Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yom tefillah for 5th day of Chanukah on ban of Metzitza b'peh

There will be a yom tefilah today the Fifth night of Chanukah erev Rosh chodesh, in many
Botei medrashim and Yeshivos in the tri state area and beyond due to the pending court ruling in New York regarding Metzitza B'peh. For now, the city law is on hold until a lower court judge can hear arguments about it next week.All are asked to say tehilim kapital 90-101.

 As was then during the Misyavnim where they made Gezeiros on Bris Milah we are facing these gezeiros again from the misyavnim of today. The fifth day of Chanukah will never fall out on shabbos which is why some have a minhag to give chanukah gelt on the 5th night. Additionaly since it does not fall out on shabbos it is considered according to seforim it is not as light as the other days of chanukah. therefore we have to be mashlim it with tefillah and beseech Hashem to help Klal Yisrael בימים ההם בזמן הזה.

There will be an additional Yom Tefilah on Sunday Zos Chanukah called by many Rabbanim.

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  1. The thing is that if you look through the psakim of the Litvisher poskim (see R' Pirutinsky's Otzar HaBris) you'll see that most held MBP was pretty much a minhag - you don't just dismiss it, but not something to be moser nefesh for either.

    Furthermore, even those who held MBP should be done didn't necessarily hold you couldn't use a glass tube. See e.g. Orchos Rabbeinu for the Steipler & CI's position.

    It seems to me that this frenzied opposition to a seemingly benign Health Department request is being driven by Ungarisher Chassidim. Yeshivisher media outlets have been sympathetic to their position and the tzibbur at large has gotten worked up about it, to the point that now the leadership is being forced into a hard line stance, that they would not have taken were it not for this dynamic.