Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why the Agudah should have a website.

     Lets face it. The Internet is here to stay. Its not just the future, but the present as well. It is the largest source of information and all it takes is a simple google search or a visit to Wikipedia.Yet, in this web of information, nothing is verified or reputable. Anything can be posted anonymously by anyone. The problem is, when  people are searching for information pertaining to the frum Torah community. They will most probably rely on the results of the search engine. The search will usually yield results based on high page ranking sites; most likely sites that bash our community or other sources, that are not in line with Torah hashkafa. They will use the content as representing of our community. 

     An organization like the Agudah with true Torah leaders at its helm can have a website (not just for their own programs and Siyum hashas info) but one that will have true Torah hashkafos reflecting current events. A site that is reputable with real people backing it up. With no anonymity involved, it will come directly from the source without being second guessed or  interpreted by frum  bloggers (including this one ) or other blogs. A search engine cannot create a perception of true torah hashkafa. It must come directly from our gedolim and not be filtered and second guessed. People can go straight to the source without having to get it repackaged by our detractors. We must be well represented online. Its not just a digital image of us but rather  its how we will be perceived by the world at large.

      The Gedolim have thus far not initiated such a site and its up to them to weigh the issue. However, the option of letting self appointed spokesmen or rabbis for the frum orthodox community, along with anonymous frum blogs and websites,  dominate the world wide web causing a greater chillul hashem maybe worse than not having A-gooda website at all.  


  1. I dont think such a site would change anything. it will only give more fodder for the bloggers who will look to rip apart and destroy the torah. They will take any post and destroy it.

  2. It's going to be a joke.
    They'll be busy with their pet projects: "Da'as Tora", Zwiebel's white washing & Avi Shafran's "Weltanschauung"


  4. "Why the Agudah should have a website."

    על הראשונים אנו מצטערים, ואתה בא להוסיף עליהם

  5. i dont think it has to be the specificaly agudas yisroel. the OU or any other org can do the same except that the yeshivish crowd will only want their views.

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