Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tragedy near Monsey, 1 yeshiva bachur killed in car crash R'L

JP-A 20 year-old yeshiva student standing outside his yeshiva with another student Wednesday night were struck by a off duty police officer from the Peekskill Police Department who was speeding down route 202 in his personal vehicle, one boy who is from Argentina was transposed to Good Samaritan Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries,the second boy originally from mexico was transported to Westchester Medical Center, and is in stable condition.

The crash happened at around 11:45 o’clock Wednesday night just outside Yeshivat Tiferet Torah, a group of students were standing in the parking lot of the yeshiva when the off duty police officer from the Peekskill Police department in Westchester  was traveling on route 202 in his Lexus, apparently on high speed struck a Honda accord car who attempted to make a left turn to the yeshivas parking lot, as he struck the Honda he struck the two boys who fall down and suffered serious injures.

Monsey Hatzolah responded to the scene and transported the boys to hospitals were one boy unfortunately passed away. The off duty polcie officer and the driver of the Honda Vehicle were also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The Ramapo Police Department is on the scene investigating the crash and belive the off duty officer was traveling in a very high speed two police sources told JP.

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  1. May G_d decree that the 20 year-old yeshivah student who was recently killed in the parking lot of the yeshivah has permission to stand before the His Throne and intercede on behalf of all Jews, especially those Jews who believe in Torah.

    Contrary to what many people believe, parking lots are NOT SAFE PLACES.
    I said that several times in the past and now I must say it again.

    PS: Please read this pro-Israel message: