Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Origin of the "Tu B'shvat Seder"

Recently many in the Modern Orthodox or kabalistic circles conduct a Tu Bshvat Seder. Some drink 4 cups of wine, recite prayers and eat many different fruits in a specific order. There is a Hagada that some recite from as well. The origin of this costume is attributed to the Ari Z"al. However there is controversy over it and many question the minhag. It is not practiced among The yeshivish crowd or the yeshiva world in general. Rabbi Yaakov Emdin wrote strongly against the Anonymous sefer that first mentioned the minhag in the name of the Ari.

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Rav Endins words about the sefer פרי עץ חיים on the  טו בשבט סדר: 
."הצצתי בו שעה מועטת ונרתעתי לאחורי, אז ידעתי מה טיבו ושמץ מינות ש"ץ שר"י (=שבתי צבי שם רשעים ירקב) המובלעת בתוכו בשקוצים ורמזים אין מספר". 

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