Friday, October 31, 2014

Talking about Private places- a new book for children

Talking about private places by Bracha Goetz
In a continuation of her series of books on child safety author Bracha Goetz published a new book titled "Talking about Private places" published by project innocent heart. Illustrated by Shepsil Scheinberg distributed by Feldheim. Its disturbing that for personal retribution a so called "child abuse activist" is looking to pull it off the shelf.


  1. How is this possible??? Mrs. Goetz has saved the lives of so many kids. Who is keeping her from it???

    1. You would be surprised, a so called mechanech defender of victims of child abuse who also previously joined Mrs, Goetz in a previous project. apparently something didnt go his way.

  2. The Book is now available in all local Judaica and seforim stores. There was a din Torah were Yakov Horowitz took Mrs, Goetz and Feldheim to Bais din. They are now allowed to sell the book Its a great frum book on child safety