Sunday, February 1, 2015

Frum newspapers keep clean of ads mentioning superbowl

In what has recently become the norm during the 2 week build up the super bowl, many frum stores
would advertise Superbowl specials, especially take out stores with prepared menus for the big game.  The frum papers Yated, Hamodia, Ami Magazine, did not post any such ads this year. Credit to the editors for not getting caught up with the Superbowl fever. Super bowl related ads have dominated the frum media lately as the great American culture blends and seeps into our camps.  Although many follow or watch the big game, we still must not forget this is not our culture and way of life. Sports is a important staple of the American culture, professional teams play all sorts of games followed by ardent  loyal fans. As the country  gears up for super Sunday, many in the frum community have been following or getting swept up with  Superbowl fever.  No matter how big it may be, is not our culture and not an event we as frum yidden mark on our calender.

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