Sunday, January 10, 2016

AMI Editorial: Our contradictory sets of principles

This weeks issue of AMI magazine touched upon an issue that we have been writing about for a while  HERE  HERE  HERE we even got an honorable mention :) 


  1. Please. Two points:
    1. Ami does not hold itself to any sort of "higher standard." True, they don't print pictures of women. But, many of their hashkafos and articles are way off.
    2. Ami is simply trying to deflect the deserved criticism that they received for baselessly deciding that holy Tannaim and Amaroim suffered from mental disorders. Now he doubles down, and creates a new psychological "disorder." Cool.

  2. Replies
    1. My "like" was for the post, not for the comment above which was not visible when I posted.

  3. Granted ami shouldnt be the messenger for our contradictions. but at the end of
    the day you cant kill the messenger. This problem of double standards especially in the charadi circles has been around several decades. Its nothing new . So dont kill the messenger when he reminds you.