Friday, December 28, 2012

Thursday night session recap at Agudah convention 2012 in East Brunswick, NJ.

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The national Agudah convention got underway. The theme for the  Thursday Night session at the 2012- 90th Agudath Israel covention was about, our responsabilities to one another in times of Challenge. Opening remarks were delivered by the covention Chairman Menachem Lubinsky and Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel. Following was the Novominsker Rebbe Rosh Agudas Yisroel who spoke about the importance of not just being frum but to act and Live in a Yiddisher way. We must live in a Yidddishe House the way we act, the way we learn that will help us being better in helping others and our children. We suffer from Blogges said the rebbe he mentioned the NYC govt's intrusion on Metzitza b'peh. We are living in Challenging times there is no way out but for us to rise to the challenge.
Harav Uren Reich Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva gedolah Woodlake Village in Lakewood reflected on the events of the  past year, The loss of Gedolim, The Matzav in Israel and most recently Hurricane Sandy. we are Hear to seak guidance and realize that hashem is talking to us said the Rosh yeshiva. We must make a Cheshbon Hanefesh and realize that hashem is talking to us as the posuk says Kol hashem Shover Arazim he is sending a message by nature, and we ask and reflect Ma zos? just as the Shevatim second guessed themselves by making a Cheshbon Hanefesh. We know hashem is talking to us and we must pick that up. Hurricane Sandy is a message that hashem is talking to us not through a person but vayeshaber hashem es arzai halevanon.
 The RY mentioned that while we live in a medinah shel chesed with freedom of religion who would believe that in NYC the Government would try and intrude on the Mitzva of Metzitza B'peh. This would have been unthinkable 20 years ago that in this free country they would  intrude on our religion. Now we see its a Milchama in the Mitzva of Milah. How is it possible that in this country it can happen? What have we done that Hashem would let a Gov"t encroach on the Mitzvah of Milah- Ma Zos??
In NYC there are those who engage in activities that are a danger to health but the Government will not get involved, Why ? because they have tremendous support and they are passionate about it. Lets make a Cheshbon Hanefesh on Kedushas Habris as the posuk says Ki Ailecha horagnu kol hayom. lets take this oppurtunity to be mechazek- Labris habet veal Tefen layeitzer.

Horav Yaakov Bender Rosh Yeshiva of yeshiva Darchei Torah in far Rockaway spoke about the devastation Huricane Sandy has brought on to the communities of the 5 towns, Sea-gate, Long Beach etc.. and How Agudath Yisrael Jumped in and took action. Its the Address we turn to. People hit on the Agudah its yeshivish, said the RY they are here for us they answer the call we have to jump in and do. When it comes to doing chesed we must jump in and not wait or make cheshbonos. That is what Agudah is all about Ahava and Achva. He mentioned even when you celebrate dont forget vegen yenem. We did alot in response to Hurricane Sandy-a tremendous amount buit did we do enough?? Just a few miles away from Seagate in Brooklyn were 300 Mishpachos lost their homes life goes on  with sushi parlors and other extravagants  we cant forget the pain of others and there is more we can do. Rav Bender spoke briefly about a topic close to his heart regarding Education that no Child should be refused and not accepted into a yeshiva by no fault of his own.
Harav Yitzchock Scheiner Rosh Yeshiva of Kamenitz in yerushalayim concluded the session with warm words and memories of his Rebbe Rav Shraga Feivel mendlowitz. We must safeguard our homes with Kedusha and varmkeit to ensure that our children wont leave their homes. Mdoos and Yiras shomayim cant be taught they must be caught. If we live in a way that infuses kedusha it will be infectious to our children.

Following the session there were late night sessions on Shiduchim and Technology attended by Rabbonim and panelists.


  1. ""Harav Uren Reich ........ Metzitza B'peh"

    Not an accident that he said that, as he is from Hassidic background I believe.

    Related - Can anyone explain the name 'Uren' to me? Where is it from? I know the name Aharon/Aaron, as well as the modern Israeli/Zionist name Oren. But what is the name Uren?

    1. >>>Not an accident that he said that, as he is from Hassidic background I believe.<<<

      So, you're trying to claim that not wanting the government to try and infringe on our religious practices is a chasidish thing. But the best you can do is "I believe". If you don't even know his background for certain, how foolish to to claim to know his motivation for certain, especially if he's very clear about his motivation.

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