Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rabbanim issue letter- NO Guaranteed segula

Rav Avrohom Schorr, Rabbi Moshe tuvia Lieff and Rabbi Yisroel Reisman issue letter in this weeks issue of FJJ on inserts and ads in frum papers and magazines promising yeshuos shidduchim and refuos. Despite the letter these ads are posted in all heimish and frum newspapers and magazines.
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  1. Here is the main difference and i would like to hear the feedback from other readers. The issue with this past ad campaign is the fact that there were "promises" that guaranteed to work. Organizations like Kupat Hair have been doing the pray for you thing and gedolei hador such as Rav Chaim , Rav Steinman agree with it. However, all they promise to do is daven, no guarantees. This Yeshuos B'Amuka was an aggressive , disgusting marketing ploy that somehow made it seem that you WILL get married if you buy this set. PS i know rav yechiel abuchatzeira personally and he was scammed as well. He never does things al pi kabbalah or writes kameiyos etc. He certainly does not promise anything - he was duped and they messed up his name as well

    1. We also need to look at the bigger picture for the reason behind such scams. Simply these people are trying to feed off the possible desperation of good neshomas who are looking to find their bashert. The frum community has set some so called standards which are hard for all of us to achieve. Not everyone will marry young, and even those who do, statistics show many marriages will unfortunately end in divorce. It's not hard to imagine that as the singles become older, and there are less people setting them up, it's easy to become discouraged and saddened. Feelings of possible loneliness and unhappiness unfortunately can make some singles easy targets for such scams. It seems hard to imagine that anyone can really believe in these guarantees, perhaps these scams may provide some singles with some misguided hope. While unfortunately ridding them of their hard earned money.

      It's time for all of Klal Yisrael to take a stand for our single brothers and sisters. If we really believe that all including one's bashert is from Hashem, we need to believe that not everyone will be married by age 21 or 25. Hashem has different plans for all of us. Let's try to set up our single friends, neighbors and colleagues, no matter their age. And we need to treat singles with respect, not ask your 50 year old single neighbor: nu, any news? When's the chassana? Even if we don't know anyone personally, it's up to us, to give singles hope, we cannot let another single try to purchase false hope, and waste their money on another foolish scam.