for the whole world to see. The current forms of entertainment and productions of videos making fun of devarim shebikdusha an example was given of a pesach seder showing people struggling eating the kazayis matzah and showing a large kazayis making fun of the leil haseder. These clips are creating a huge churban even to ehrliche yidden even with out any shmutz says rav Mattisyahu solomon shlita it can destroy klal yisroel.


  1. Takehichmaynazoyoychet.

    1. Care to explain?

    2. Takeh Ich mayn azoy oychet -translation from Yiddish I Agree to that as well.