Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rav Shteinman- I'm worried for Klal Yisrael, calls for non stop Torah learning.

The passage of the Giyus law,implementing drafting of Bnei yeshiva to the IDF, Rav Aaron Leib Shteinman was quoted saying in Yiddish " I am very worried what will be with Klal Yisrael".

 Rav Shteinman called on the bochurim of his Yeshiva Orchos HaTorah to follow the advice given by the Ramchal when klal yisrael is faced with gezeiros to learn  Torah continuously for 24 hours uninterrupted for a period of  a few days. The Bochurim have set up shifts for 5 days untill erev  Tisha B'av. There will be special minyanim for those learning the shift during the scheduled tefillos at the yeshiva. With the  zechus of limud haTorah hashem should have rachmanus on us hear our tefillos and abolish the decree.


  1. I once read a suggestion from a secular writer saying a grand bargain should be offered the Haredim. The Haredim would be granted a permanent exemption from military service for reasons of concience, similar to that granted the Arabs and which would allow them to work legally, and in return, the Haredim would give up any demands for special allotments for kollels or yeshivot or kollel students (in other words, all kollels would be privately financed as they are in the US or as is the case with the Israeli Edah Haredit which does not take governmental money for their institutions) and, in addition, the Haredim would agree to cancel the religious status-quo agreements which ensure closure of businesses and public transportation on Shabbat, the prohibition on selling hametz on Pesach, etc.
    I wonder how the Haredi leadership would look on such a suggestion?

    1. the haredim aren't the ones who care about the government regulatng shabbos and "Hametz" (is that a mixture of ham and chometz?). that's the national religious.

    2. (1) What you stated is incorrect. A good example is the ongoing attempts to allow public transportation on Shabbat. The Haredi parties are always in the forefront of the protests against this move. Same with the laws against HAMETZ during Pesach....it was the SHAS party who controlled the Interior Ministry who moved to increase enforcement of the ban

      (2) Not everyone pronounces Hebrew the way you do.