Thursday, January 5, 2012

The bad, the bad, and the ugly.

   So you have one website  taking shots at another frum website. One calling the other one as being anti Torah never missing an opportunity to besmirch frum yidden and spew hatred. The irony is that a website with anonymous names and no person or rabbinic authority  giving its approval is a total joke.  In reality,  there is nothing good amongst the frum news sites. Each one has its agenda and will post narishkeiten that the frum print media wont. There is no accountability at all, this may just  be a ratings war, over current and potential advertisers each one trying to woo more hits to their site.

   The website with the holier than though attitude has posted articles about a  frum yid who was involved in a scandal. They had since removed it, but,why was it posted in the first place ? It was pure Lashon hora and rechilus. So what makes one website better than the other? this site also has  a entertainment section with kosher videos. One, of a  Chasidish husband lying to his wife that he's in shul davening, while he is in  a hotel room watching TV. Is there a hashgacha on this too ? Is this the (self declared) online voice of Torah Jewry??

   There is no such thing as good website when it comes to frum news reporting , its only a matter of who is worse. Especialy online where there is no censorship and each anonymous owner (including this blog)  posts articles on their own discretion.
 What is needed is a Website with real people, real names backed up by  Rabbanim who are looked up to by the klal. rabbanim who became rabbanim in their respected positions not those that rise to fame on a website.


  1. What is interesting is that your site is also anonymous, and Rav is going to give a hechshet on any website?

  2. How can one email the person running this blog?

    Have something interetsing for you.

  3. should be in the profile.