Monday, March 5, 2012

Have we no Busha ? A new face to facebook

One of the three defining characteristics of Klal Yisrael is, we are bayshanim, we are easily embarrassed. The Internet  in general and social media in particular have caused many to unmask the busha from themselves. They do so by publicising anything and everything about their private  and personal life. Its all out in the open for the world to see. We are living a life, where every random thought gets tweeted and each action is photographed and shared with friends who vote to like it. 

A new recent phenomenon is taking place  which until now has never been an accepted behavior by the frum torah yeshiva world and especially by the Chasidish crowds. I'm talking about frum couples posting pictures of themselves. Not just a regular picture, but pictures showing affection. Pictures of chiba, weather they are touching each other, holding hands, hugging, or other poses that are not to be for the public to see and considered Chiba b'rabim. Yet, young frum couples innocently upload these pictures  on facebook for all to see with out any busha. It can be the private pictures of the Chasunah or of a recent vacation. This is not happening by the modern orthodox crowd, it is by the yeshivish baal habatish and heimish crowd. Take a look at your friends facebook page and many are posting  images which is purely Chiba berabim. Never have people in previous generations publicized such pictures of themselves outside of their home. 

A frum photogropher has launched a contest on Facebook asking couples to upload a picture of themselves, and the one with the most likes gets a free couple photo shoot. Have we no shame ?? We are voting on a picture of Chiba berabim in a contest? Is this the norm. What happened to our busha? Our sensetivities have been dulled, our busha unmasked. At this time of purim let us daven that the the mask of busha  be put back on our face.


  1. Frum Fear Facebook Fraternizing

  2. Dude, calm down. Just because something could be terrible doesn't mean that it IS.

  3. Very true. Also note that the Kitzur Shulchan aruch actually goes so far as to prohibit showing affection publicly even to one's wife:

    In my opinion a lot of the frum world is a little bit desensitized when it comes to these things. You can kill me for saying this, but using Facebook itself doesn't help things. I very proudly do not have an account.

  4. I disabled my Facebook account and hope to never go back. That website leads to znus.