Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Misaskim kindness in Action yearly

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Judaism celebrates life. Joy. Family. But what happens when tragedy strikes? In the face of catastrophe or chaos, most are at a loss for words or action. In that space where all hope ends, Misaskim’s work begins. A loved one has died. A storm has consumed an entire city. A child goes missing. Misaskim is there when no one else can, or wants, to be – providing comfort, sensitivity,
security, and dignity in their most vulnerable and desperate hour. Misaskim addresses the needs of the Jewish community throughout the Tri-State area, Misaskim’s services include, disaster aftermath, security details, crowd control, autopsy prevention, community relations, and a Jewish funeral-burial.
 Misaskim eases the inevitable pain we must all face. And when that day comes-- when we lose a parent, a spouse, or a child ל"ע, how do we do what needs to be done, when we cannot even care for ourselves?  Much of what Misaskim members see and do, no one should ever know, but there is no greater kindness than caring for those who can never reciprocate.
There is no harder job then notifying a family of a tragedy of losing a loved one.

No greater kindness than cleaning up the remains within a wrecked car.

No greater kindness than making funeral arrangements for a lonely Jew - a true Mes Mitzvah.
There is no greater kindness, and there is no glory. At Misaskim, we perform our duty discreetly, quietly, entrusted with the vulnerability and privacy of those who turn to us for help.



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