Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Siyum Hashas tickets mailed out, excitement builds as Siyum nears.

Stadium Seating ChartThe Siyum  tickets were mailed out to all those who ordered. Following a mass Ad campaign in the print media as well as Jewish radio stations, tickets are selling fast. Limited $18 tickets still  available. To order Siyum Hashas tickets call 1-877-Siyum-12 or click here. Organizers also reached out to kids who participated in the masmidei hashas to join in the Siyum. The program will begin with Mincha at 7:00 PM one united Minyan and will end with One united Mnyan for Maariv.

There is a possibility of Kidush Levana recital too (its an outdoor stadium) for those who wait till after Tisha B'av which wont be until Sunday night, than bad weather for a few nights may result in wed night being the first available to say kiddush levana.

There will be tight security in and around the stadium. According to Siyum literature everyone entering the stadium will be subject to a  pat down by security personel ( Men ,Women and Children). Hopefully not by the TSA!!

                                    The chart below has been reconfigured for the women's section.

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