Wednesday, October 22, 2014

VIN relies on self hating Haaretz to deliver news about frum Yiddin

Who else can you trust, but the left leaning anti Semitic self hating Haaretz newspaper as the source for a VIN news story. Another of many stories that the liberal Haaretz loves to report.
"This is one of many flight delays over the last month occurring with ultra-Orthodox passengers refusing to sit next to the opposite sex. Several El Al flights were disrupted or delayed, prompting a petition to circulate requesting that El Al put a procedure in place to stop the harassment of women by ultra-Orthodox men on flights to Israel"
Suddenly there are many flight delays all because of Ultra orthodox Jewish men. Do we believe these stories? Are we getting an accurate account of what really happened? No one cares neither does VIN. Look at the hate fest going on in the comment section. Its an opportunity to bash frum Jews and the Torah.
Agudah, dont you see!!

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  1. If you don't believe it's accurate then post your own version. If you didn't so far, there must truth in VIN stories.