Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chodosh harvest season 2013 to start this week, for those makpid on Yoshon

 The following info is provided by Rabbi Yoseph Herman of  the "guide to chodosh"

 click HERE to view the preliminary Chodosh guide for 5774 2013-2014  HERE

Based on the weekly reports sent out by the US Dep't of Agriculture, and other sources, the Chodosh harvest of the new spring wheat is in full swing  These dates are consistent with most earlier years. The recommended Chodosh cutoff dates would be about 7-10 days after the confirmed start of the first harvests. all info is preliminary.

The following are recommended cutoff dates for this year 2013/ 5774 chodosh season

for Chodosh news  updates call the hotline 718-305-5133 

 Fresh bakery Products such as bread, challas, roles, cakes, cookies, have a cutoff date in the Midwest, August 18  elsewhere August 25
 packaged foods purchase date of September 1
noodles, pasta-  packing Aug 25 purchase date of  Sep 8
oats cereals the chodosh date is october 1 or later all oats
general mills cutoff date is october 1
barley packing Aug 18, purchase date of September 1

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