Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shabbos Chanukah , for large families a Hotel is the new inn.

A chanuka gelt menorah!
 For many families shabbos Chanukah means going away and spending shabbos with family and friends, getting together at bubby and zaidy's house. Some go away for an early midwinter vacation.  

  Boruch Hashem, many mishpachos can no longer pile in to bubby's house. There is just no room even for the immediate family. What many families are doing now, is going away to a hotel. A cheap reasonably priced hotel and spending shabbos there with the relatives. The meals are not catered at all, rather each family  brings a specific food and jobs are distributed among the siblings in making sure everything is brought such as a Sefer Torah, a Minyan, crock pot's, tableware and toys for the kids. What used to be a luxury has now  become a norm but not in an extravagant way.

Another advantage is, many families whose siblings are spread out throughout the tristate area or the Midwest will pick a central or midway point where they will stay for shabbos, minimizing the shlep that everyone will make.
If you know of a Hotel for Shabbos Chanukah  in the tristate area for this year 2012 please email us here. thank  you!

Its more than Shabbos Chanukah that we have this challenge. Ka"h with many families growing by leaps and bounds as children are getting married, and many einiklach are born, the simple shabbos sheva brachos or even a bar mitzva or any simcha is forcing people to come up with new ideas and ways how to include everyone when bubby's basement just has no room.


  1. you gotta love that money menorah

  2. My family would love to go to a hotel for next week if anyone knows of a Hotel with a Minyan please post!

  3. Can I rent a minyan to come with me?

  4. We would also love to go away to a hotel that has a minyan without breaking the bank at some of the big programs advertised.