Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pashkevillin from Eretz yisrael spill over to Monsey and Brooklyn in attempt to spread campaign of bizayon haTorah.

The Bizayon haTorah against the psak of Gedolim in Eretz yisrael has made its way to frum neighborhoods all over the tri state area, Monsey, NY and Brooklyn in particular.  The papers are referring to a construction site in Bet Shemesh that some believe is an ancient Jewish cemetery. The Raavad of the Badatz Harav Moshe Shturnbach, issued a ruling allowing them to dig under the watchfull eyes of mashgichim.  The Gaavad of the Eidah hachareidis Rav Tuvia Weiss and the Asa Kadisha organization are holding protests at the site alleging there are Jewish Kevorim there. What happened is a group of kanoim- vigilantes  took matters into their own hands and were mevazeh Rav Shternbuch and other gedolim. Rav Chaim kanievsky and Rav Shteinman issued letters condemning the attacks and the bizayon against Rav shternbuch.

Embedded image permalinkNot satisfied, these kanoim have now spread the hate to American shores, throwing pashkevillin (Flyers) all over, defacing properties and making a huge chilul hashem by plastering it on public streets, littering roadways in Monsey and boro park. This is an issue in Eretz yisrael and no need to bring the campaign of bizayon hatorah to the US. We are in galus here this has no place here.

See video HERE

Cews from Ramapo cleaning up the flyers in front of Evergrren Supermarket in Monsey, NY

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