Thursday, November 7, 2013

Frum news websites, leave the shulchan Aruch at home.

 The constant Lashon Hora, Motzie shem ra, rechilus and Bizuy talmidei chachomim continues unabated in the so called heimish"" yeshivish" news reporting sites. The recent news coverage on the elections in the tri state area brought out a lot of machlokes and nasty campaigns against frum candidates. The assumption is when it comes to politics the halachos of Lashon Hora do not apply.

   A article "proudly" posted on a Yeshiva website with post election analysis in the Jewish orthodox community, appears to be nothing but pure slander and Gossip . It besmirches individuals and entire chasidish community. The writer points out about someone that he "took our community to a new low in political campaigns ignoring all the halachos of motzi shem rah, richilus and loshon hara along the way". Does that give him a right to do the exact same thing? 

Another Frum heimish news site linked to a recent story published in the NY Post. 
Naturally, the comments are full of hate against the Torah community and Yeshiva world, calling them fakers and other derogatory names. Others, making fun of Gedolei Torah both current and  from previous generations. If these sites have Rabbonim let them publicly take responsibility for the content posted in these Frum websites and blogs.

The Hamodia  ran an editorial calling for integrity to the moral campaign process in our community.
While a community — or a campaign — can never control the actions of every individual, we must do far more to try to restore integrity and moral scruples to the political campaign process in our community. The halachos of motzi shem ra, lashon hara and rechilus apply equally to politics as they do to every other area of public and private discourse.  whether through hate-filled blogs or on pamphlets thrown out on sidewalks, those who anonymously besmirch others — destroying hard-earned reputations in the process — are guilty of unforgivable sins. Each time an individual uses his mouse to access one of these blogs, or bends down to pick up or read one of these pamphlets, he unwittingly aids and abets these crimes. We are inexorably allowing ourselves to be influenced by the unscrupulous segments of society, falling right into their clutches. Only when these perpetrators will be shunned and their writings ignored will they realize that their nefarious deeds have no place in our community, and will hopefully put an end to their unacceptable behavior.


  1. I was as appalled as you, but didn't feel the need to write about it because I knew you would.

  2. here i s a response to the chilul hashem in the ny post

  3. in the letter anon. put a link for Rav Dovid writes that he enjoys speaking to Rav Aharon Kotler. Does this mean he speaks to the dead? Did he mean it metaphorically? Was he calling Mr. Aaron Kotler by the name Rav Aharon? Either way I don't get it.

  4. he is referring to Rabbi Aharon Kotler the CEO of BMG- Yes, he's a Rabbi!

  5. I agree with you. The so called frum web sites are no better then the ny post. I stopped posting on the daas Torah website when I realized he is totally against daas Torah, as you can tell from his posting and comments.