Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rubashkin still in Prison, hope for a miracle

A7-Previous outgoing presidents have pardoned a number of people during their last days in office. President Obama stoked controversy in his last week in office by commuting the sentence of Oscar López Rivera, an unrepentant terrorist who was not pardoned by former President Bill Clinton because he had refused to renounce violence, and by commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning, the US soldier who gave tens of thousands of documents to Wikileaks, including classified information.

However, President Obama has still failed to respond to Rubashkin's request for clemency.

In the last hours of the President's term in office, the family is extremely hopeful and praying hard for miraculous news. They urge anyone with a relationship with the President to contact him about this important case.

Rubashkin (age 57) headed Agriprocessors, a meat slaughtering plant in Iowa for many years. About seven years ago federal forces raided the factory and brought charges of hiring illegal immigrants and minors.

Rubashkin was acquitted of violating underage labor laws, but found guilty of financial fraud. He was sentenced to 27 years in prison and fined $31 million.

According to a November 2016 article in the Wall Street Journal, prosecutors overstepped, interfered with the process of bankruptcy and then solicited false testimony.


  1. Thank you very much for reminding me to pray for the freedom of Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin. I prayed for his freedom hundreds of times in the past, but not so much recently, because I became discouraged when I saw that my prayers were not helping.

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  3. INTRODUCTION: Edward I. Koch was a secular Liberal Jew.
    He was Mayor of New York City from 1/1/1978 to 12/31/1989.

    “I’m very conscious of being Jewish,” says Koch. He is also conscious of, and threatened by, what he considers widespread black anti-Semitism. As a member of Congress, he seethed at black colleagues who voted against aid for Israel; he feared that their votes were an expression of their hostility to Jews. In his oral memoirs of [year] 1975 and [year] 1976, Koch reveals his innermost feelings about race relations:

    “I find the black community very anti-Semitic. I don’t care what the American Jewish Congress or the B’nai B’rith will issue by way of polls showing that the black community is not. I think that’s pure bull…. They’d like to believe that. My experience with blacks is that they’re basically anti-Semitic.

    Now I want to be fair about it. I think that whites are basically anti-black….But the difference is: it is recognized as morally reprehensible, something you have to control.”

    SOURCE: Mayor: An Autobiography (chapter 12, page 152) by Edward I. Koch, year 1984, Simon & Schuster Publishers, ISBN 0-671-49536-4

    It seems that the secular-Liberal Jewish establishment organizations cannot be trusted to tell Jews the truth about anti-Semitism.

  4. This quote is from The Abandonment of the Jews by David S. Wyman:

    Popular concern for Europe’s Jews could not develop without wide-spread knowledge of what was happening to them. But the information gap, though extremely important, was not the only limiting factor.

    Strong currents of anti-Semitism and nativism in American society also diminished the possibilities for a sympathetic response. A quieter, more prevalent prejudice, a “passive anti-Semitism,” was another major barrier to the growth of concern.

    It was reflected in opinion surveys taken by the [USA] Office of War Information. They showed that the impact of atrocity information on the average American was SEVEN TIMES STRONGER when it involved atrocities-in-general, than when it referred specifically to atrocities against Jews.

    SOURCE: The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945 (chapter 16, page 327) by David S. Wyman, year 1984 CE, Pantheon Books, New York, ISBN: 9780394428130, 0394428137, 9780394740775, 0394740777.