Thursday, May 19, 2016

Has Sefira gone out the window?

One of the things we refrain from doing during the days of  Sefira is listening to music. Poskim discuss if the Issur is pertaining to live music as opposed to pre recorded but in general the minhag is not to listen to recordings as well. Its a bit disturbing that frum news and entertainment websites keep on posting you-tube videos with music playing not just as a background soundtrack but full songs. More so, a news item featuring a video of a trip to kevarim during yemei hasefira showed members playing lively instruments as if it were during the year. Some people have private minhagim and hanhagos however why the need to publicize it and show a total disregard to halacha and minhag yisrael?

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  1. I might be wrong about this, but it seems to me that the lack of Sefira observance is a very minor problem compared to the lack of Shmirat HaLashon observance.

    Tosefta, tractate Peah, chapter 1, paragraph 2:
    These are things that cause a person to be punished in this world,
    and the main [punishment] remains for him in the afterlife:
    idol worship, immorality, and bloodshed;
    and slander [Lashon HaRa] is equal to them all.

    Anonymous statements in the Tosefta are attributed to Rabbi Nechemiah, who was active around year 150 of the Common Era.