Sunday, July 7, 2013

Millionaire left no will, but his wheels turn Mitzvos for Kars4Kids

                                                                  מגלגלין זכות
A new interesting twist  to the story of a deceased millionaire Roman Blum, a Holocaust survivor who passed away last year leaving a $40 Million estate to no one. The unclaimed estate is the largest in New York history and is in danger of passing into the state’s ownership if no relatives are identified. In a letter to the Editor in this weeks Yated Ne'eman,  Kars4Kids, the charity, were shocked to discover that Roman Blum actually donated a car to them  a few years ago. A 2004 Mercury Sable with a vinyl top. The old brown two tone car is still in use by Kars4Kids today, and has indirectly benefited the thousands of families and their children that Kars 4 Kids assists.

As Mr. Blum lived on Staten Island, 2 Oorah volunteers from Yeshiva of Staten Island came to pick up the car, Mr. Blum asked that the car with low mileage not be sold as is with most donations to Kars for kids, but should be used to help the organization. That car is driven by Rabbi Chaim Mintz the founder and leader of Oorah. He uses it to drive to yeshiva and give shiurim in Staten Island. the car also drives up to Oorah's camp and is used as a kiruv vehicle knocking on doors helping children go to yeshiva. Thousands of miles were put on the car doing mitzvos bringing people closer to hashem. The letter concludes for all his Millions, it may just be his old Sable that will be a zechus in Shomayim.

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