Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Good bye and Good riddance

To the delight of many the website FM known as failed mashiach or failed messiah will no longer be active. After 12 years of spreading every lashon hora and shmutz about frum Jews the founder has stated he is moving on to work on anti poverty issues. The portrayal of orthodox Jews and chilul hashem that spewed forth from that site was very damaging as many flocked to the site to check out the latest gossip. The many contributors, commenters who sent tips with juicy stories will hopefully realize its time to end this lifestyle and move on to  more productive days. Rumors swirling Shlomo Rechnitz may have played a roll in this


  1. "Anti poverty issues. Right. He had to get a job. No more sitting in his pajamas eating Cheetos all day. He finally ran down his Cheetos budget.

    Good riddance to that fat zhlub

  2. What a shame. What a loss . He was the only one who wasnt afraid to say what had to be said. Hatzlocho shmarya

    1. If you believe that lies and innuendo had to be said. Which most sane people don't think has to be said.

      He has been caught in multiple lies and fabrications.

      He was no hero.

      There is not one positive thing he has done. Not one.

    2. Bo one is perfect but i can assure u that shmarya has done alot more positive then u will ever haave done in your entire life.

  3. Next to close should be harry moralleses

  4. "the website FM known as failed mashiach will no longer be active."

    I think you misinterpreted what he wrote. The way I understood it is that he is leaving it, but the site will continue, run by others. He may have sold it for a nice piece of money, who knows.

    And he will also be on twitter and FB yet.


  6. Fotheringay-PhippsFebruary 3, 2016 at 5:43 PM

    I hope Rechnitz did not pay him. It would be extremely misguided, IMO. It amounts to paying off a blackmailer, essentially.

    And the thing is that there are any number of other people with the same attitude as Shmarya/Scott (generally either embittered losers who feel victimized by the system and establishment, or all-purpose anti-Semites). This issue is not going to go away by paying off one guy. Some other replacement website will spring up (or an existing one gain popularity).

    I don't know how much stock to put in these rumors about Rechnitz. Generally such rumors are not worth much. But I do remember when FM reported on a supposed scam involving Rechnitzz's nursing homes, and he was quick to note that the issues involved (inspection violations) may pre-date Rechnitz's owndership. It was the first time I can remember FM not going all out to exagerate the supposed failings of a frum person. Struck me as very odd at the time, and now I wonder.

  7. I also heard that Rechnitz was responsible for keeping the streetlights in working order on Forest Avenue, and for the awesome kugel at Yapchik. Keep up the good work R' Shlomo!

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